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Hi all, I have some great news to report!  I am on my way to being PF and getting my life back thank to so many of you. The vitamin D protocol is doing most of the heavy lifting so to speak. I’m coming off of my best week in over a year but who’s counting. I live in the moment...

I will give a full update ASAP. I am still figuring out the best way to utilize the ketamine. However it is helping a ton as well. I personally have a super high tolerance to most anesthetics. Therefore. My starting concentration although a moderate dose will probably be bumped up a bit after discussing my usage and results w my doc. I promise I will make a more detailed post ASAP. I think ketamine should be a weapon in the arsenal to treat uncontrolled CH. I don’t find it intoxicating unless I take a big dose 20+ sprays...  10 sprays at (50mg/ml or 5% solution) and I start to get some help. As it is a dissociative (I have not dissociated yet...aka k hole). At 4-8 pumps I feel mild distraction from the CH. usually enough to take an edge off. However if I have down time and a bad CH I will go to 10-20pumps. This is not what I recommend for everyone!  If you do try it. Start low and go slow is my advice. Most people do not enjoy being dissociated from what reading I’ve done on recreational use... but for a kip ten I say bring it on. I have only had one Kip 10 since starting it =-). 


BBL with more info.

looking forward to seeing y’all in Dallas. 

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Hot damn Brian!!


When do you arrive in Big D?

I'm leaving okieland early Weds morning for my 88 mile journey to Grapevine....all but the first 5 miles of gravel county road is major freeway and tollway driving and I don't even have to go thru the Metromess to get there!!  Wooo Hoooo!

Almost (but not quite) makes me feel guilty for saying that...lol.....I have two longtime clusterhead friends coming.....Lady A left Scotland for Germany this morning to hook up with Hans and fly on to Dallas.....she's already in the air and they won't get to Big D til early tomorrow!!  Yeah, maybe I do feel a little guity!!

Stopping along the way to pick up a case of Colorado Koolaid longnecks to go with that pizza!!

Safe travels my friend and see ya soon!!


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Well that is good news. I was hoping somebody was going to post a positive result from ketamine. I'm guessing you are using a nasal spray on only the side affected? I am considering get the intravenous infusion. Supposedly they don't want you to drive until the next day after the IV treatment. The theory is that the ketamine causes a "neuroplastic repair" to the brain. Seems there a few ketamine clinics opening up in Colorado with so many many veterans with PTSD being treated with ketamine. 

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