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  1. I've been reading an interesting topic over at CH.com, and it made me wonder if the current stubbornness of some the worst chronic cases people are reporting here [bonkers, Angel's Hubby] could have something to do with the time of year and how it affects the hypothalamus (of chronics too!) Here are some of the details as supplied by the very credible source of Linda Howell (long time chronic, and moderator at CH.com): Re: Interesting thing said to me today Reply #2 - Yesterday at 6:15pm  it's been long thought that the change of seasons, especially Spring and Fall are the times when folks go into cycle or for those who are chronic...High cycle. Circadiem rhythm and all that. I know that Family services gets a LOT more calls for help in the Spring and Fall and then slacks off over the winter and Summer. The Hypothalmus is said to react to the seasons, so it;'s not so weird at all. days getting shorter or days getting longer tend to throw it into high gear. Oh yeah..we do! Every other chronic I've talked to says they get it too.
  2. 3 K10s at night since - oh man that's horrible. > Personally, I doubt that 30 RC seeds alone would have much effect for him at this stage, but I'll be interested to see if anyone on here thinks different. I'm going by my own experience with mild acting RC, and thinking of the report from severe chronic Bonkers who found that (if I remember correctly) RC did nothing.
  3. Hey Fast Eddie, I hope you'll share details of your success story here - like maybe on the "Share Your Busting Stories" forum. That's something that can reach and help a lot of other CH'ers.
  4. Very VERY sorry to hear about those K10's Angel. > Clustermom - strange and interesting that higher doses have provided lesser results so far. Seems counterintuitive, but if this is found to be generally true for CH'ers, I suppose it would be kind of a good thing that people wouldn't have to feel that best results require heavy tripping....
  5. Well that elevates Dr. Halpern to sainthood in my book. I suppose there are probably some indigenous tribes still left in the Americas that haven't had this medicine (and their culture) taken from them....yet..... and at least they're covered for CH for now.....?
  6. Yes I would think a CH would be triggered within a few hours at the most, so I'm guessing your hubby is at least lucky about the beer thing and that it is not a trigger for him at this time. 8-) I had a couple beers once during an episode and it near blew my head off. - an old timer regarding conventional CH meds, still a bit n00b with the busting
  7. Does that mean Denny looks like Popeye? ;D
  8. It sure does - hey have y'all considered forming a biker gang? ;D There's not a person there who wouldn't look impressive in a leather jacket rolling down the road on a chopper. 8-) Great to see a pic and looking forward to some more!Â
  9. Oh man, sorry to hear about that most unwelcome trio of K10s. > I'm guessing yes on the shrooms'n seeds combo, and no on the shroom aborts, but this should be addressed with more authority by some of the more knowledgeable folks here, so I'm bumpin' this back to the top.
  10. Yeah we know what "not having a very good day" means for Michael, so that part blows mightily. > Here's hoping he gets past that QUICK, and count me in as lookin' forward to those pics.
  11. Happy BEE day! [smiley=birthdays.gif] [smiley=birthdays.gif]
  12. LOL listening to that JP Colorado Kool-Aid - Oh man I've never heard that before in my sheltered existence. ;D Hey wasn't smuggling Coors across state lines what Smokey and the Bandit was about? So was that based on the true story of your dad Johnny? ;D
  13. Shaggy - Native American flute music - why didn't I thinka that??!! :-? Got any particular collection of those flute tootings you'd recommend?
  14. Wow. Hearing about that is going to brighten a lot of people's days today - I know it has mine. I even have to wear shades. 8-) This sounds like it has been a radical transformation since that recent pure hell the hubster was going through during detox!!Â
  15. Make that at least 25 LPM with a big reservoir bag for me when I'm in peak cycle.
  16. AWESOME indeed! Time to celebrate! Beers Red Bulls for everyone! ;D
  17. I think you've really come to the right place William - she doesn't like to go to doctors or care for the drugs they offer, and there's certainly a real focus here on the non drug approaches. If you mention to her that the mushrooms and seeds have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries (or thousands of years?), are 100% natural, and are considered non toxic, maybe that will get her attention? You might add that we've seen severe chronic cases obtain some real relief with mushrooms. So summarizing your approach like this seems like a reasonable way to focus and simplify it to me: 1) Start right away with O2 for an abortive. 2) Try seeds for a preventative. 3) If the seeds aren't effective, graduate to the mushrooms
  18. Almost no headaches yesterday?? That is FANTASTIQUE!!! Substituting Red Bull for beer sounds like an excellent idea to me, and if he drinks very many of them, boy he could become a real fast talkin' chatty Cathy at the party! ;D
  19. Bejeeber


    Why yes, he is isn't he? Hopefully info gained here will both help you both get off the drugs and get better control over the CH, then the a$$hole boss can go &^*%$ himself.Â
  20. Sorry if we've been over and over this before ad nauseam, but is he guzzling an energy drink at the onset along with the O2? It is reputed to boost the O2's effectiveness.
  21. Sounds encouraging Angel! We'll be following this intently, with fingers crossed and/ or prayers, depending on superstition/religious preferences.
  22. Yep I'll agree that hi flow/non rebreather O2 is something to jump on ASAP. And you can keep in mind that O2 can be procured without a prescription at a welding supply place (in the US at least), and it's the same stuff that you'd get with a prescription at a medical supplier. So basically we have O2 for an abortive, and mother nature's clusterbusting plant life for a preventative. [Disclaimer - I have lots of experience with O2 and zillions of various prescriptions, but am newer to busting, so the following opinion isn't as informed as the preceding ones]: I generally think of a chronic as being a tough case that needs strong busting - and psilocybin is the strongest natural buster around.
  23. Good advice there alleyoop and Clustermom - thanks. Yeah I was starting to think that I could hold off on the busting unless shadows reappear during the day today, and now when I hear y'all say it I'm inclined to agree. I'll still be working from the same batch as last weeks busting, so at least there'll be no mystery about the potency.
  24. 8 days ago I dosed with 1.5 grams of the mushroom remedy, with intent to kill off my escalating shadows that I'm concerned could be a precursor to a full blown episode. Boy am I a lightweight! I had a stronger experience than anticipated, so I laid down, closed my eyes and just went with the psychedelic 3D environments and enjoyed some music and laughter. 8-) I had shadows both during the dosing experience and on the days/nights following, with last night being the first night that I didn't notice any shadowing during my usual couple of brief night time wake ups. I'm not discouraged about the lingering shadows - I've read here and been advised that it's not always a "poof the CH is gone" process. So now I'm pondering whether I oughta give it another go this evening, and if so, should I go with the strong (for me) 1.5 gram dose again, since I don't find it objectionable.....
  25. That sounds like a positive sign to me! Fingers crossed. I've had a consistently crunchy neck with "crystal popping"Â sounds for probably half or so of my 30 years of CH and mine hasn't struck me as being related to CH. I'm also lucky that the neck thing is strictly an auditory perception for me - no related pain involved.
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