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Finally hitched :)


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Gee fecking willikers what a good lookin' couple!  :)

CONGRATS and the Jeebs stamp of approval on the black hat and bolo tie action. So THAT's how you landed a gorgeous blonde bride.   8-)

I hope you didn't get hit by you know who any time near the ceremony, and that the party got going strong enough that people were shoving each other in the pool and taking some impromptu wild horse rides!  :D

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Thank you, thank you everyone so very much :D <3

Nah, big beasty boy kept at bay during my wedding. I took a verapamil, smoked a bowl, and slammed a monster (Yes, with green food dye! :P) about 3 hours beforehand. Everything went PERFECT. There are lots more pictures to come if you guys would like to see. :)

And yes, ya gotta get them southern blondie girls with the hat and bolo tie  ;D

Yes things are so much different! I mean we married downtown at the JOP for financial and security reasons, but after a christian wedding with the families present, everything feels so much more official! :D And I'm much happier too.

It actually got fairly wild too! Rory and her cousins, my sisters, and a couple other in laws got together and did the cupid shuffle. I ran up to join in and slipped on the grass and wiped out. Rory fell on her face right before coming down the aisle too (I didn't actually see LOL)

For the record... champagne and wedding cake go really well together after a big BBQ dinner and lots of Dos Equis!


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Bonus points if there's video of you wiping out.  

To my knowledge, I believe there is LMAO Plus videos of me and Rory dancing. Gimme a couple days to gather some more up and I'll post for you guys!

I know awesome hat huh? :P I went to Tractor Supply Company today to get a new one but wound up getting horse feed and a leopard print halter... LOL

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