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  1. Yes and the best part is that although we could easily get along on our good looks alone, we also have the brains to go along with it. Not to mention our modesty ;-) Bob
  2. Thanks for posting this. Botox has shown some success with migraines and also has helped some people with clusters although its really hit and miss and takes time testing it in different areas of the scalp, face. Dr. Robbins who presented at last years Clusterbuster conference has probably don't the most in the US with testing out Botox for clusters. One more clue to help detail the whole vascular headache mystery. It's also very difficult to get insurance companies to cover it for treating headaches in the US. Bob
  3. Professor Nutt and A. Fielding are aware and interested in our work and the relationship between clusters and the positive effects psilocybin has on them. I think they would be very interested in getting their hands on a cluster subject for their imaging work. Professor NUtt was a top government official on drug laws and was eventually ousted when he took the unpopular/anti-goverment stand that drug laws should be rewritten with penalties based upon actual harm rather than perceived harm. His list had alcohol near the top, LSD near the bottom and psilocybin OFF the list. Hence the reality
  4. We realize that Portland is a long way from home for many of you. We try to move the conference around so everyone can have a chance to have one nearer to their part of the country (USA) One day we hope to be hosting them internationally. We do have many members on the west coast so this one is for YOU. Hopefully many of you can take advantage of this years location. Whether its close by or if its in a part of the country you've wanted to visit. It is a beautiful area with many things to offer. Just think......people will be flying thousands of miles to be there. You might as well hop in the
  5. Psiloscribe


    Between stopping some meds and loading up on others, it's not surprising that you're stuck in a headache rut. Hopefully you did taper off the prednisone, but even tapering off can land you where you are headache-wise. You shouldn't mix imitrex and "sputs" as they both increase serotonin levels so be careful. also, using small doses of any of the psychedelics as "SPUTS" will have an effect on the next full dose and block it at least partially. I know how it is when you want to grab anything available to stop the pain but sometimes less is more. I've had those all day bangers where nothi
  6. The number of people in the study needs to be determined early on before the study is even accepted and approved. A "protocol" is designed and approved by all necessary agencies and review boards (IRBs). The original BOL study was designed for 6 people, all to receive BOL and everyone knew what they were getting. This is called an "open label" study. Once the 6 people got the treatment, the study was closed and results tabulated. The next round(s) should have more people. Some may get a placebo and no one will know what they got until afterwards. Placebo controlled trials are much more
  7. No, it really can't work that way. Although it is a reality that many times, the people with the money get to the head of the line, this isn't fair to everyone nor does it put need first. As wih all studies like this, people will need to complete questionaires to see if they fit certain criteria. At this point, these criteria are unknown and will be set up by the researchers. People will not know if they meet all the criteria and medical guidelines without applying to be included in the study. Bobw
  8. Here is some of what is happening on Bromo-LSD at this time. Reporting on this type of research has to be done carefully and details need to be released at certain times depending on which early stages are complete. That said, the next round in Europe is being planned and worked on now. Study design and approvals are being worked upon. The research investigators have been pulled together. We are excited about some of the people that wanted to get on board with us. We don't have a time table yet but this is moving forward very well. We are also working on a couple different fronts f
  9. Psilocybin and OCD http://www.maps.org/research/psilo/azproto.html http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16304852/ Bobw
  10. The oxygen is very important if you can swing it at all. It's always best to do everything you can to get ready for these treatments to give yourself the best chance. It can change the way you treat your clusters for a very long time. So, its best to take the time to get it right the first time. On another note, I don't know if you've read any of the research on OCD but it could be that you could end up finding an improved treatment for that also. I don't want this to sound like one of those commercials selling the cure all for everything from constipation to male pattern baldness....
  11. Hello friends, Our new Clusterbuster Corporate website is now open for viewing. The site will be the place to go to get the latest on our research and news. The site is still located at the old address; http://www.clusterbusters.com/ A big thank you to Doug, Sherri and Michelle for all the hard work that went into bringing this new site to life. As you may know, most of the old files that contained the information on the different treatments, including the FAQS, can still be found on the Clusterbuster message Board in the "Files" section. http://clusterbusters.clusterheadaches.c
  12. About 10% of people with clusters have some family history of clusters. Compare that to the general population of somewhere around .3 to .5 percent. Looking at it the other way, 9 out of 10 of us are the only member in the family that ever had clusters. So, it seems that if someone in the family has them, it's more likely that they'll show up again than in the general population, but, what part of that may be from genetics and/or environmental factors, who knows. Bobw
  13. The easiest cubensis strains are probably; Equador B+ Hawaiian can grwo pretty large Puerto Rican can produce large numbers but usually smaller They are all very similar in potency. Bobw
  14. 1. we usually suggest starting around 10 just to make sure you dont have any advrse effects from them. A couple people (out of ?hundreds) have had a little difficlt time tolerating largerdoses. There are a few things in there besides LSA (ergot related molecules). That said, 30 has been a good place to start for the vast majority of people. 2. All it takes is a couple ounces of water. Doesn't taste real good so the more water, the more you need to get down. 3. Baggie in the fridge best of luck, Bob
  15. As to what has been mapped in our brains, the only thing so far is that we have a slightly increased hypothalamus mass. Whether that is a result of something else or a primary factor, who knows. As to the question of prior use possibly being a factor, you can cross that one off the list, BA. The vast majority of people trying this treatment had never before used psychedelics. I would venture a guess based upon discussions with hundreds (thousands?) of people with clusters, that the percentage of people that have clusters and had used psychedelics prior to onset, matches the national
  16. Wow,,,,,,,all that comes to mind is....... I dunno.
  17. CArl, You know I couldn't agree more. Bob
  18. If the following link doesn't explain why we need to push for more effective treatments, nothing will. I spoke with Will several times. I wish he'd called me Sunday. I dislike so much about the new direction and focus of conventional medicine being surgery. They tell the patient that "this is your last option, we have nothing else." When that doesn't work, what is a 24 year old kid to think? That he can wait until he's in his 50s and maybe grow out of them? What the medical community had to offer was an occipital nerve stimulator and high doses of oxycontin. As you all know, that regi
  19. Oxygen will be available at the conference. I usually take a small maintenance dose right before flying. never had a problem on a plane since doing that. Bob
  20. I think this is a very good idea. Thanks for bringing it up. I dont know if the Insurance companies here would go for it but your idea of a related association just might fly. With the changing landscape on health care here in the states, its certainly something that common sense says would be a good idea. We will take a look at this. Any and all help on this is appreciated. Bob
  21. I'm very happy to hear you've put the gamma knife on hold. I did the same about 8 years ago when they had only tried it on about 6 people with clusters and I was already scheduled. i decided try mushrooms first and havent looked back since, except to thank my lucky stars. I'm actually pretty upset about the direction of some of the cluster medical community (doctors, researchers) devoting all their resources toward different surgeries. They all continue to show poor results. Two separate 6 person studies on the DBS have each caused the death of someone in the study, yet they continue.
  22. All I can say is Thank you all very much. I do appreciate all the well wishes and kind words. And Fun Guy, there is always Portland to make up for your gluttony. ;-) Thanks again everyone, Bob
  23. Tingeling, No one should ever feel bad about going on and living your life as you see fit. That includes you. That's why I do this. That's why WE do this. So people have the freedom to live their lives. The reason this work moves forward is because everyone plays a role. Although donations and volunteering are necessary and greatly appreciated, it takes so much more. People reporting a lack of success make us work on the research and the details to try and find what will work. People reporting success is the only reward needed to continue and again helps us refine the treatments. N
  24. Hey madman, Good to see you. Seems to be Cluster season. Bobw
  25. Thanks Shocked ;-) Does anyone remember Shock Theatre? Bobw
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