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Verapamil Treatment & 'Phantom' Clusters...?

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Hi everyone...


I hope everyone is as good as can be!


I've been dealing with CH for around 12-13 years now, normally occurring for me between June and September every years.  For the past 3 years, I have used Verapamil with amazing success, at a super low, consistent dose.  They have ALWAYS worked fine for me, as they did this year but after around 5-6 weeks, I felt a sensation that I haven't felt before.


Imagine a CH but without any sensation of pain (I know it sounds strange!), still with all of the pressure build-up - This is what I am experiencing around twice a day now.  My right eye reddens and waters slightly and my right nasal passage becomes completely blocked, just as they would during an actual CH.  Whilst it's nowhere near anything like a CH, pain-wise, it's strange and uncomfortable!  It is like a 'phantom' CH!?


Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Thanks! :)

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….check that they didn't switch your script to ER....usually don't work....

...and yes, but so rarely it made me laugh when it did....

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I some times wake up before they really hit and I have that funny sensations like I say is this a CH? Or did I have to pee or something. I’ve learned I’m never wrong, if I have a feeling like it’s going to happen it does... so I abort those w oxygen real fast 2-3 min. Stay on for 10min. Have you tried using oxygen on them. I’d try increasing your verapamil dose by 80mg to see if you’re kind of just at a threshold dose and that finishes it off. Otherwise if you were busting I’d say you’re close to beating the beast...

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