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2012 Conference Pictures

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That's ironic you chose The Incredible Hulk as your avatar.

Having had CH's since I was an 11 yrs old child, many doctors of all types were unsuccessful diagnosing me.  My irrational behaviors finally put me in front of psychologists who I remember asking me what cartoon character I identify with...

I told them that "My name is Dr. David Banner and that because of my accident I turn into The Hulk when my head hurts." 

Of course the doctors didn't understand my analogy, thinking I just watched too much TV.  Although they did finally conclude my continued head pain and associated behaviors were caused by a recent closed head injury, just without the CH diagnosis.

-Gregg in Las Vegas

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Back in the Groove... and In town again

Never Dreamed how Awesome it was to meet you all. A Great sense of Humor is addamant in the Cluster Family.

To Members who my Wife & I shared more personal time, our Daughter received surgery to remove her tumor & oncologist cleared her there after. Next, is 8 weeks radiation. Wife stayed on with her for couple weeks to be a Mom & care for her for she was very sore, and stubborn and wanted to return to her work routine.

All who were involved organizing the Conference, You gave so much for us suffering from CH so we would not feel alone. It had been 17yrs & I had never met anyone with CH till the conference. I know longer feel so isolated with this debilitating curse. Many..Many..Many Big Thanks to You All & the physicians who spoke & are working on cures for us all.

God Bless You & all of you move up to the top of the list for "Big Red" this Season.....so put in your wish list!!! (If you recall who I am for when I brought up the question in the conf. of Spirit, Faith & the shoes I try to fill in December)

Praying for all CH'ers who rode thru Sandy, I can only imagine what your going thru & been thru.

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Ok, I KNOW there is a picture of CH Hell on this board somewhere...I saw it. Unless the Rio found a way to remove it. He was sitting at a BJ table, taking their money....



Yes there is a picture of me somewhere on this site playing Black Jack.  If there was a BJ table I was not at it, I swear. ;D

Good to see you RT,  I will take my normal lump of coal this year. ;)


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I must have missed these!  Thanks for posting Bob (and everything you've done!)!

I think I see myself sitting down, blue shirt, #26. 

I remember somebody got some pictures of us right before we flew (literally) down Fremont Street ;D.  I'd love to have that if this rings a bell with anyone :).

Happy New Year and PF Wishes to You All!


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