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10 years of prevent success :)


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Yeah, sorry about that. As you can see, Tortola is a stones throw from St. Thomas. St. Thomas is very easy to fly into. From there it is a 7 minute cab ride to the ferry dock and then a 45 minute ferry ride to West End Tortola (if you do not stop in St. John on the way). From West End (Sopers Hole) Tortola we normally rent a Jeep and stay up on the North Shore in Cane Garden Bay. Bombas and Little Apple Bay are also north side just over the hill from the Ferry dock.


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Just remember if you go, you will need a passport. Also, Tortola is a no frills kind of island unless you shell out big bucks to stay in Long Bay which is really the only "resort" kind of place to stay. Something tells me us busters are a tough people though and can handle "roughing it" so to speak.

If not comfortable staying in the BVI one can always stay on St. Thomas or St. John and ferry over to Tortola for the day as well.

If anyone would like recommendations on cost / logistics / affordable accommodations feel free to PM.

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Anytime Jan through end of Feb depending on airfare. Been down during the summer as well when I felt it was a good idea to do another prevent.

Funny how clusters has forced me to vacation on a regular bases and budget for this. I imagine without the condition I would never be able to justify doing this annually and would most likely only vacation well ever 5 years or so.

Kind of a blessing in disguise!  ;)

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Hey Jammin!! great to hear from you.

Yes people just to confirm, Jammin here, is one of the original busters and the real deal...

I do think this would be a wonderful destination, meet 'n greet.

I do need to get down there and "officially" crown Bomba as an honorary buster.


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