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Red bull, then O2 ???


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So today we FINALLY get my daughter's oxygen hooked up!

Lately, she has been finding that if she stays up all night waiting for the CH beast to appear, she can pretty much abort an attack as soon as it starts with an 8 oz. RedBull.

Since that's often at something like 4 am, she'd like to be able to go to sleep at a more normal time with some confidence that if she wakes up with a more advanced CH she'll be able to knock it back. 

So, my question, finally: Should she slam a RedBull immediately upon waking up and then hit the O2? Is there any danger in that (aside from the one-minute delay in getting to the O2)?  I am SO afraid that for who-knows-what reason the oxygen might not work for her, and then she'll be left with a full-blown 2-or-3-hour thing that the RedBull might have cut back or even stopped.

If you're willing to read farther . . . She had her second RC dose on Monday.  She's definitely not CH-free obviously, but is it possible that her busting is making the attacks more susceptible to things like RedBull and O2?  (In which case, for example, maybe a RedBull will abort or diminish the severity of her attack even if she drinks it after the attack's underway.)  (I'm going to post more, and more questions, about her busting experience later.)

As always, THANK YOU.  Don't know what I -- and we -- would do without you all.

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I try to stay away from the Red Bull at night, but I'm an old guy who just can't sleep well with too much caffeine. Be careful about messing up sleep cycles as much as is possible... can also be a trigger.

The O2 should do the trick alone if at least 15lpm with a good mask. -T

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I'll preface this with the fact I haven't done any of the busting stuff yet, still main stream meds, here to learn more about the busting. 32 year, episodic sufferer, use 02 to abort 95% of my attacks.

I chug a Red Bull in about 20 seconds, then start huffing the 02, when I feel an attack coming on. Energy Drinks have never aborted an attack for me. They will reduce an attack, but I'll still have a 90 minute ride if I only use Red Bull.

I have found chugging the Red Bull as I start the 02 seems to speed the abort time, and more importantly for me, seems to block the come backer attack I'm prone to within 10-20 minutes after shutting down the 02.

Sadly, the only way to know for sure is trial and error. Good luck.


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Hi CHFather.

The busting will change her head attack pattern. That is usually the first sign that it's working for her. Once the busting has begun the O2 will work much better than before. Since it sounds like she is new to O2 also this may be a mute point. I have never been able to chug a Red Bull so I can't give any advise there.

I never tried the seeds although I have some in the refrigerator.

I started busting with mushrooms in April 2010 after having tried literally everything but deep brain stimulation.

From what I understand all of the busting methods should work for everyone to some degree...more for some than others it seems. The consensus is that LSD is the most potent and therefor the most effective. Mushrooms next and seeds next.

My sweet wife hooked me up with the seeds and mushrooms. If she would have been able to find LSD I am sure she would have acquired that for me too. ( I think she loves me ) :D

Times were desperate around here. I had just failed miserably on the ONS trial and ... times were desperate.

By the time she ordered and received the seeds she had also met a friend here and got me some magic mushrooms magically.

I took them as directed...day one, five days, seven days...

I was pain free soon after I began dosing. First the patterns changed. I had had an attack every morning at 1:30 for years. I have been chronic since these things started for me in 03. My headaches began to hit me each morning at 6:30. It still hurt bad but I knew I was on to something big.

They have changed my life...given me my life back...saved my life.

Nothing is as bad or as painful as what your daughter is experiencing. Try the mushrooms if you don't see good results from the seeds.

Wishing the best for her and everyone else with clusters.


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Thanks, as always, to you all.

Takinit, I'm an old guy, too, and a sip of caffeine in the morning will keep me up all night, but actually, with my daughter, she falls asleep right after the RedBull/aborted attack! I suspect that's from being so wired while she waits for the demon to arrive, and so relieved when it's gone.

(I've posted more about her at the "Share Your Busting Stories" forum.)

Blessings to all,


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Ive been detoxing for two days now,my first time,so I can try RC seeds,Chronic sufferer of 5 years,I am currently on the verap 720 mgs and suma shots. Never tried red bulls,got a few yesterday to start detox and no attacks yet, just shadows.Cant afford O2 yet and  Red bulls seem to be working a bit for me. Was scared of detoxing,not so much anymore.

Thank You Red Bull

One Love

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For my "Good Morning!" hit, I use the huff/chug/huff/chug method.  Frantically sucking down as much O2 and Rock Star asap.

The welder's O2 and regulator works well.  I had to buy the tanks (filled) for $153.00, and refills are $29.00. (Another tank?  Yea, big project, big project). These are fairly small tanks that are easier to transport.  It's quite satisfying to "stick it to the man" and bypass the MD/Insurance/Big Pharma conglomerate.  No more Zomig for me! ;)


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"I have found chugging the Red Bull as I start the 02 seems to speed the abort time, and more importantly for me, seems to block the come backer attack I'm prone to within 10-20 minutes after shutting down the 02."

Joe's experience with this is very illustrative:

The caffeine stays at active levels far longer than the Oxygen and will inhibit the rebound when the O2 vasoconstriction wears off.

What I have learned about aborting is that it is like pushing a pendulum: It will always swing just as far in both directions. The body will always try to balance and regain equilibrium, always. That is rebound. Cells and tissues learn, and responses become oversensitive, almost 'allergic'.Aborting becomes an art form where you want to do just enough, and no more than necessary because of the inevitable consequences. And that is ridiculously hard because I know when it starts you don't want to hit it with a rock you want to hit it with a frigging building.

Look for abortive techniques that have NO metabolic price tag attached: breathing techniques, accupressure, cold packs, etc.. The payoff in reducing rebound hits (and I'd be willing to bet lots of us aren't even aware how many hits are rebound hits of one kind or another) is itself worth all this effort.

Oxygen, as a therapy, probably induces fewer rebounds than most things because you can regulate precisely how much you need to abort and the effects dissipate almost as quickly as you remove the mask.

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So sorry your daughter has clusters.

I keep a sugar free can of red bull next to my bed, when i wake with the slighted twinge i neck the whole tin and then get on the O2, I am so exhusted after an attack i go right back to sleep (hence the sugar free so i do not have to worry about the sugar on my teeth!)  in 16 years I have found this the best combo.

good luck

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I must be the exception, but Red Bull seems to bring on a headache if I am in a cluster

In some cases caffeine does in fact bring on clusters and it is responsible for rebound migraines too. I can not eat pork, spicey foods, or pickled foods anymore. NO red wine or alcohol and several other things that trigger attacks. I have to wear the darkest sunglasses I can find just to go outside because the brightness of the sun will bring one on too. There are different triggers for each individual.

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