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Vitamin D Regimen and Calcium Levels


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I started Vitamin D regime 10 days back. My baseline Vit D level was 19. 

I did 140,000 IU ( Two 50K capsules + Micro D3 0.5cc ) for 7 days and got my testing done again.

My numbers after loading dose are:

Vitamin D : 86 ng/ml

Calcium: 11.6 mg/dl

So Vitamin D has definitely moved in right direction, however calcium seems higher ( don't have baseline for that ).

My headaches have not improved yet and based on my reading it seems I may need to go to may be 100+ level to see relief.

But since calcium level is on high side, what would be a good course of action ? Continue Vitamin D and just stop extra calcium supplement ? Or discontinue Vit D till Calcium level falls ?

Any opinion/advice be great as I really was hoping this to work for me :)



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@adhura, I'm sure Batch will be along shortly but in the interim, are you including all of the co factors in the D3 regimen??  I know that the K2 is extremely important and although I'm not certain. I think it has something to do with the calcium levels....I know I've seen comments over the years about the k2 preventing the regimen from causing kidney stones.

Dallas Denny 

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On another note, how often should we be doing blood panels during the regimen?  Obviously baseline and then like 30 days in.  But what about after that?  It would be a struggle for my insurance to grant me too many I think.  I can order the at home 25 OH D for about 50 bucks but that won't include calcium levels which is obviously a really important one.  If I'm doing this year round, what is reasonable?  


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I do annual blood work, but I have been on the D3 for many years now. Most likely if you do a repeat at 30 days, the numbers will be pretty steady by then. If you can, check your levels again at 6 months. If not all of them, then at least the D3. I was fortunate to find the correct dose for me pretty quickly. 

You can pm Batch too! :)

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Hey Bohm,

Spiny is spot on.  Once you've reached a stable vitamin D3 dose and responding 25(OH)D3 concentration that keeps you CH pain free, annual labs for 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH are adequate.

Regarding labs for calcium and PTH after a loading schedule or change in maintenance dose, all your doctor needs to do is annotate the lab order for serum calcium and PTH with the following: "Hypervitaminosis D" and "Possible Hypercalcemia" as the rationale  for these two labs.  Medical insurance companies would sooner cover the cost of these labs than take a hit with a law suit for failing to respond to a physician's lab order.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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