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Maybe I'm Just an Airhead


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So this is certain to garner a chuckle or 2, but I've been experiencing something a bit odd of late... The best I can describe it is an air pocket, bubble, buldge, a quick pressure that feels like a an air pocket is filling up then is gone as quickly as it came... It's an odd feeling and somewhat scary. It only ever happens on my CH side (rt temple) and seems to occur more often when I have had a good stretch between bangers.. Has anyone else ever experienced this? 

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On 5/8/2022 at 1:18 AM, Shaun brearley said:

I reckon it's your brain trying to escape Bosco. 

You couldn't blame it Shaun! This housing needs all new wiring and what not, as the short circuits are bound to start a fire...Gosh wishing to be Kerrie is awful, But...

 Disaster Girl - They said my Cluster Headache  was just normal headache and I should take Tylenol.  They will never say anything ever again now. 

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@BoscoPiko you've outdone yourself with that meme - I came across it last night when I was still at the tail end of a bust, and wasn't sure if that was influencing my perception of it being toweringly magnificent, but it still holds its power this morning. :D

Saw the original version of Carrie way back in the day. She did get pretty burning mad herself. :P





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