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Are there any foods that are triggers for you


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Ok, ignore the obvious - alcohol.

I'm interested in what else can set off a cluster for you.

For me, occasionally (even when out of cycle), I have a severe (cluster) reaction to random greasy foods, and I'm working on the theory that I may be allergic to some kind of cooking oil, so curious as to whether any others having the same sort of problems.

Let's do some collective research...

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BBQ sauce?  I wonder which ingredient causes the problem...

If you have a hankering for that sort of thing, I can give you an absolutely magic recipe for Chilli Jam (and it's never caused me a problem)  ::)

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2 x 400g tin chopped organic tomatoes

6-8 bird eye chillies (strong)

4 garlic cloves peeled

7cm piece fresh ginger peeled chopped (feel free to use more)

1.5 tbsp light soy sauce

120ml red wine vinegar

375g soft light brown sugar * must be!*

12-20 cardamom pods - split them, remove the seeds and discard the husks.  Crush the seeds.  You can do this happily when watching TV.

70g raisins

I tend to make 4 "recipes" at once (but I have a very big pan) as this

lets me make lots of jars.  They're generally demanded as Birthday or Christmas presents.


Tin toms, chilli, garlic, ginger and soy sauce in food processor, blend till smooth.

Place tomato mix in a big non reactive pan over medium heat and add vinegar, sugar, cardamom and raisins.

Bring to boil and add chopped toms.

Turn down heat and simmer for 45-55 mins. Or until thickened to a chutney surprisingly!

Should keep indefinitely.

Warm the jars (very clean) and then add the jam hot, putting the lids on before it gets the chance to cool - this is what keeps it sterile.

Thick bottomed pans are best, you'll also benefit from having a funnel to pour the jam into jars through (called a jam funnel).

I like the 2lb "Kilner" style jars.

Bear in mind, nothing gives burns as nasty as hot jam does, and when you stir the bottom of the pan, it will all bubble up, so be careful.

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I have a huge problem with a lot of food during cycle. Foods containing MSG are a big one. MSG is found in so many foods even organic foods that claim not to contain it. Do some research and you'll find it's called other things like autolyzed yeast or soy isolate or even natural flavor. Staying clear of foods that contain higher levels of Tyromine. Tyromine is an excitotoxin and is found in aged, fermented, dried, cured or even ripe foods. Foods that contain aged cheese or foods that contain vinegar are big ones. These foods are not like normal triggers, they don't necessarily trigger an attack immediately. they can take almost 36 hours to effect you. Look up tyromine free diets. It has helped me to reduce the severity and frequency of my CH, during cycle. I hope this helps. Peace Hickory

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  • 2 weeks later...

CH is also referred to as Histamine Headaches. Essentially a histamine low or free and ph-neutral diet can be helpful for CH. Very High Histamine levels are contained in the following:


Processed, smoked or cured food

Certain Vegetables/Fruits (particularly tomato, strawberry, pineapples)


Soy Products




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The medical profession tend to suggest that the only acceptable triggers for CH are alcohol and nitroglycerine.  Here's a somewhat larger list reported by CHers over the years:

Air travel

Alcohol/red wine





Barometric pressure changes/storm systems

Bright light (strobe lights/shadows/sunlight)


Cessation of stress

Change in seasons (Autumn/Spring)

Cheese/strong cheese


Chlorine (swimming pools)


Cigarette smoke

Climate change/holidays


Cold remedies/nasal sprays

Cold/cold environment

Coughing/sneezing/nose blowing


Dairy products





Heat/warm environment

High altitude


Hormonal changes

Hot baths/showers


Irregular sleep

Long drives


Mold spores








Peanut butter

Pop corn


Sensory overload (too much noise/activity)

Sexual intercourse



Sleep apnea



Strong smells/solvents (candles/petrol/perfume/paint/glue)



Topical steroids

Waking up early

Yeast extract (Marmite)

Some of them seem a bit bizarre to me and it is interesting that a lot of these can also be used to abort CH too.

I'm sure there may be more?


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The medical profession tend to suggest that the only acceptable triggers for CH are alcohol and nitroglycerine.  Here's a somewhat larger list reported by CHers over the years:

Sexual intercourse


No probs here then.

I have the droop :-/


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Is there anything I can do to help?  ;)       Lesliexx

Could be dangerous Leslie.

I reckon the next time I go off, it could be like a Roman Candle ::)....You might have to up your insurance, & clear the room.


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Ins. guy said you would have to sign a waiver.

I tried to explain, this was in the interest of science, and helping out fellow CH sufferer, but he didn't care for the term trigger.

I'm thinking some practice, out in the open, like the 6th hole of a golf course, might be worth a try. But "everyone is different."    Lesliexx

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