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Great News Gang!!!


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You see those nice Medical O2 tanks on my deck?  


Yes. I saw my Neuro last week and requested a script for O2. He gladly obliged and WE filled out a form. Our local O2 carrier is Lincare. The form has a bunch of questions unrelated to Clusters, so we left those blank. There were a lot of blanks! :P

It stated ' minimum of 15LPM with a non-rebreather mask for 15 minutes, as needed for Cluster Headache'.

My delivery came in 24 hours!! They will bring however much I require every week. 'How long does one tank last for you? How many next week?'

So, should you need it and you are on Medicare, you can now receive it!! I am in heaven. Also in cycle, but this project makes it SOOOO worth the pain. I am delighted to have this cycle and uncover this stupid mystery we have been wondering about.

Thanks to all of those who were able to attend 'Headache on the Hill'!!! WE WON!! 

Ok, time for a massive HAPPY DANCE. :D

Yes, I will Pin this!


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...and my favorite m-60's too!!.....yee-haw!!! this makes my day for YOU!!. i used Lincare starting in '85....were always completely reliable once i got to know shop manager.

...these forms you speak of....Lincare, Medicare, or Medicare Advantage generated. never had to do any "special" forms for any care so that's a puzzler...

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Today, there is a form for EVERYTHING!! 'You want to take a Tums after dinner? Let me fill out that form for you!' It is truly insane. But, I am thrilled with the results. 

All the times that I had to go to the welding supply store and get O2, following all the rules regarding transporting, plus pay for it? They are now History. :) 

Oh and medical are much lighter too! ;) Aluminium!! 

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Nope Jon, the docs' office had the form. On the PC. Fill it out and hit send. It was a standard form from what I saw, but he had never filled out one for a CHer before. So I 'm going to say easy, very easy. 

I was shocked by the Lincare person I spoke to initially: 'Cluster's? Oh that sucks!!' So, he had some idea. 

My PCP followed up since my Neuro was on vacation. She is an FNP, read the information sent by the Neuro's office and got the job done overnight! I was very surprised. She had them on the phone to me the day I saw her and then they showed the next day. 

Miracles do happen!! <3


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1 hour ago, TorontoCanada said:

Hey y'all - this seems like great news! 

Does anyone know if this would apply in Canada too? Not sure I fully understand what changed to allow you to get it for free in US?


I think it's just free to spiny, because it is covered by Medicare insurance.

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On 8/23/2022 at 4:18 PM, spiny said:

Toronto, this refers to us oldies on Medicare in the States. It is a battle that has been fought for years, with CB members going to Congress and meeting legislators to get it covered for us. Finally, success!

My first neurologist appointment was yesterday, and he said oxygen was difficult to get through insurance, yet he knew I was on Medicare.

I got better care from a friend who without asking him did research on cluster headaches and gave me something that knocked it out in a week's time! I hope I am not speaking prematurely but I'll know for sure in the next few days when I stop taking it.

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