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  1. What response are you looking for? I read the post and didn't really understand what you are asking for.
  2. This Susan chick sounds bad-ass! I hope we will get to meet her one day. Thanks for putting it out there "Susan"
  3. During an attack, forget about smoking. It makes the the hit that started at a kip 5 a kip 8, which is NOT cool. But outside of a hit, like right after one, it relaxes me and no CH side effects. It also helps me to eat during a cycle, when eating is not something I think about. Don't really know the physiological effects that happen to make my headaches worse, but that what it does for me. Hope that helps!
  4. Gotta give CH Hell some credit, although his head is large enough, LOL. He is our spawn supplier, and has done a great job keeping us working... Thanks buddy! And appreciate all the well wishes!!! Can't wait to get this going in full swing!
  5. Wanted to share the news that our mushroom company specializing in shiitake and oyster logs that will fruit at your home will be offered through Williams Sonoma starting today!!!!!! (internet only sales till Dec 20) Please tell all your friends about it, as they make great gifts for the person that has everything!!!! And the best part, 10% of net profits will be donated to ClusterBusters, so the more we sell, the more people we can help through this board!!! ;D ;D ;D
  6. Hey Pos1964, Detoxing off all meds other than oxygen will GREATLY improve the results of the bust. Please read in the "busting files" the protocol that most of us use to end the cycles. But, again, I can't stress enough to get off all meds for at least 5 days before busting, its tough, but its only 5 days. Busts will be more effective and longer lasting. I can't post links cause I am an idiot, but its in the files here. Can someone post the proper link for pos1964? Good luck to your partner!!!! Will keep he/she in my thoughts! Tuckerman
  7. Ricardo, Like all the above posts, you are a MAJOR and GREAT contributor to this board, and you personally have helped lots of people. It is o.k. to be upset, and we all have, or will have displaced our anger/sadness/frustrations on others at some point in our lives. It takes a big person of great moral character to admit when they are wrong and apologize. You rock my friend! Have a great day! Tuckerman
  8. Here is some more info from Paul Stamets about mushrooms and cancer... he cured his mother with turkey tail mushrooms. Shiitakes are also a good cancer fighting mushy! http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/02/health/tedmed-mushroom-man/index.html
  9. #21 blue shirt, and extra large head from that photo. LOL... Conference was great! Thanks to all that made it possible!
  10. To all who gave some and some who gave all.... Thank you!
  11. Had a very good visit with my new neuro. It was a follow up that i had forgotten about or I would have cancelled. So, been pain free for over a year now thanks to the fungus. Amazing fungus it is. So, went to the appointment, saw his PA, as I didn't really have a need to see the doc that day. The PA came in wearing jeans, a polo type shirt, and flip-flops. Yes, flip-flops. He sits down, says in a very southern, comforting way, "how ya doing?". I thought, screw it.... he is going hear about the mushies. I said, "great doc... almost a year pain free. You heard of Cluster Busting? " His face lit up, then he begins to give me directions to a cow pasture, and tells me he thinks he saw some growing today on his way in..... I almost wet myself. It was awesome.... needless to say, I love my new doc! and his staff! The neuro (first visit, not the PA) asked me if I knew why divorces were so expensive, then he told me because they are worth every penny... LOL... yes, I do love my new doc.
  12. psilocybe species do not eat wood like shiitakes, they prefer to eat poop. Try it, but my guess is that it would not work.
  13. http://www.erowid.org/herbs/damiana/damiana_law.shtml It's legal in the US, if its straight damiana.
  14. I used them in Peru for the altitude issues, plus coca leaves. Not sure which did the trick, but the altitude didn't really effect me. Now, for CH, I really don't think it would do much for you. It is called nature's viagra, and the people in Nepal are killing each other over it. If you do decide to try it, look for a good source, other than China. They are extremely expensive, but they are effective utilizing the oxygen. That probably didn't even begin to answer your questions, but that was my experience. Oh, they do give you a burst of energy as well as a boost in the "pitch a tent" category!
  15. We are all praying and keeping fingers crossed for you MrsGrneyedldy!!!!! being episodic, I can't answer the above question, but I am sure someone here can! You will break the beast!!!! I know you will!
  16. Have you ever heard the expression, ginnin from ear to ear? That's what I am doing right now! So incredibly happy for you!
  17. Should have said, you may not win every battle :-/, BUT you will win the war!!!! ;D
  18. No, you are NOT a lost cause, just have a stubborn visitor that wants to hand around with you. Get your O2 refilled quickly, as today and tomorrow should be "slapback" days. I had a similar experience when I first busted. It was like having a CH without the pain. All the same areas were "awake" but no pain. I believe you are on the right track, so keep on going down the road. We all have so much admiration for you in your fight.... you will win the war ;D.... but not every battle. :-[ Hang in there!
  19. I would say that is a successful bust, or the start of one. It shows that the "brain circuits" were messed with, and the beast reacts. Hang in there for a few more days without the meds, and try again. Please read the threads and how common what you experienced is, and know that it will get better!!!
  20. My last cycle began March 5th, 5:53pm, but I'm not keeping track. LOL. It was the worst cycle of my life, hands down. :-X Had several 3 hour Kip 7-9, and one K10 for almost 2 hours. Several hits a day, all meds were useless. It lasted more than 8 weeks, and was awful. The cycle before that, was the easiest I have ever had. A few doses of Vitamin M, and only had 3 days of hits. O2 knocked them all out within 15mins. Not sure what to make of it, as the easiest and worst were within a year of each other. I have started a preventative schedule 1 time per month, and hopefully, that will keep it away.
  21. That is a cool pic... where my pain free days came from, those 6 folks. wow. Thanks a million to you 6!!!!
  22. Happy B-Day Purple! Thanks for all your contributions!
  23. Happy Birthday Bob! Hope your day is filled with joy and no pain!
  24. I have always thought the mercury has played a role in CH, not sure its the leading role, but it does have some effect, at least in my mind. My CH didn't start till I had 6 or 8 fillings in a about an 18 month period. The dentist was most likely making extra cash off me, as my family dentist was shocked when I came to see him (in atlanta, was living in wyoming) that I had cavities, much less 8 of them. The neuro link doc said he detected mercury poisoning in me, and said he "fixed" it. Not sure how, but I have yet to have a full blown attack... went through a period of intense shadows and a couple of what felt like CH, but no pain. weird for sure. I used my Vitamin M to knock those away, but the one CH without pain was really weird. Everything but the pain. Drooping eyelid, running nose, sore neck, etc. everything but the pain. I just think that mercury is a factor. It is in our environment, and one of the most toxic substances to humans, but for some reason, we put it in our mouth to fill holes. It does off gas, so it gets in our system. It is also in a lot of fish we eat, some places its in the air we breath. Maybe, we, who have CH, are more genetically disposed to develop CH after exposure to mercury. And you can get mercury from lots of places, not just dental work. Just thinking out loud again. Need to do more research for sure!
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