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Music for CH folks. What ya got?


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1 hour ago, Shaun brearley said:

I'm not country mad but cash is a great 

Most people aren't and I forget that. This entire being involved around people thing is Greek to me. I belong to complex theoretical systems and equipment, not humans. They used to give me a thermos of coffee a few packs of jacks, some uppers, and throw me in a warehouse-size room to build and design control systems (Self-taught by the way). Or, they would have me fix the most complex RTUs or refrigeration systems. Anyway thanks for the heads up. It's a steep learning curve.

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1 hour ago, xBoss said:


This is new to me, and not much gets past me unless it is corporate radio post-2008. The video had me in flashbacks t%#. I don't know about anyone else. I hope it's safe to say that. I'm just being honest.

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@devonrexI will give you the Dan Seals and Cash. Big Wheels in The Moonlight was another good hit, a Texan I believe (at least he was born there). I considered him part of that Country Pop and Country Rock, borderline Urban Cowboy era in Country music; you would probably like Eddie Rabbit and Restless Heart. I'm trying to be respectful here, catchy, but not a great contribution to country music, and certainly not traditional, outlaw, or neo-traditional. 

Eddie Rabbit Step by Step


Restless Heart Big Dreams in a Small Town


Johnny Lee, Could Have Heard a Heartbreak


Highway 101,  The Bed You Made For Me (They won a ton of awards and dropped off the face of the earth)



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More Countrypolitan, well this was contemporary country music, the early 90s the beginning of the demise of all country music, Garth Brooks and Allan Jackson is to blame for that.

Anyway, I still like this video and song b/c if you pay attention it has the early gen/heydey of the bump and run/wide open NASCAR, Davey Allison, Ricky Rudd (taping his eyeballs open) Rusty Wallace, Waltrip, car. And Lori was flipping gorgeous.


More contemporary and a Texan, Clay Walker


Rhett Atkins That Ain't My Truck (I know a lot besides myself who know this all too well). 


Mark Wills Jacobs Ladder


Y’all City Slickers had Britney Spears us country bumpkins crushed on Lilla Mccann. My parents were much too conservative to allow me to watch anything but GAC or CMT


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