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A lost dream coming alive


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Hi folks!  :)

It has been awhile since i posted. My life has has changed direction and i want to tell you folks how i`m doing, cause of you and this place here, the Clusterbusters board.

Before i got this condition i was training for Triathlon. I was on my way and i was loving it. It was my dream, it was what i was breathing, eating and thinking. Then cronich CH came in my life. It destroyed me, physically, mentally. I didn``t respond to any medications, i didn``t get diagnosed. No need for dig any deeper into this subject, you all know how cruel this devil is.

After 6 years cronich i was finally diagnosed. Believe it or not, that made me WORSE! Why? I was given Imitrex shots..... Suicide was my solution. Then i came here and it all changed. Since then, more than 2 years now, it just kept getting better. Not just improving CH condition, but every aspect of my life.

For 2 years now, i have been building my life how i want it, giving my daughter what she deserves after all these years with CH. Repaired all the hurt we carry around after this trauma. I managed travelling to visit you folks in Chicago last year, i been flying several times visiting friends. I have been so blessed and i feel lucky everyday. Honestly, i really do.

Around 5 months ago, i started doing CrossFit and i loved it! I didn``t think it was possible for me anymore cause of CH to challenge myself like i used to do. Now i am signed up for my first CrossFit challenge.  I`m nervous, excited and very happy!! I will have to do a flight to get there, that`s the biggest challenge maybe. Cause i have to be ready for a contest, so guess i will need to fly in a week before, just to have time to settle. This is just details i will work out. This feels magic to me. This is a lost dream coming alive. I feel so happy it feels a bit unreal in a way, i can``t figure out how it all worked out this well!!! I prayed for getting better, not  get rid of it, just improvement or some relief. I didn`t see all this coming ;D This is a big thing for me.

I will need to focus really good. This also means i have to do what i can to keep CH under control. I want to do this. I`m gonna do this. I am doing it. I will succseed cause i want to.

Nothing can hold us back unless we want to.

A lost dream returns but in new cloths and all alive. Who get this much luck?!

I want to thank you all, every single one of you. I am where i am today because of you. I do not mean to let you down in here and i want you all to know i think about this place and the people in here everyday. Cause your in my heart forever :)

I love you folks  :)

Wish me luck!! GAME ON!!!!

Hug from me

Tingeling :)

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That's incredible Ting, and you're an incredible person!! :):D:)

I couldn't be happier for you!! :) :) :)

With all the pain and misery this disease can cause, it is so easy to sit around and have a pity party. :(  Your tenacity in the face of adversity coupled with your indomitable spirit is an inspiration to us all.

Now, go break a leg ... well, not literally, of course. ;)

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I'm so happy for you Ting!

The fact that you HAVE hopes and dreams, and are going to be achieving them to me, shows how far you've come since you began your journey here!

It's kinda like when we're at the end of our rope and join CB, our hopes and dreams have been dashed.

With busting, we get hope back, little by little... Then we can start to dream again.

You're going to do fantastic in this challenge darling!!



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I`m the one in black pant, black tank top and black hair in a pony tail. Cause of of broken ribs i do not have any weights on here beside the bar that`s 15kg. I been doing my daily workouts with broken ribs for 6 weeks now. But now it``s all healed and i will started doing heavy workouts again. This video is not the best ex how we do workouts, but it``s a sneek peek into my new life. I will make a video from the challenge as well. They made me a program i will follow for the next months towards the challenge. Excited :)

Thank you folks, this is how much Clusterbusters changes life  :)

Go busters, go vit M  ;D


Ps. Bob, i`m very happy there`s google translate! LOL ;D Thank you, thank you all.

This is personal victory.

Huuug from me


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OK, 6 broken ribs and you are popping that 30 lbs.+ bar AND doing chin-ups.  [smiley=thumbup.gif] [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]

You are, to say the least, AWESOME

I am sooo glad to see how well you are doing. I just read an old post of yours yesterday. What a long way you have come on a hard road sweetie. :)

I can't wait to see the competition video. Ah, to be young is a wonderful thing Ting and you are not wasting a minute of it are you??? 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)


who has tons of respect for your courage and attitude

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Oh come on I really don't know if the stuff in that video is actually humanly possible - maybe it's CG animation trickery or something.  :D You CF'ers are KRAZY.  :D I can see why the barfing buckets are standard CF equipment.  :o

Hey I just realized you've gone from a CH'er to a CF'er.   8-):)

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I only seen anyone used the bucket twice.... LOL!!!  ;D I know, we are Crazy...... We get like hooked on Adrenal kicks!

Spiny, we have waisted enough time or what...  ;)

Hey I just realized you've gone from a CH'er to a CF'er. 

OMG!!! That is the coolest thing i ever!!! Well H*l yeah!!! Let`S stick to that!

Thank you Spiny and Bejeeber :)

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I'm so so so happy you have your life back.  It's a shame everyone with CH doesn't have the ability, knowledge, understanding or acceptance to use the busting medicines...  Vitamin M surely is a medicine.  So much pain could be alleviated and lives returned like yours, across the globe...

I look forward to meeting you some day. :)

Continued PFW,


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