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  1. Any update on anything? Scholarships? list of speakers?
  2. you will want to take all the other vitamins on Batch's regimen along with the D3. You will also want to get a blood test done to see what your levels are now.
  3. you may want to look into the D3 supplements created by a member named Batch. This has helped keep my attacks lower on the kip charts. Using the O2 will help keep down the rebound attacks the triptans can sometimes cause. I also have had success drinking down a 5hr energy drink at the first sign of a attack along with my O2.
  4. what are you using to abort them and do you take any preventative meds?
  5. Freud My wife was into essential oils and has given my a little frankincense oil on a little piece of tissue about the size of a tab of L. I would keep it on my tongue or under it or just in my mouth any way I could for a few minutes and it did seem to help. I could not set this up in advance to give myself and I could not get the oil on the tissue when I had a cluster but when she was around id did help. I used this before I got my oxygen and early on when I started busting. At this point I dont get the major hits like I did in the past so I have not done it in a long time. I meant to look around my house this weekend for a few triptan shots I had stashed away that I dont use anymore but I got hit a bunch this weekend and a few that lasted an hour each, must be that time of year in our parts.They are expired but should still be fine. I use to use them past the date stamped on them and had no issues. If you break them apart you can get a few out of one shot. I will make it a point to find them and try to get them over to you. I will let you know what I come up with. I may even still have a little Frankincense oil.
  6. Maddie Clusters tend to come and go not give constant pain for days. If this all started after the tooth was removed and not before I would have this looked into, you could be dealing with something else. People have reported oxygen not working as well as it once did in the past. I find this happening to me but it is due to me getting lazy with my breathing tech. you can try downing a energy drink on the way to the oxygen tank to help but if your blood pressure is high that might not be a great idea. I would get checked out by a doctor and rule out anything else that may be causing the pain and rise in blood pressure.
  7. Are you going to have a raffle table set up this year and if so how do you go about donating to it? What other ways can people help out with this event?
  8. The oxygen we use it in tank form. You can get a script from a doctor or set it up like a welding system. You can get different size tanks so you can keep one at home and another in your car so you can hopefully get to it when you are at work. Batches D3 can help knock the amount of hits you get and the pain level down so it will make it a little more manageable. You can use energy drinks or strong coffee to slow a hit down as you make your way to the oxygen tank. You will need a high flow regulator and a cluster mask to optimize your setup but that would be top on my list of things to get. It can change your life.
  9. Read up on the D3 regimen, it is just over the counter vitamins that you can find at most drug stores here in the US. You may need to find some online. Find out how he used the oxygen, was it at 25lpm with a non re breather mask? Most people start out using Verapamil at high dose prescribed by the doctors office. You will find all kinds of things people have tried on this site, poke around and ask questions. Not everything works for everyone. He will need to try a bunch of things and figure out his own line of attack. I down an energy drink and get on my oxygen as soon as I feel a cluster coming on and I can abort it most times in 15 minutes.
  10. depending on how the benadryl reacts with your system you can also take that during the day. I will add 25mg 3 times a day and then the melatonin at bed time when things get bad for me. I would push hard for the oxygen and make sure you get the correct setup with the cluster mask and high flow regulator. You can just take when the oxygen company gives you and put it aside, they screw it up all the time. Order the correct things online and it will make a huge difference. I would ask to get your head scanned just to make sure things are all screwed on correctly, It will only cost a few bucks to make sure your going to stay alive to enjoy the years of cluster fun! Have you ever been given Verapamil or any other preventative medication to take daily? Verapamil at large dosses can help many keep clusters in check. The shadows can be helped with energy drinks, ginger tea and strong coffee for a lot of people. Cluster headaches will change over time and can be different for every cycle and also move from episodic to chronic so you will want to keep a log book of when you get hit, how long and what you did to abort it. This way you will be able to look it over and come up with a good plan on how to deal with it the next time.
  11. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, it is not a competition and having one a year or 500 they all suck and we would like to help you. Plus if you are or will become a doctor we would like to have you on ore side! like CHfather said you should get on the full vitamin D3 it can make a big difference for you. Oral triptans take at least 30 minutes to start helping so they can seem worthless at times but it is better then nothing. I would look into getting oxygen set up to abort your attacks and the energy drinks taken at the first feeling of the cluster coming on can get you a few more minutes to get to the o2 tank. If everything works as planned for me I can sometimes abort a attack in 5 minutes. That is with downing a 5hr drink and getting on the oxygen within the first minute of any cluster feeling coming on. In real world situations I abort my attacks in about 15 to 20 minutes with only o2 along with my other preventatives I do every day and 5 days.
  12. It does not make me tired at all during the day. Same as if I down a energy drink at 2am it will not keep me awake. I am not sure how or why this is the case, maybe my body is use to it or is processing it in a different way? I would say test it out on a day off so if you do get tired you can adjust things before you go to work.
  13. I take benadryl along with the D3 when I start getting hit above my 3 a day norm. I take 3 a day along 20mg of Melatonin at bed time.
  14. Energy drinks work to hold a cluster back long enough for me to get to the oxygen. on a rare occasion when I am far from my oxygen they can sometimes abort the attack but not always. 95% of the time I need the o2 or I am on the o2 before the energy drink has time to clear things up on its own. I have used anything I could get my hands on when needed. 5hr energy, red bukk, monster, cold and hot coffee and just about any name brand that has caffeine and taurine
  15. FunTimes


    I do get this at times. I can sometimes make that feeling go away with stong coffee, 5 hr energy drink, any type of energy drink like monster or redbull. I have also has success with strong ginger tea for days like that.
  16. This regulator will work on E tanks https://www.amazon.com/EverOne-Oxygen-Regulator-Liters-Connection/dp/B07L9P7V55/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1_sspa?keywords=25plm+oxygen+regulator&qid=1554376658&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1 This one will work on the M and M60 tanks https://www.amazon.com/Oxygen-Regulator-Standard-Body-CGA540-protector/dp/B00BXRBJG8/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3_sspa?keywords=540+CGA+oxygen+regulator+0-25lpm&qid=1554376819&s=gateway&sr=8-3-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1
  17. I can not breath in or out of my nose during a attack but under a normal situation with a setting lower then the 25lpm I would be able to breath through my nose and have the valve work with little effort. I typically have the O2 running up at 15 to 25 and will inhale with the mask on take it away and exhale fast when the bag is full. After the pain starts to go away I then lower the O2 rate and breath with the mask on and the valve will give a little resistance but when I am not exhaling as hard and fast it works out fine with my timing.
  18. does the bag fill with air and you can inhale fresh oxygen from the large reservoir bag? What would happen if you take just the face mask off of your setup and blow into the end of the T valve? Would that little flap on the other end of it open to let your exhale out? If not I think maybe that little flap might be stuck shut and needs to be looked into. If you let the oxygen fill the bag to the max without having it against your face you should feel the oxygen leaking out, if you block it from leaking into the face mask it should all go out on the other end with the rubber gasket end. Just a few things to look at. The are kind of basic but when you are getting hit with a bunch of headaches a day sometimes you just need a little help.. I have been there many times.
  19. I found that Oxygen and a 5hr energy drink work the best for me to abort an attack. I can use that at work and it will not keep me up at night when I get hit a 1am. Some people can use a strong cup of coffee or another type of drink with Taurine and caffeen in it like monster or redbull. The oxygen helped me the best, when I first got the hang of that and aborted a few attacks I found myself getting fewer headaches due to over use of the triptans. I went from using a few shots and sumatriptan pills a day to maybe one every other month. I still have them but save them for when I can not get my hands on a oxygen tank. The 5hr type drink just slows down the ramp up of the cluster giving me more time to get to the o2 tank. It can also stop a attack on its own if I catch it fast enough. I have drank them in the store and paid for the empty bottle.
  20. EggMan You are getting the hang of it now.. Everyone reacts to things different and we do not have a set thing that will work for all. What works for you today may not work for you tomorrow and may work again for you next year. It does get overwhelming at times with all of the information here. I dont think anyone is claiming to have the real "cure" here on this site, if they do they are not around for very long. What you will find is all of the information on this site if what has worked for someone at one point in time. What you and I and everyone else does here is take in as much information as you can and try it all out tweaking it along the way until you find something that helps. Is you are ECH that can be a little harder because you dont know if your cycle ended or if what you did in the last few days worked and it chased your clusters away. I am LUCKY! I am chronic so I get to mess around all year round with adding and subtracting to my daily regimen to see what helps me the best.. It is all part of the fun I think my next thing I am going to try is facing south standing on my left leg when I take my jar of vitamin D pills and chase it down with a shot of Crown Royal Keep on trying and you will stumble on something to help
  21. When I finally found a oxygen company that would deliver to me what I needed and when I needed it I found that using my Insurance would cost me a lot more then paying out of pocket.
  22. EggMan Search for a user on here named Batch, he is the king/inventor of the vitamin D3 regimin. They are all OTC vitamins you can get online of in local drug stores here in the US.
  23. I will have dreams that I am getting a cluster and start on my oxygen. It will then get so bad that I think I am going to get a 5hr energy drink and that is when I wake up and run for the real oxygen tank. It kind of sucks when that happens and my wife can sometimes see it all happening if she is in the room doing something. I told her to punch me or something the next time see sees this. I also take 20gm of melatonin almost every night.
  24. EggMan You should look into the oxygen, it can abort your attack in as little as 5 minutes once you get the hang of it and you are not taking any sumatriptan. I was in the same boat as you at one time maxing out on all flavors of sumatriptan, the shots and in pill form. Not only did then make me feel all drained and tiered they cost me a lot of money. I had a struggle at first getting a good vendor to work with getting oxygen but now that I found one things are much better for me. I still keep the triptans for when the shit hits the fan but that is maybe only once every other month if even that. At this point I take 120mg of verapamil once a day do the D3 vitamins and bust on a set schedule. I keep a 5hr energy drink or something like that with me at all times and drink that on my way to the oxygen tank to kill off any attacks I have now. I still get one or 2 a day but that is much better then the 6 to 10 I was up to only fighting with triptans. Dont get me wrong, Sumatriptan does work and it never to far out of reach for me but the oxygen is better for your body and does not cause any rebound attacks like the triptans can sometimes do.
  25. FunTimes

    New Med

    That is a calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonists for the preventive treatment of migraine, I was going to do a clinical trial for clusters in my area but it was canceled. I think I remember reading that it looked promising for episodic but not so much for chronic clusters. I am sure someone else will chime in with better information for you.
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