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  1. Michael, The best support one can get is support from the people that care about you. I know there are many people that truly care about you here and will support you the best we can. The worst cycle I ever experienced was caused by long term methadone treatments trying to temper an episode. I have a feeling you are were I was years ago. It didn't take too long to get thru the detox but it wasn't pretty. I know you can make it through what it takes. Just like with clusters, you need to make it thru one day at a time, one bad moment at a time. Remembering that it WILL get better and it
  2. Which reminds me of a song...."Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way / The time is gone / The song is over / Thought I'd something more to say".... Good luck with the bust... Give the 02 battle a second thought. Once you win the fight, it may help for years to come. Plus, the more that fight to get it and win, the easier it will be for future combatants... Bob
  3. Clusters were recorded before there was electricity running through wires over our heads and before automobiles were spraying DDT. Before Nintendo and before Jack Daniel decided to put a black label on his moonshine. Bob
  4. Click your heels together,,,,wishes do come true.... Bob
  5. Happy Birthday Denny. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. Bob
  6. Thank you all very much. It means a lot to me. It's been a great day. My daughter Tracy presented me with a new grandson this morning. Connor Robert..... Thank you all again, Bob
  7. Happy Mother's Day ladies!! Bob
  8. I have seen that one and it's very interesting. Bob
  9. Thank you Carolyn, Very thoughtful of you. So, I understand you're coming to Chicago in September? ;D Bob
  10. Thank you for posting your story Alex. E 'stato il mio piacere per aiutare Bob
  11. Just wanted to thank the original donor on this and all the people that pulled it together to match the goal. Very cool and very much appreciated. Thank you all, Bob and the Clusterbuster community.
  12. The feds would fight tooth and nail NOT to allow a post from here to be used as any evidence. Federal law does not allow for people using "why" as any evidence of drug use. A post from here would open the trial to the truth of cluster headaches. If I was on trial, I would fight tooth and nail to get my use of mushrooms as my treatment of choice for my clusters and every bit of scientific evidence of it's effectiveness admitted. IMHO, a trial is not a search for the whole truth. The largest arguments are over how much of each other's truths can be excluded. Bob Bitter? Me?
  13. Great thread. This subject is one of my favorites and I've thought about it quite a bit. At this point, IMHO, Brew has nailed some of the points and that we don't "yet" have any evidence that the psychedelics have much to do with it, but.... Even at lower doses, many people are made aware of things around them that they hadn't noticed before. Mostly due to the pain previous years of prescription drug use. (Most of the prescription drugs we use are at very high doses, close to or above common usages) It doesn't take more than a "small" dose of psilocybin to bring some relief and also so
  14. Thank you very much Mystina. It's not easy watching and it's not easy to put yourself out there, thank you. I will send the links to the people at Natgeo. If you can send me links to the others I would appreciate it. You never know which few seconds they may want. if anyone else wants to film themselves but don't have the equipment, Ben from NatGeo will send you a hand held cam to use. This is an opportunity to let the world know what clusters really are and may stop some of that: "Oh I have those once in a while too!!". Bob
  15. Again this year we will be holding several raffles and a live auction at the September conference in Chicago. As always, we truly appreciate the donation of items from individuals and business, we will ensure your generosity is noted during the conference auction and raffle. All monies raised goes directly to ClusterBuster sponsored research into the treatment of cluster headache. If you would like to help with a donation, we ask that you arrange for shipment to Chicago: ClusterBusters, Inc. P.O. Box 574 Lombard Il. 60148 Please note; If for any reason, you'd rather not use t
  16. Thanks very much to those that have donated to this goal. I know we did this not too long ago (and we did meet that one, thank you all) and it is a strain but when opportunity knocks I try to answer the door. ;-) We have a little way to go on this one. Thanks Bob
  17. Anyone that is interested in being the supporting actor to Dan's lead role, you've got a couple weeks to get me the footage. ;-) Just a few short seconds is all ya need and no casting couch is involved LOL Bob
  18. Great job Dan. Thank you very much! Bob
  19. FYI, people that have chronic clusters do often go through high and low cycles. High cycle, when you're getting slammed on a regular basis and low cycle when you seem to have some good days and some bad days. Bob
  20. An anonymous member has generously made a donation to ClusterBusters with a challenge. They will match all donations up to a total of $1000. Folks, that's up to $2K to help us continue to look for ways to treat cluster headache. We currently have several projects either in progress or we would like to start on, including BOL, treatment/medication survey and others. Yes, these are difficult times for many, so if you can help to match this contribution please do so. The link to PayPal is below, every bit helps. "A drop is the potential for us to do good. After a certain time, the drops f
  21. I've been working with the producers trying to put together a show we can all be proud of and show the cluster story; The next request offers a way for more people to participate and includes people that are not using the "busting" methods as well as those that are. What they would like to do is produce a montage of short clips of people going through a cluster attack on film. Sort of something to show the face(s) of clusters. My guess is that in the end, it wouldn't be more than a few seconds of "face" time for each person. Of course you will be anonymous. The points they hope to illumi
  22. wow, OK, where to start. It's obvious your GP has no idea how devastating and painful clusters can be. The only other option is that she does know, and doesn't care. I hope that wouldn't be the case. If she is the one that diagnosed clusters, I'd be worried. She probably thinks they are migraines that come and go. To make you wait three weeks to start trying to get 02 for you is ridiculous. Topamax is NOT an abortive and is supposed to be taken every day. Doses should be started out low (100mg a day or less. Some people need to start at 25mg a day) and built up to a therapeutic level.
  23. OK, I'm missing something here. The GP agrees that 02 is effective, so WHY didnt you get a script? The Trex is supposed to be enough? Rather than use the 02 while seeing if the topamax will work, you get to try it without having something that does work? You can't abort every attack with Trex and 02 is safer than trex. ...so... WTF? What am I missing? Bob If I'm missing nothing, I wouldn't have left without a script for 02.
  24. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20928025.400-earliest-evidence-for-magic-mushroom-use-in-europe.html EUROPEANS may have used magic mushrooms to liven up religious rituals 6000 years ago. So suggests a cave mural in Spain, which may depict fungi with hallucinogenic properties - the oldest evidence of their use in Europe. The Selva Pascuala mural, in a cave near the town of Villar del Humo, is dominated by a bull. But it is a row of 13 small mushroom-like objects that interests Brian Akers at Pasco-Hernando Community College in New Port Richey, Florida, and Gaston Guzman at the Ecologi
  25. Not a problem CHFather, I knew what you meant. Personally, I think that Clusterbusters is the closest thing to an answer for you. OUCH is also out there Bob
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