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Any reason WHY we get these?


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This is rather fascinating to me shocked.

The articles you posted open up new avenues for pain and understanding.

#1 the fact that something very usefull may come incidentally from the DBS inserts and mentallity of just Zap the neural signals or cns system untill it responds. Brute force vs. gentle fondling.

#2 these recordings of frequency modulation really were not fully possible prior to DBS without inserting probes deep into the brain short of PET scans and their limitations.

#3 Theoretically these recent (last few years) chanced on frequency oscillations/variations may help to explain why not only hallucinogenics but other stimulants ie; caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamines, energy drinks etc... may help with calming CH. The world within the synapses and beyond serotonin.

#4 The potential of new research that opens based on this is huge as the articles you posted and a search on G scholar shows the interest building.

#5 As one involved hands on in frequency and digital control modulation in motor control and all things movable and controllable along with infinate state reporting of systems and equipment, energy management and what is being done in this area separate from bio systems makes this intriquing.

The potential for bio engineering where several of my mates work and play is huge.

#6 the idea of DBS never being understood as to why it works has allways turned me off but a reversal from zapping (kicking the dog) to  controlling or modifying an understandable and identifiable frequency behavior through better chemicals and digital control starts to makes sense. The potential future of man.

How that can be done in the brain is beyond me but sounds like it deserves further discussion among those who can theorize in this area.

Keep up the good works and thanks again. little things found mean big things for the future.

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I have been wondering, electrical shock, "old fashion" type of electrical shock?

It sounds stupid, i know..... ::)

Not so stupid -

Electrify your mind – literally

by Bijal Trivedi


New Scientist Magazine issue 2547. 15 April 2006

LINDA BUSTEED sits nervously as two electrodes wrapped in large, wet sponges are strapped to her head. One electrode grazes the hairline above her left eye while the other sits squarely on her right eyebrow. Wires snake over her head to a small power pack fuelled by a 9-volt battery. Busteed drums her fingers on the table as she anticipates the moment when an electric current will start flowing through her brain.

It sounds like quackery, but it's not. A growing body of evidence suggests that passing a small electric current through your head can have a profound effect on the way your brain works. Called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), the technique has already been shown to boost verbal and motor skills and to improve learning and memory in healthy people - making fully-functioning brains work even better. It is also showing promise as a therapy to cure migraine ...


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Hey!! Interesting!!! I was thinking a loose thought.... There has been a couple of people that had a heart attack, and they actually went ECH, after several years of being CCH. They got "restarted" with a heart starter, and that's electricity. And the heart in itself, is electricity, in a way.

And i know there is a headache you may develop because of a hidden heart failure, but that wasn`t the case with the two of these.

But now i`m gonna read the link`s and have my own "loose theory workshop" ;D Kind a fun, there`s just no one interested in listening to it, so it is really fun to read what is written in here. I have tried with the neurology, so that the treatment can get optimal, based on other things than the usual, that didn`t work. Difficult i have to say.... But i actually got my foot in the door of a couple of doctors that are interested. They say i don't know etc, but they want to listen, and try for new things. I had some thoughts around CH, and all the symptoms, and that instead of going around all the symptoms of different side diagnoses, that people have, there is a couple of key things to treat instead. Maybe... And that it doesn`t have to be a medicine directed to take the pain etc. And i`m now taken seriously, and have started up a different kind of "treatment". Exiting.

Sorry, long one again.....  I will go to the link now....

Thanks again for posting this things!! :)

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Doctor Electric: A Handy Electromagnetic Gadget Stimulates the Brain

Feeling foggy? Take 2 milliamps to the brain and call me in the morning.

I couldn`t read the full version, so i looked it up another place and found full article, and there was this easily read article as well.

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I couldn't find anything on increased hypothalamus size or mass, but this caught my eye --

From an excellent Medscape article on headache (full text attached):

Recent PET studies on cluster headache have reported blood flow changes that suggest, in part, a response that is not primarily generated by the pain.[31]  In this study, the anterior cingulate cortex was activated, as would be expected, as part of the affective response. Activation was also seen in the frontal cortex, and insulae and ventroposterior thalamus contralateral to the side of the pain. [highlight]The only activated area that is particular to cluster headache is the ipsilateral hypothalamus gray matter region.[31] This region is important in the control of circadian rhythm of neurons and thus can be linked to the neurohormonal imbalance seen in cluster headache. This raises the possibility that the pathophysiology of cluster headache is driven partially or entirely from the CNS.[/highlight]



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i point the finger at head trauma at a young age/ puberty

at the age of 14 i started getting CH

i played LaCrosse in school and got hit pretty damn hard i blacked out and woke up when my head bounced off the ground, yea i had a helmet but the hit was was completely unexpected.

i had no idea where i was and spent the rest of the practice yea practice my own teamate wrecked me, i sat

in the school pool room with a down jacket on shivering and shaking uncontrollably, and my coach's remark was - - - "he's fine, he just got hit real good"

later my mom took me to the hospital and i had a mild concussion

a few weeks later i started getting a wicked headache everyday at 9 am on the dot i would stare at the clock terrified of 9 am - m*th*rfugginG0dDamn . . . .


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i point the finger at head trauma at a young age/ puberty

From Headache magazine:

Cluster Headache After Head Injury



"Four patients developed cluster headaches after minor head injuries that caused no permanent neurologic or CT abnormalities. None had had headaches previously. The headaches of the three whose histories were known in detail either corresponded to the injury site or evolved from an earlier headache that did. Nerve injury is suggested as the mechanism by which trauma could initiate cluster headache."



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I've always thought mine came from a bad injury at the age of 3. We lived in Pa and our back yard was bordering East High parking lot which was about 8 feet down. There was no fence and I was out there playing with my toy trucks and fell off. I landed right on my head and was knocked unconscious. At the age of 4 I started getting these really bad headaches that nobody could find the answer for. I am positive that was my first cluster cycle and my injury was the cause. I don't know what it fudged up in there but, my mother blames the doctors for not treating me correctly. I don't know if they could've done anything different to prevent this outcome.  :-/

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