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Slap back vs Vitamin D

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So I have a strange question, we can only make guesses about our own headaches vs one another. So I have started the vitamin D3 regimen mostly, I am missing a couple vitamins. When this cycle started the first headache I had I used some MM, overall the headache was mild and I dont remember if it stopped before the MM kicked in. After that day, for the next two weeks, all my headaches were mild, I was able to drive and focus in class, no one even knew anything was wrong. This past Monday I had a 6/10 I was on the floor, I was very upset I was thinking maybe the vitamin D3 had been keeping them so mild, although I know its not a silver bullet. That night I dosed again on MM, expecting to have 24 hours relief I had two headaches both 5+/10, this felt more like a slap back, I say this because I never encountered a slap back until last cycle and the pain/frequency had never been as bad as it was last cycle. I was also under an unusually high amount of stress for myself and a person in general (house burned down, senior year of college, two robberies at my house, gf and mom in bad car accident, all at the same time) so I think this might have also contributed to it.

My question is, do you guys think the vitamin regimen wouldnt have any affect in reducing the slap backs? 

I do have to also mention that I am over 24 hrs headache free, I was recently about to have one but I went for a brisk walk and had a bang energy drink, I dont know if this stopped it but it stopped. 

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I’d say this - sometimes attacks are going to come, and you’re not going to be able to rationalize it, to pinpoint some reason for it. Why do we have CH in general? I don’t know. Why did that particular attack occur? I don’t know. 

You should probably do the busting regimen (dose every five days) until you’re pain free. Otherwise, it’s a lot of guess work. 

I’ve never heard of D3 regimen making attacks worse or anything like that at all. 

Good luck to you! Hope you get lots and lots of relief very soon. 

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Yea I am busting every 4-5 days (schedule is making every 5 days difficult). It's not so much I thought the D3 made them worst I was just wondering if the relief I was getting from the D3 was undone by the slap back from busting, but it is probably an answer that I will never know.

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I would not suspect the D3 Regimen was upset by a slapback. 

While it might not kill this cycle, the regimen will make hits lighter, easier, and slower to ramp up. It could very possibly prevent the next cycle though if your D3 levels are in the upper range needed.


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You have a lot of parallel processes going on at the same time.  You will often get some bad slapbacks with mm.  That seems a common theme when used during cycle.  Your description would suggest the D3 is actually tempering them.  Baseline life stress may actually lessen attacks if your adrenaline levels are elevated.  It’s different for everyone.  

the advice to be on a disciplined dose regimen is good.

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3 hours ago, Pebblesthecorgi said:

Baseline life stress may actually lessen attacks

I'm pretty convinced this applies to me. The more I'm working out my brain either with stress or taxing work, the less likely it seems I am to have attacks.

In fact I think my cycle started in January partly due to me having wound down over the Xmas break after an intense amount of hard work prior to the holiday period.

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I know that when I get a shock, then an attack disappears within less seconds!


I noticed during the driving, I had to slow down.

It was so shocked that I was bright awake as hunted.

Pain were up to the moment at 5/10 and ascending ..

I wanted to use the car the next possibility.

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