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Signing off for a bit !!!!

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For this to be occurring at all - let alone after only 2.5 months (??!!) .........seems a real miracle

What an incredible recovery so far, and what a harbinger of future ability to freely move about - she certainly seems to be determined to make it so, and this event looks like a huge one!!!


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Well got a bit of a shock today . Daughter rang from hospital bed to say,she is moving out of hospital tomorrow and moving in to this new rehab centre that has just opened up . Charity run , it's amazing place like a 4star hotel . Could be there up to 3 months , but she is determined to be out within a month . So just 1 more big step and we get are daughter home . :wub:

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I have no funnies for this, but dang, you have to be a very proud Papa!!! :wub:

Your daughter has the strength of her father. Perfect.

All the best to you and her!! She is amazing. I know her youngun is excited too!!! 

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Well, I could have gone with: Amazing, incredible, super-human young Lady!!!! 

Is that better? I did not mean to imply anything other than a most positive statement. You, my friend, are no damn slouch in the 'strong' arena. Hang on to that. 


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Last I checked, I was allowed to have as many reactions in a day as I pleased... What is the reason behind "running out of reactions" anyhow?:rolleyes: Well I'm reacting anyway gosh darn it. Jon I bestow upon your last post a  HAHA!


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