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Music for CH folks. What ya got?


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Everyone thinks Skynard, they ain't been exposed. Anyway, if this doesn't get you feeling great...


Blackfoot Highway Song



Allman Brothers Band


Whiskey bottles and brand news cars... an oak tree in my way (been there)


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Knowing family and friends that are crop farmers, it's a tough gig, equipment is often 30+ years old, massive debts, hard to get by. My dairy and chicken farmers aren't fairing any better. Mellencamp sang this in the 80s, now much worse. They have social workers in the midwest that travel farm to farm trying to assist them out of the darkness. Not any better around here, during the boom/bust past few decades most just sold the land. We got to eat, and not anyone is raising eyebrows to this.

“Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow.” 


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Confederate Railroad, Queen of Memphis “She showed me things I never..out there on the farm” (lol been there). Stars and Bars


Ms. Tucker had the pipes


This world is too PC for another Waylon, and there will never be another outlaw movement like Waylon on vocals, picking/grinning and Moon on pedal and steel. Oh, and one of my theme songs.


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This is somewhat graphic, not a good idea to play around with the offended to my outlaw-minded. Here is something from the modern outlaw movement Tyler Childers, Wheeler Walker, Sturgill Simpson SIT ON MY FACE, again kinda graphic


Wheeler is saving country music from the PC police, Go Big or Go Home


I understand about the PBR, had plenty, here it is Natty Light, how else would I steam crabs? You can't steam crabs in the water. You need Natty Boh or Natty Light. Scuzz kills it


When I heard this 7 years ago, I thought Waylon was resurrected in Sturgill’s body, these boys revived the entire outlaw movement in this song, and they knew it.

Watch their facial expressions in the end, they knew Waylon was smiling down on them. Unlike the Frat Boy/Hussy Sorority Luke Bryan Country and Taylor Swift, this is the real deal. Everyone that follows the real country couldn't talk for days. I'm still impressed. There is still somewhat of an outlaw movement, sadly most went on to bluegrass. I can't describe it, real deal.


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