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2016 Austin Conference videos


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I've been compiling the links to all the great videos that David Nickerson got for us.  I'm still missing some so feel free to add any videos or pictures you come across!


Thanks again David!  The one problem with these links is that I am pretty sure you need to be a part of the facebook cluster headaches page to be able to see these.  If you are not a member now is a great time to join up!


Convention reception



Conference day 1



Dr. Schindler




Mitch Post




Batch's O2 and D3 regimen




Dr. McGeeney and Eric Diamond, part 1




Eric Diamond part 2




Tyler Mann and Lady Ainslee Course




Dr. Schor




Joanna Kempner








Closing comments




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Someone else was having the same problem but I can't figure out why. Are you part of the CH facebook page and friend's with David Nickerson? It would be good to find a way to post these so even non-facebook folks can see these, anybody have any ideas? There are people besides me that these links DO work for, correct?

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Hey guys!

Loved meeting new friends and seeing old pals at the conference last week. I hope all your travels were pain free  :) 

If you want to join the Facebook group (just to view) let me know your real name in a PM. I"m admin of the group and will add you without going through the "join" process. At this point in time the "Live" video feature does not allow downloads.  But, it's fairly new to Facebook and Facebook is famous for changing formats and features regularly.  David Nickerson (the member who shot the video) did share how he was able to 'save' them to his device.  I'll check with him and ask him to update this thread too.

In the mean time....for those who do want to see and are either willing to start a Facebook account or have one:  

Search Facebook using this exact spelling, "Cluster headaches" (no quotations) or use this link...



Be sure to send me a pm (here or on FB).  That way we can bypass the 'join' process.  We've had to begin 'vetting' every single request with a series of Q&A. Trolls see a group size and think it's easy pickin's!  

Cindy Reynolds


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You should be able to upload the videos to photobucket.com for free then post the links.  This will help CHers who don't access Facebook.


Take care,

V/R, Batch

Sorry for the delay. I'm working on it today. Been on the road since the conference.


Dave Nickerson

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Hi....I would love to see these....and would truly appreciate an option other than FB. Whether it's age, tech disability,

impatience, obstinance, knuckleheadness, knotheadness, or WHATEVER....dunno...I cannot fathom/handle/operate/navigate/understand/embrace/FB...it.just.doesn't.work.for.me....

one size does NOT fit all.....

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