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I received some very bad news today. Ralph is very sick and is not currently in the spore business any more. I don't know if that will ever change as he is in a struggle to survive.

Ralph has been a very good friend to myself, Clusterbusters and people that suffer from clusters.

Ralph has attended most of the conferences that were held in Chicago and has supplied free spores for hundreds of people with clusters. eating all costs including shipping.

He always supplied spores at the conferences free of charge but very few people knew of his work with individuals.

I hope some of that good karma comes back to him and helps him in this.

I know a lot of you know Ralph and wanted to let everyone know.



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I really hate to hear that!!!! Ralph has been great and done a huge service for us Cher's.

Please tell him that we are pulling and praying or thinking of him. I don't know him, but his services have been beyond value to us. He deserves all the best of everything. He has earned a ton of good Karma!!!!

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I am trying to get an update on Ralph but haven't heard back.

He has the "C" other than Clusters what I did hear was not good.

As I said earlier, he has helped hundreds of cluster people and never wanted any acknowledgement for what he has done for years. His only reward was coming to the conferences and meeting people that inspired him to do more.

he knew that a lot of people are hesitant to order spores online and he did what he could to get them to people that might not have ever ordered them.

Our community is full of heroes and he has certainly been that.

Will keep everyone updated if I hear anything. Thank you, for him, for your kind words and healing thoughts.


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any body tried using turkey tail , reishi, cordyceps sinensis, grifola frondrosa mushrooms ?

i watched an awesome TED talk vid on youtube where paul stamets (mycology king) treated his mums terminal stage 4 breast cancer with just the turkey tails ..

I'll try to link the small clip of that part of the talk here

not trying to give any false hope in this ..

and I know there's a few good drs cancer drugs out there..

just hope to share that these fungi can be really good for the body and are often used for the C ...

though it has been easier said than done for some

but I have been using all the above since finding out their health benefits just as a preventative and to try to boost my immune system and fix whatever damage that the years of drs drugs my body has endured.

either way i wish them safe passage through ..

with a positive outcome preferable in every case

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Seeing as how it has not been mentioned yet I'll throw it out there.  I would be very surprised if Ralph did not know of the stories that have come out about treating cancer with extremely high potency cannabis extract, but just in case...All sorts of studies back up the claims that he makes.


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