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Sun Lamps


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So....I had a strange experience last year that should be recorded.  Strange even for me :)

I had gotten a sun lamp a while back, the kind that you use for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I get a little bit of SAD, but I really wanted to know if it might be able to have any effect on a cluster.

You are supposed to use it 20 minutes a day at a certain distance from yourself.  BUT... you guys know me, I can tend to over do things sometimes, or at the very least I tend to make sure if do something I really friggin do it. 

So I set up the lamp a lot closer than you are supposed to, I took the plastic UV filter off of it and used it while I was doing office work on the computer.  I did this for at least 3 days, maybe 4. Each day I was probably getting 5-6 hours of light from it, I figured if it's going to work for clusters this will be the way to tell--no chance of under doing it.

It did not seem to have much effect on my clusters, but it sure as hell did something.  :)  I got so cracked out it was ridiculous.  I had way to much nervous energy, borderline anxiety (which really says something because anxiety is something I rarely rarely experience) I'm pretty sure I annoyed the hell out of every person I met, almost like I had OD'd on caffeine.  That in itself is good to know, but then at the end of the week I busted.

Holy friggin hallucinations!  For at least 2 hours my trip was as if I had smoked DMT.  seriously.  I was in no way "here"  I was surfing the void and completely out of my gourd.  Mostly I just laid there with a "WTF is going on?!?" in my head.  Colors, shapes, thoughts and the experience itself was completely reminiscent of a heavy DMT trip (but for at least 2 hours, after that it was just a really really strong trip.  Probably lasted in total around 10 hours)

I had heard people say before (but didn't really buy it) that by sitting in the sun and "loading up" on the stuff that your brain needs to have the hallucinatory experience that you can increase the strength of the hallucinogens that we take.  As I said before, I did not believe it but I do now.

This info has 2 sides to it--the first, be careful if you are using sun lamps and taking psychedelics...a 2 hour DMT trip is no joke :) (admittedly I DID take at least 8 grams of mushrooms)

The second, this could possibly make it so that people can load up and take less hallucinogens, saving the precious busting material.  There is always the chance that just because you are tripping harder it does not mean that you will have better luck busting...but I doubt it.  My guess is the harder you trip the better chance you have at resetting the balance in your brain.

Good luck and report back if you try this :)


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I use the Valkee. Ting recommended it a few months ago. It has ear buds so you don't have to look to the side of the light. With Macular Degeneration, I can't use the full spectrum SAD lights.

It has helped with the run down all over feeling. But, I am going to up the time a bit to see if that helps more. Now I know not to go to hours!!!!!  ;D

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the company Philips makes a product called "goLiteBlu", Light Therapy. You can Google, take a look at their website. I got one of these years back, used it until I "blu" it by trying to plug it in using the wrong transformer; now THAT was some SAD because I bought it myself. I was told, then, that it was covered a medical device in Canada, EU. It seemed it regulated melatonin, they have specific prodicols, lots of info. on the website. At the time did not know I was ECH

.Hey, Ricardo,I always appreciate your posts,' cause you seem like a smart guy,make interesting connections, but this stuff w/ the sunlamp, NOT!( Y'all be careful about your eyes, no fun to be 57yrs,

maculardegeneration, cataracts, my experience. Also, I think CH predisposes us to these eye issues because of the contriction/dialation in the smallest blood vessels in the eyes when experiencing an attack. But that's another topic.

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