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2013 Conference - When and where??????

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Hi gang,

I missed the 2012 conference, but long to meet everyone and take part in the 2013 conference.

Do we have any idea of dates and location yet?

I heard Chicago mentioned I think. Chicago would be ideal for me, as I live in England and can get a direct flight there. Plus I have family in Iowa that I haven't seen in, like, 12 years. So should really get back home. In fact, how about Cedar Rapids or Iowa City as a conference location idea??? No, just kidding. Chicago would be grand.

If someone does know the dates, it would be great to get them into my calendar now, so I can start planning and setting money aside.

Thanks, Moxie

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Sorry for not replying earlier.  Each day I hoped we could make an announcement.

It looks like the 8th Annual Clusterbusters Cluster Headache Conference will be run from September 12 to 15 in Chicago.

The President Reception will be Thursday evening (12th), and speakers will be Friday and Saturday (13 & 14).

We are in the process of finalizing the hotel location near one of the airports.

So mark you calendars in pencil for now and details should follow shortly.


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Looking forward to seeing everyone too, and thank gawsh you'll be able to hop back across the pond this time Moxie, you're a major positive force here and it wouldn't be right to have you go missin' at the conference shindig again.

And that goes for you other fixtures (and casual visitors) here too who didn't make it last time - you know who you are - no excuses this time!

Gee willikers now I hope nothing gets in the way of my attendance or I'll be one bonafide jerkface for making the above comment.  :D

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