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  1. No burps, but when the yawns start coming the light show is close...
  2. Wife made a mushroom casserole last week and I almost threw up when I walked in the door. I HATE the smell and the taste. But, I would eat anything to kill the beast. I use a tea recipe I got from this board. With the lemon, Vitamin C, and maybe some honey it is pretty acceptable and far easier on the stomach.
  3. Ajax


    I have been fighting the beast shadows for the past 2 weeks(seems he wants me to remember who is in charge). Vitamin K has saved me daily. Forced to bust last weekend a month early on my preventative dose. I fear I went to low on the dose. Shadows are less scary but I am forced to go again. I have to wait 5 days right? I need to go hard or it does not seem to clean my head out. I also agree with an earlier post that a small dose is a recipe for paranoia. For me, smoking some green is a game changer and always takes the edge of during and after. It might make you trip more but it is far more comfortable. Wish me luck...
  4. A good hike can go a long way on a trip... AWAY from lots of people as communication can be difficult.
  5. DOSE NOW! I am preventative as well. Did it last week and have some shadows so I will go again this weekend. After a dose I usually have 3 to 4 months before next preventative cycle. The one time I second guessed my shadows is a period of time I try to forget!
  6. Never doubted the board! I asked him to reach out even though the symptoms were clearly different. A wealth of knowledge in our little community. Still riding high from the conference! It was hard to leave early and keep emotions in check. Nothing better than knowing your not alone...
  7. I want the round of shots... Hex translates to: "Used to do this for a living"
  8. Dosing quarterly and pushing to get to 3 times a year and I am CH free for over a year. Would be 4 years but I thought I had it beat and then got the crap kicked out of me! I will dose till the day I die(might be a song in there...). NOTHING else worked so it is what it is. Episodic not chronic. Almost always at night. Kip 8-9 for 3 hours always wanted to be dead. Don't dial 911 it comes with lights and noise - very bad! Never tried to explain my pain to anyone as it seemed impossible to comprehend for myself... God bless this site! Looking forward to Chicago!!!
  9. Some would argue it is much more clear(like me...). Far less nausea is a plus. The wild card is how potent is it? I choose caution when you don't have a first hand account of someone who took the exact type. No harm in eating half and wait an hour. Usually goes something like this... I am not sure it is working, guess I'll take the rest...1 minute later maybe it was working... here we GO!!!! I am a huge fan of a monster hike away from people(hard to talk). Otherwise settle in a comfy spot with a friend and chill. A nice smoke at the end can be effective without Valium. It is better to have it if you can. Melatonin might work.
  10. Ajax


    LONG time pred user. Had to go back to it after I stupidly lowered my preventative busts and was reminded why a kip 9-10 makes you want to kill yourself. I unfortunately took too low a dosage of pred and got the kip 10 love right after the cycle of roids(I once threatened a young couple in a grocery store over the last box of Christmas lights while on 60 mg's...). I have done 20+ cycles of pred and only had a rebound a few times. It was not gradual! Major sledgehammer! All due to doctor not giving enough pred. hate the shit, need the shit, would eat shit if it would help... 9.5 grams has me giggling at my desk. NOT a light dose my friend. As an aside, can you make tea and store it?
  11. Ajax

    detox hell

    If you have a good nuero can you get ketamine spray? I don't know if it affects detox, but if it doesn't it could get you to your next bust. It works!
  12. Did you ask for O2? I also hate needles, but i wouldn't travel far without the imitrex shot. LIFE SAVER if you are hit hard! Backup plan... I hope Verapamil works for you, I had no luck. careful with the next one they will peddle on you...Prednisone... It was my only solution before this site. Skip that one if you can.
  13. Ajax


    Back up your back up plans! O2 isn't a back up, it is your new best friend. These people know what they are talking about! Think about attending the next conference in Chicago, it is amazing to not feel alone with this beast.
  14. I went to Half a dozen Nueros before meeting the good doctor in Boston. All of them would have got me nowhere fast! I was a lab rat for western medicine. I also felt like I was a bad person or a junkie trying to ask for better/more drugs. I dreaded my appointments and the way I was treated(not treated...). It couldn't hurt to investigate some others while you send this guy information. your note did not give me any confidence this guy is going to help.
  15. From worst to first. Watch out for the Red Sox this year!
  16. I have used an expired injector with success. I have a bunch and they are all expired so i hope they stay active if needed.
  17. No luck at all with Verapamil. Prednisone was my go to for the last 15 years. Always kills the cycle IF and only IF I take enough. I do everything I can to avoid it now because of this site. nothing has come close to the effectiveness of Vitamin M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I doubt there is a generic. I just got it filled today. It was $50... hurts but I would probably give up food for a week or so to have it! It works the nuts! Crushed the beast yesterday!!! Tea recipe on the site was epic. doubled my normal dose and feel great today. YEAAAAHHHH!!!
  19. Wish I was a little more confident that I had... I usually have a sensation of a pipe cleaner going from the back of my head to my eye at some point(usually first 2 hours). I wake up and know I am all set. Still have some noise on the right side of my brain so not sure if I should go again...
  20. Long night, but head feels clear today! No sign of the beast. giddeee up!
  21. Early for my preventative dose as the shadows loomed in on me tonight. Went straight for the Ketamine in my brief case and found an empty bottle with a broken nozzle... BIG BUMMER! So now it is going to be an M night with the kids please send happy vibes and thoughts for late night movies
  22. I tried everything and was a 10+ year lab rat until my wife found this site. Imitrex Injections got me down from 3+ hours per hit down to 30 minutes or less. My first busts were very difficult due to all the medications i was trying. Prednisone was my only solution and that stuff sucks! When I cleaned my system and then busted I was CH free for 3 years! You have come to the right place, these guys know what they are talking about.
  23. Ajax


    Dosage was a total trial by error! I have a nasal spray that is 50mg/ml. 2-6 sprays to the right nostril was the prescription. I found it closer to 10 to 12. Quite pleasant! Capable to function. almost like tv back in the day when channel 12 and 13 were the same show, but it was a different channel. The world is on 12 you are on 13 but it is HD! Amazing clarity, no reenty issues and probably less than half an hour of effects. I have not used it a lot so this is from a handful of efforts. Failures at first as the dosage I was trying was to low and I didn't know what to expect. No CH so I figured it worked. Keep in mind I am CH free with my quarterly M and I use this as a security blanket. Doc says patient can abort with this stuff! I had to refill as I realized my script was expired well before I finished it. I would love to hear success from a sufferer that can abort with it. My version of "effect" should be taken with a grain of salt... I lean towards the aggressive side.
  24. Ajax


    I am NOT an expert in this CH world we live in. But, we didn't talk about Ketamine that much in the conference, and I am sure there are people on this sight that did not go. That being said, this shit works for me! I am using it for shaddows in between my quarterly M regiment(for which I will never go off again after being reminded last year what Kip 9-10 feels like). Prior to this sight there is nothing I had not tried. This siight saved my life so I am just throwing something out there that might help.
  25. I go to our good doctor from the conference and he is quite positive it can work. Clearly nothing works for everyone, but who are we kidding, i would smash my head with a hammer if he told me it would help...
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