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Dramatic vit D3 megadose success stories at ch.com


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John. . .I'm anxious to hear more about how this works out for you. While my headaches are probably less severe than yours, my symptoms seem to be identical. I get a knot near my shoulderblade, leads to neck stiffness, then POW, headache. Not always, but frequently.

I'm also two weeks into the licorice regimen, not on any other supplements or drugs at all. Mixed results, at this point.

I wonder if there's anything to the muscle tension? Is it a precursor, a side effect, or even a direct trigger? Hmmmmm. . .

The muscle tension in sholder happens exactly to my son as well.  ALso when he was younger I noticed a deformity in the growth of his scapula on that side. I took him to a doc and he said its ok ,, different growth rate ,, my son also has a deformity of the surrounding boney structure in his ear canal on the CH side.  ?????

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I have been taking 5-2000 D3,2 1200 fish oil,1 500 Magnesium,1 600 calcium and 1 multi vit a day for 3 weeks. I haven't had hardly any shadows, only been hit at midnight to 1 am every night with just a few 9 pm hits with only one really bad night. I am episodic so haven't even felt the need to get oxygen this go round. My insurance won't pay for it so I wait until i can't take them and I have to get it. I've read I need to cut down the vit D after 3 weeks, but I have no side effects except a little diarrhea. Should I really cut my dose down?

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So anybody who thinks a ch victim

Is a wuss or a damm asprin will help

Just be around them during a severe

Attack watch them change there tune

Quick,there not called suicide headaches cause its a celebration

Some people are just ignorant.

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I hear your pain! Getting off Diltiazem was one of the worst 5 days of my life, but after I completed the busting process last November 20th I have been cluster free! Good luck and I prey that you are successful.

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