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Maybe a stupid question?


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That's not a stupid question.

My endocrinologist wanted me to try it to see if it would open up my congested side during a hit. For my hits, heat is bad though, so I never did.

I know some people get relief from heat / hot showers during hits though, so maybe it's a similar thing.

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Not a stupid question.

I haven't tried it, but I know some CH'ers report some relief from hot showers.

Personally I've had breathing cold air work for me to abort mid level hits on several occasions. This after reading an Alaskan CH'ers report on a CH message board 15 years (!!!) ago where he discovered freezing air as an abortive.

I was living in So Cal at the time - no freezing air to be had outdoors, but soon thereafter on a trip to the Seattle area, on a ferry crossing the super cold Puget Sound I had a hit come on, so I went out to the bow with it's inherent wind chill factor and will never forget the sense of amazement as the attack just went away as I breathed the freezing air.

Since then I've read about what should've been a no-brainer - you can just go out to the car in any weather, blast the A/C and deep breathe it through the nose with your face right up to the vent. I've successfully deployed this on many occasions during the first 'ramp up' week of an episode, but once the attacks start hitting at a higher level it becomes ineffective for me.

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Without a question there would be no answer. :-*

I get the hothead fire eyes. Cold works for me..wet towel in freezer, frozen peas, large spoons in the fridge for the eyes...I love coffee too. Thinking about the heaven in a walk in freezer  :D

-40 rulz. Cold air inhalation..oh ya


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There are really no stupid questions...but I have tried some not so smart things to relieve my CH. 

Keep in mind that I did the following when dosing.  Occasionally, CH will give me a major smack around during a treatment...and this was one of those times.  After several attacks, I figured I'd totally confuse my head and finally teach it a lesson by mixing Hot and Cold.  I blackened SEVERAL jalapenos, chopped them up and mixed them into a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream and wolfed it down during a full blown CH. 

No, it didn't relieve my CH...but muahahaha...it did feel goooooood!!!     ;D

(Umm, yes...my belly did have a few issues later.)

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