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energy drinks and oxygen

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I've never used energy drinks to avert an oncoming headache.  I used to take Migrin (no longer available, thanks a lot drug companies) and then drink a caffeinated beverage such as an RC or a Pepsi.  That helped.  Now that Migrin is no longer available, I'm using Prodrin.  I have Immitrex if that doesn't work.  I've noticed some here have said they've had good luck using energy drinks.  I've never drunk an energy drink in my life.  I don't know what to buy.  What energy drink should I get? 

Also, I'll be seeing my doctor on the 25th.  Should I get him to prescribe oxygen.  I've never used oxygen either. 

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Monster energy drinks, Redbull, Rockstar.

Not really sure what you have in your country, by your user name I assume that you are not in the US.

A drink with a lot of caffeine & taurine in it.

This is the label from monster energy "khaos"


Anything similar is likely to help you

Use sparingly as the more you consume, the less effective they are

And as far as oxygen, YES!!!!!! check out the menu tab on the left of your screen,click on the "o2 page" print it out, and take it with you when you see your doctor.

You need to have pure O2, at 12LPM or better and a non rebreather mask like the optimask.


LPM varies, if the bag stays full and you can achieve a full breath than your LPM is high enough, If not then you need more LPM

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Thanks.  Actually, I am in the US.

Awesome! finding these shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Head down to your local gas station, or corner store. They will have Rockstars, Monsters, and Redbulls almost guaranteed.

After that its just a preference of flavor

Good luck buddy, let us know how you make out with it.

Also from experience, these caffeinated beverages will make the O2 therapy more effective when combined. Theres been times for me when an energy drink doesn't cut it, and the o2 doesnt cut it by itself, but combined is a beast (CH) slaying combo   8-)

If highly sugared drinks isn't your thing, a good strong cup of coffee, or a tea called "mate" will provide benefits as well

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I find Monster to be super effective. 2000mg of Taurine = WIN. You can find 'em at almost every convenience store around.

Doing a quick lookup... The thing that's different between the Prodrin and the Migrin / Midrin, is there's no Dichloralphenazone in it. Might be why you see a difference.

Your doc might be able to prescribe that part of the medication separately. You could always ask!

Good luck, hope you get some relief!


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Thanks for the help.  I was able to find some Red Bull today.  I've never tried energy drinks.  I was just never interested.  I hope I like them okay because I absolutely hate coffee.  It's the one drink I hate more than any other in the world.  I don't consume any alcoholic beverages and haven't for two and a half years.  That change helped some. 

I do notice that Prodrin with an RC Cola helps, but maybe the Red Bull will be better.  I have an appointment with my doctor on the 25th.  I'll ask him about oxygen.  I read in other threads that it's possible to get way cheaper and just as good oxygen by getting some kind of welder's oxygen?  What is that? 

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Hi Kenneth

Welders O2 just means that you buy it from welding supply company. It is cheaper and I use it.

You buy your own mask from out sister site and the Optimask non-rebreather costs about 28.00. Cheap.

You can then get an LPM regulator online for about 50.00. Mine is 25LPM to support hyperventilation at the beginning of the hit. As the pain recedes, I drop the flow down to match my respiratory needs.

With the O2, I strongly recommend staying on the O2 as long as it took to clear the hit. 5 minutes or however many breaths if you count breaths. This seems to help prevent the return of the dragon.

Many Drs will not script for O2, so a lot of us use the welder route. James O2 or Harbor Freight both are located throughout the states. You may have a different company that you would use.

You can buy or rent the tanks. If you rent, the company you rent from is the only one who will fill your tank. If you buy, any company will fill it. I have a 90cf and a 60cf tank so that I can always have a full tank. Also, the 60cf fits in my little car and I can carry it easily. To fill both tanks for 150cf of O2 costs $38.52 with tax. I bought both to avoid filling hassles.

I would try to get the Dr to prescribe the 25LPM supply. Many find the higher flow necessary at the beginning and end using 10-15LPM. You have more options with a higher flow supply. If he won't go that high, you have options to correct that on your own. Just let us know.

I started using O2 and caffeine last fall during a very rough time and they saved my life. 8-)

O2 rocks serious relief. :)

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kvb, 1Eye provided a link above for the O2ptimask: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/khxc/

As spiny says, you can also buy a regulator online. Here are some places.  (Of course, be sure you order a regulator that fits the kind of tank you have.)

Many people order a regulator from eBay, although it's not always common to find 25-plus-LPM regulators there. HereÂ’s a link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1311&_nkw=medical+oxygen+regulator&_sacat=See-All-Categories




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The one constant among a bunch of inconsistencies is that OXYGEN saves most of our lives.

I never get caught without it. At home I have a big tank that I rent from west Air fir 42 bucks a year and I bought a couple of smaller tanks for the truck.

Refills are relatively cheap for most of us, depending on where you live.

Do a little research and print off some good literature to hand your doc. I have had three different Docs prescribe O2 for me.

The way I see it, if they will prescribe 180 oxycodone per month, for example, oxygen shouldnt be a problem.

Knowledge is power. F'ing demand an O2 prescription. If he won't prescribe it, another doctor will. It is well documented to be the only abortive that has no side effects and, for me anyway, 100% effective at aborting if I get on it as soon as I feel the signs of an attack coming on.

Best wishes


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Hey everyone, totally new to the board; but unfortunately a long time CH sufferer.  This board is great, by the way.

Energy drinks have worked really well for me this cycle.  I didn't even know about this solution until I read about it on an old clusterheadaches.com message board thread.

I have also been trying taking magnesium , melatonin,  b2, and additional taurine supplements.

Does anyone know why a Dr wouldn't prescribe O2?  seems like the perfect solution if it is effective. 

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Does anyone know why a Dr wouldn't prescribe O2?

C'Town, doctors not prescribing O2 is a great mystery--or, really, a HUGE FECKING CRAZY FRUSTRATION THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.  You have a few options: (1) Try harder to get it from your current doctor; (2) Find a different doctor who will prescribe it; (3) Create your own system using welding oxygen.  You can read more about those options here, particularly in sections 7 and 9: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1299901790

You also can see there how many doctors fail to prescribe oxygen.  (There are a couple of very special circumstances in which oxygen is not recommended, but it's highly unlikely that they will apply to you.)

Everyone here can, and will, help you with whatever you decide to do.  Probably needless to say, this will also help you with your what-to-do-at-work question from that other thread.  It will change your life.

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trying the energy drinks for about a month now and all thy do is bring my attacks on.

Dam!  :( Well that is patently lousy, but please keep in mind that although some CH'ers can actually abort an attack with an energy drink even when in high cycle, this is not the case for many of us (personally I can mainly knock down shadows and minor hits with them).

There are plenty of other fish to throw at this beast though, right? Busting, O2, D3 regimen, etc.....

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