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Medical O2 Regulators for Welding Tank?


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Greetings fellow Clusterheads!

                   First time poster, long time follower. Last night my regulator started making a dreadful, loud, creaking noise, and so I'm wondering if anybody can recommend (if there is such a thing) a medical-grade regulator that works with a welding tank. (My current regulator is of the welding variety.) The welding regulators, as many of you know, are kind of pricey, so I was hoping to save money by going the way of a medical regulator. Any suggestions? Ironically, the noise only occurs when the regulator is set within the range that I need it; crank it up a bit and it goes away (while wasting precious O2.) 


                 Thanks in advance!!!



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Thanks Tucker. You think that's what it is? I managed to temporarily silence the noise by jamming a paper clip in the little hole at the base of the flow adjustment wingnut/screw. But that's a great suggestion; I'll take it in next time I need a refill. 

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