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A New Minimally Invasive Technique

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Check out two chronic clusters this year

Laurence Adenan -

Deborah Zale -

Its better for us to treat chronics because when you generate a permanent result in a chronic you know its not just the cycle that ended.

As i've said before... we do fail. This is not a silver bullet. But we do succeed too sometimes. Deb Zale refused to leave till she was better. 52 days...

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ah thanks ,, the videos I have seen (the ones he posted and others) are compelling. I would like to know the percentages of successes vs. failures. and were the failures due to the fact that the subjects didn't stay in south Africa for 52 days like Deborah in the video ? it seems like after so many patients he would know the exact cause of cluster headaches no ???  or do people get cluster headaches for compleately different reasons ?? that doesn't seem likely ??

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it seems like after so many patients he would know the exact cause of cluster headaches no ???  or do people get cluster headaches for compleately different reasons ?? that doesn't seem likely ??

No one knows what causes cluster headaches, that is why it is a ridiculous idea to start the guessing game of "I think I'll interrupt blood flow to cluster headache sufferers brains and see if we can have half of them report back some success (while many others report back HORRIBLE side effects and no help)

The fact that this is Elliott Shevell's son should be repeated again and again.  THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN BE UNBIASED.  This is his son.  Besides the fact that he would naturally want to stand up for his father, he also stands to inherit all the money that you give this mad scientist who calls himself a doctor.

If this was someone who did not have this kind of connection to Scientist Shevell the arguments he makes might hold some water but that is not the case. 

In my opinion this thread would be a lot more helpful if Danny would go away, as he has no way of having an unbiased opinion.


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+++ Ricardo

Many years ago I would have been happy to be a guinea pig for someone cutting and burning stuff on my face and brain.  That was LONG before busting.  Since using both fungus and seeds I'd never go under the knife.

I personally see little reason for anyone to go under the knife, potentially causing serious permanent harm.  When there are natural substances that are helping people get pain free daily :)  From what I've seen on this board many (not all) of those that the fungus, seeds or LSD don't work, just need some coaching on how to improve their response (remove blocking meds, 5 days between doses etc.).

It saddens me every time I read about permanent damage Dr meds, or surgeons have inflicted on people.  From Prednisone destroying joints, to permanent eye damage, to heart damage,  to not being able to move part of one's face, etc etc  etc....  I've not yet to hear of a single bad side effect of the shrooms!  To the contrary, there are so many other positive side effects many have reported.



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J with the busting you now do how many days in a year do you suffer ? Im getting so worried as my sons pattern is now changing as I see on this site it tends to do, and not in a good way. He used to just get 1 or 2 a week for a few weeks.  now they come multiple in a day when he gets them ,, I feel a dark cloud over our heads for the future ? :(

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Short story of how great LSA and Fungus is at stopping CH: 

When my CH started at 18 I had one cycle a year, it was very short and while painful I never had a K10 when I was younger.  Over the years the cycles got more painful and longer.  Eventually going to 2 cycles a year with regular K10's.  Eventually those two cycles extended so long I was likely chronic at that point (only a few weeks between the end of one cycle and the start of the next).

I started dosing with LSA a little over 4 years ago.  After terminating a cycle, I started preventative dosing every 3 months.  I tried extending my preventative doses longer than 3 months.  My CH came back and I was unable to terminate it with LSA, so I changed to fungus.  I took 3 doses 5 days apart and it completely killed my CH.  I changed to preventative dosing every 2 months and stayed 100% painfree for about a year.  For a second (and I add, last) time I tried extending my doses longer than 60 days with fungus.  At the exact 90 day mark my CH came back with a vengeance (one of the worst CH times in my life).  Due to some personal emotional issues going on at the same time as the CH, I was unable to properly dose for several months.  When I was able to dose, I killed the CH with several doses approx 5 days apart.

I went back to my preventative dose schedule every 2 months with fungus and have been 100% completely pain free for the last year and a half.  (never again will I miss my 60 day dose (+ or - 2 weeks), Never.

I am an extreme proponent of preventative dosing.  It's easy, you can plan the dose (even try to make it fun).  Waiting for the CH to come back makes it harder to kill the CH, takes longer, and requires more 'medicine'.  Not to mention IMHO, there's no reason to go through the CH pain of a cycle even starting if preventative dosing does such a great job of staying pain free.


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I'm just curious and thinking out loud here.  But if so little is known about primary headaches in general, who's to say that the slightest variations in ch presentation could make or not make a huge difference to the outcomes of such treatments.

Things that make me go hrmmmmm...

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