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  1. Keyser, I think I get what you're asking more than others that haven't worked a remote job before. No worries. I worked from home for 8 years. Large portion was due to my CH. Here's a few things to think about that might help. Computer Docking station Monitor Internet (my employer paid for my high speed internet, $40 per month for maybe 4 years My employer had a budget and could have bought me a workstation desk for home, but I didn't need it. Make sure you get into a schedule of meeting with coworkers. Working away from coworkers and a supervisor 100% can create a disconnect in the workplace. Scheduling a weekly or monthly lunch or office visit would help a lot. Cheers, J
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  2. One of the absolute worst cases of chronic CH I've known of, via a forum member here, "Bonkers", involved head injury induced CH where where the pain level would sky rocket so high, passing out from it was was actually routine. So my take on passing out from CH pain is it is very rare, but not unheard of, and there's no hard rule that it can't happen to some individuals.
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