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Music for CH folks. What ya got?


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Last set and I have required reading

This Psychedelic Furs song has helped me overcome some dark places. I was never much for Corporate radio, American. Most of the stuff that influenced me came from across the pond. The American stuff not played was great. Country music, to some extent, was a different story. Anyway, I will just post.



Ian Curtis was way ahead of the curve, effing genius.


Can't forget Morrisey 


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I love the prior posts, and I will be nailed, as I have been up all night (not good). Sleep disruptions cause massive attacks. 

I'm not certain of how long your battles began, but for each of us, it is a lifelong journey. Mine began a decade ago, and I managed to go from intractable to episodic through extensive research and experimentation.

Sleep disruption, Circadian Rythm, go hand-in-hand with CH. If you have affective disorders, it is a double whammy. Then add a personality disorder and you get hit again.

Although our healthcare systems are different, neither deliver promising results. I do have some understanding as my sister married a Brit. I'm trying to prevent from incriminating myself.

Good luck, don't become frustrated, a door always opens when one closes, and I think you have some access to vitamins and supplements across the pond. Your regulatory bodies are much more restrictive. For example, Hypericum is a drug in the UK, but an herb in the US. 

I'm not able to “react” but am listening to all. I don't know if you liked Enino maricon  but I posted a famous composition of his.

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