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  1. Check out the Research & News posts and the Clustrbuster Files and you'll find out all you need to know ;-) bobw
  2. The conference was quite an experience. 1200 people actually showed up along with a gaggle of news crews. Presentations going on in 3 locations to get through everything. This conference was an important step in reaching Clusterbuster's goals and has helped move our work forward. 2 CNN video segments, The Lancet, Nature Magazine, The Associated Press,WIRED, Yahoo News and dozens of other articles and reports stirred up by the conference so far: http://teleomorph.com/2010/04/22/psychedelic-science-in-the-media/ With everything going on, it was tough getting a mention in the articl
  3. I wish Tom Baker hadn't regenerated. He was my favorite and I was quite happy with Romana and K9. Bob
  4. Psiloscribe


    Spring is in the air. (Especially here in San Jose!! lol) The board may be a bit quiet but there are some great things happening in the background. be well everyone, Bob
  5. In case anyone is thinking of attending, you better get registered if you haven't yet. There are already 750 attendees signed up and only room for another 100. its filling up fast. Bobw
  6. For those of you that would like a reason to pick up a copy of the April Playboy, plus actually read an article......here's your chance ;-) A good article on psychedelics and medicinal uses, including a mention on our cluster headache treatments.... http://www.maps.org/media/playboy_the_psychedelic_renaissance_CT_0.pdf Rick Doblin is a good friend of cluster headache sufferers and has helped us a great deal in making progress in our research. Bobw
  7. No one is questioning your plight or sincerity. Until we have a better idea of what is causing the headaches and the correct medical diagnosis, as well as what has been tried, any direct advice would just be guesses. Not a good thing when dealing with such serious issues. Let me try to ask a few questions that will help all of us. 1. What "major" medications have been tried and were they completely useless or did they offer some relief? Prednisone? Imitrex? (or other triptans) Lithium? Depakote? Verapamil (if so what dose was the highest?) others? 2, Are the headaches constan
  8. For anyone who might be interested, it can be as anonymous as you like. Bob
  9. They are similar like grape juice and wine. Sansert is taken every day for 6 months and then taking a break, and can lead to some serious side effects. Bromo-lsd is being tested as a treatment used three times, and done. Sort of like driving non-stop, every day for 6 months, without a seatbelt vs. driving 3 times with a seatbelt each time. Bobw
  10. Hi Tom, Good to see you here but sorry to hear the spring cycle is back. Keep us posted on how the treatments and cycle are going...going....gone! Bob
  11. http://www.igive.com/welcome/warmwelcome.cfm?c=48727 An account is established for Clusterbusters at iGive. If you're doing any online Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday etc, shopping, please take a look at this. You can help support Clusterbusters while you're shopping. You can use it while booking travel and lodging also. http://www.iGive.com/Clusterbusters'>http://www.iGive.com/Clusterbusters Details: A cool way to raise money, every time you shop online or search the web, and you should check it out: http://www.iGive.com & http://www.iSearchiGive.com I'm using iGive.com
  12. If you're an Ebay seller, it's easy (and FUN TOO!!! ) to donate a portion of your sales to Clusterbusters. You determine the percentage of sales to be donated on each item. Clusterbusters is a certified non-profit with Ebay http://www.missionfish.org/ Mission Fish supplies all the necessary tax donation receipts. A couple of our members are already using this method. Thanks, Bobw an equal opportunity provider of donation alternatives ;-)
  13. There is nothing illegal in shipping or ordering spores in 47 states. New York is one of the 47. I believe the three states that do not allow spores are California, Georgia and idaho. Someone may want to confirm those three or correct them. I do know for sure that its perfectly legal to order and have them shipped to New York. The sites that sell them will normally tell you whether or not they can send them to you. They don't want any trouble either. Bob
  14. It's not available in the USA and being pretty obscure, I doubt anyone has tried it for clusters. I've never even heard of it being used for migraines. I wouldn't be too surprised to hear that it has some level of success though. Bob
  15. Hey Flash! Good to hear from you. Glad to hear things are good with you now. Hope you can hang around with some old and new friends, Bobw
  16. Just thought this would be a good place to file this info. LSD studies involving children. Autistic Schizophrenic Children. An Experiment in the Use of D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) http://www.neurodiversity.com/library_freedman_1962.html Archives of General Psychiatry, 1962; 6 (203-213) A.M. Freedman et al Beckley Foundation http://www.beckleyfoundation.org/bib/sys/bib.pl?face=simple Archive of information on the use of psychoactive drugs. Children's Reactions to Psychotomimetic Drugs http://www.neurodiversity.com/library_bender_1970.html Psychotomimetic Drugs, 1
  17. http://www.maps.org/conference/ Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century April 15-18, 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area An International Conference Offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits. Open to Physicians, Other Therapeutic and Medical Professionals, and the General Public Psychedelic Science will bring together international experts to present on psychedelic research and psychedelic psychotherapy topics for the largest conference dedicated solely to psychedelics in the U.S. in 17 years. There will be three full days of programming with concurrent tracks exp
  18. A nice site listing many articles on the use of psychedelics and related research. Documents for Serious Psychonauts http://www.psychonautdocs.com/ Bobw
  19. Same to you and Jody, Donnie. Thats the kind of news that is always our best Christmas presents around here. Happy New Year, Bob
  20. Psiloscribe


    Hi John, Welcome. I have a feeling that the shadows your experiencing on the opposite side of the clusters are actually a form of rebound headache caused by using the triptans. Treximet is just Imitrex with some Aleve added. (which you may already know) so, you're taking quite a bit of that also. I think its important to do what you are and try to get the 02 setup. Its very important. Overwhelming odds of it helping a great deal and allowing you to cut down on the trex. Just be sure to get the right set up. 15 LPM or higher and a good non-re-breather mask. There are specific cluster mas
  21. This just in from IGive...... Please pass the word if you can. We know that many causes have had a hard year, so we'd like to try something new to help Clusterbusters, Inc. that requires your participation, but is free and definitely easy. iGive.com is going to attempt to donate $5,000 in just 24 hours to Clusterbusters, Inc. and other causes. For each person who joins iGive using the special link below and does just one web search on our site between now and noon Thursday, we'll give Clusterbusters, Inc. a dollar. 5,000 new members, $5,000. No purchase necessary. Of
  22. Well, in research and pharmaceuticals, everything is counted in years. I'm actually glad they put it the way they did. Everyone should know that without pressure from the cluster community and doctors trying to treat them, it will take years. People need to know that we can't just sit back and let it happen and the more we push, the faster it will happen. There are some ways of speeding things up but no one is going to make it easy. Hopefully we'll get some funding and approvals for the next round of studies (soon) and go where ever we need to go to get this on the market. It may be qu
  23. hey Flipper....Welcome to the dark side ;-) Hope you and Phil spend some time here with us. We're like a 16 in search of a 5. Hit me!! Bob
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