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Hubby's Update :)


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Hey everyone hope you all had a great holiday and Happy New Year hope it's a PF one!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I'v been pretty busy with work and all the holiday preps ! But have been checking in regularly.

Well I have nothing but good new for you all !! My hubby's last bust was end of October and if you remember my last post he was getting worse so he went back to Zomig.....but he didn't need it as much as before he started busting. (Which was 2 a day for a year) He only needed it once every few days and the O2 worked within a few minutes ! In November we saw a new Neuro in Montreal at a top neuro institute. He told him that the verap he was on before wasn't the good one for him and gave him another kind....not sure about the difference with them but anyhow it seems to be doing the job with absolutely no side effects! He has been PF for 2 months now !!  :) :) :) He only get's a few twinges here and there but that's it !!

This is amazing because this time last year he was on Verap, lithium, prednisone and 2 Zomigs a day and still had headaches ! I'm thinking this is probably why he became chronic because he was on so many different meds that it just got out of control and was getting rebound ha's!

We are so thankful we found this place because if it wasn't for all of you and your support he wouldn't have detoxed from all the meds and tried busting. And he also learned how to use the o2 properly !

THANK YOU all for being such a great support for us !! Now I just hope I didn't jinks him....


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When I first saw the "Hubby's Update" title of your post I felt a little jolt of dread, knowing how bad he'd had it for way too long - but then I quickly noticed the smiley face right there in the title too and WOOHOO oh man what a relief to find out he's been PF for 2 months now (??!!).

YES!  ;D :)

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Hi Angel :)

Been wondering about you and your hubby, thanks for the update.

This was the best news to get early in the morning :) Just wonderful!!

Maybe the treatment broke off most off his cycle, so preventives could work. Same same, as long as he`s doing good.

Enjoy life to it`s full :)

My best wishes to the hole family, gonna be a great year :)


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Thanks everyone for your kind words ! It's nice to finally share some good news with you all !

You are right Tingeling, the busting treatment is probably what broke his cycle and this his why he is doing so well on a low dose of verap!! And we know that at the first sign of the ha's returning he will bust again!

Life is good again  :) And it's funny how little problems don't bug me or stress me as much as before ! Nothing compares to what we have been through! I guess it's true when they say what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!

Thank you Clusterbusters  8-) XOX

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Hi T - He has been chronic since June 2009. PF since mid November 2010. Before he became chronic in 2009 he had 6 to 8 weeks cycle during spring and fall. After being chronic for a year and half it's the first time he's been PF for so long.

He busted with shrooms from July to October 2010. Took a while but I think the shrooms is what finally broke his cycle. Will now be fully loaded for his next cycle and should be a lot easier to bust at the beginning of the cycle ! Hopefully they will never come back.... :-

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