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  1. Not a problem CHFather, I knew what you meant. Personally, I think that Clusterbusters is the closest thing to an answer for you. OUCH is also out there Bob
  2. As FunGuy stated, David is Lee's son. Lee Kudrow did more early cluster research than just about anyone, including the discovery of 02 as a treatment. That was almost as long ago as LSD being outlawed so you can see how long it takes to get cluster treatments recognized. David is one of the best and most experienced cluster docs in the US. Shabooty, I know you're desperate and hurried but its best to take your time to get it right. I know the desperation this pain can bring about but..... You found a great doc so I would try to stay connected and work with him. Even if his med regimen d
  3. This is exactly what brought them to us. Honestly folks, the best story is the truth. The most compelling story is the truth of what we suffer from, who we are, and what we go through. NatGeo interviewed many people looking to put the right "face" on the story. They want to make sure that its CLEAR to viewers, who we are and why we do this. I agree that as with any TV news/documentary show, they will want to tell the most sensational storyline. They know from their first story on this, that the truth gives them that. They want to make sure that no one gets the wrong idea. Bob
  4. Psiloscribe


    In my best Joe Pesci voice What do ya mean, funny? Let me understand this cause, I don't know maybe it's me, I'm a little f**ked up maybe, but I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh... I'm here to f**kin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?
  5. I would have posted this in the fundraising threads but it has a time limint so I thought I'd put it here.... If you haven't checked out IGive, it's not a bad deal. A way for Clusterbusters to raise some funds while you save money shopping online. Doesn't cost a thing and can save you some bucks. In this case, you dont need to do anything but sign up and CB makes some $$ Please pass it along to the other online shoppers you may know. Here's your personalized invitation to help Clusterbusters, Inc. earn oodles of money, free, quick, and easy! It's our 5+5=$10 (Or more!) Special
  6. I just wanted to thank everyone for the great response from people willing to speak with Natgeo. Thanks again, bob
  7. I'm sure you would be just as charming as this young lady http://reason.com/blog/2011/01/05/i-wish-i-could-talk-in-technic Bob Disclaimer: The scene depicts a rather large recreational dose. Not a normal sized dose to treat clusters.
  8. Just so everyone understands, this is an international project. Actually, they like the fact that this is a worldwide story, so.....if you consider people in the USA as foreigners, you are invited to participate Bob
  9. I just wanted to thank the person using this alot for us. Thank you Bob Also a shout out to all you IGive'ers out there ;-)
  10. Thanks to those that have already come forward to participate. I spke witht he producer today and they are very much interested in taking an in depth look at how clusters affect people lives. Please consider getting on the list. They will come to you!! If you'd be willing to be interviewed but aren't sure you have to offer what they are looking for, let them decide. We aren't filming an episode of Glee so you don't have to sing, nor an episode of Dancing With The Stars, so no dancing experience needed. Just be yourself. Bob
  11. There are many reasons that the show centers on LSD. Although history suggests that mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to treat headaches, LSD was discovered while researchers looked for headache treatments. LSD is also currently being looked at as a treatment for other ailments. The fact that it IS harder to find but most likely more effective for clusters is another interesting point to be made. Once this one airs, if the natGeo mailboxes overflow with mushroom stories we may be able to spark some interest in a new documentary. Bob
  12. The National Geographic special that included Cluster headaches and BOL was one of the top 5 NatGeo programs ever watched. Based upon [our] the show's popularity, they have decided to do another special on the medicinal benefits of LSD and BOL. They have contracted the production company that won an Oscar for documentaries, to produce this new documentary. I have been in contact with the producers and Clusterbusters will be working with them on this project. They are now looking for people with clusters to participate and are looking for the following volunteers to be interviewed and f
  13. There are a LOT of people that aren't comfortable posting on message boards at all and come here and to other sites in a desperate search for answers. Using it more like a tip to the library. Seeing a message board as a source of information. Other's like many here, see a good message board as a living, breathing, caring life form. People that have been using message boards for a long time know there are many types and each forms it's own character and personality. If people just stop in for information and don't stay a long enough time to understand what makes the site tick, don't feel
  14. Go Packers. And I'm a BIG Bear fan. That should tell you that are football literate how much I hate the Steelers. Well, not all the Steelers, just that QB of theirs.
  15. Hi Dan and evryone, First off, Dan, I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting. I'll send a PM on that. Secondly, I don't think anyone feels your frustration more than I do. (I know others are equally frustrated but not more so) Clusterbusters has known there are several things out there that can help people and change their lives for the better, for years. We've been here 7 years knowing there are these things and we can't get them to people and can't move the "system" fast enough. A few things that might explain a bit about our situation. None of them being "good" excuses for the time del
  16. It has been a great year for Clusterbusters and this message board as an outlet. When I began Clusterbusters back in Aug of 2002, we began as an invite only group on Yahoo. A place where people could feel free to post about things they may not have wanted on an open forum. We've definitely come to the point where I think most people can now feel comfortable speaking of these things in public. That alone eases the burden on people looking for help. This was my first welcoming post on Yahoo.... Hello fellow clusterheads and keepers of the flame! Welcome and thank you for joining us here
  17. Psiloscribe


    Just a reminder. The hbwr seeds need to be cut or cracked open and just the pulp inside used. The RC seeds can be crushed whole and soaked. Bob
  18. Sounds interesting. It does also come with some strong warnings and isn't something to mess with carelessly. It seems it raises blood pressure, not lowers it. Its effects on serotonin receptors, cortisol levels, mast cells sounds good. The fact that it lowers testosterone is a bit baffling considering recent studies but that doesn't make it a deal breaker. Interesting stuff Bob BTW I also agree that Skullcap works well and can help reduce anxiety. People that have added it to their psilocybin dosing have reported being much more relaxed.
  19. Yes, since we still have a little way to go to match the $1000.00 I will post this on the general board. Thanks very much to those that have already contributed. Bob
  20. Thanks for posting this. There is some good reading there. Bob
  21. If your attacks fit a cluster headache diagnosis, such as same frequency each day, same time, same length of attack, it most assuredly wouldn't be caused by a physiological problem other than a screwed up hypothalamus. Bob
  22. Up to you if you want to remove it. I didnt because I didnt want it percieved to be censoring anything or hiding anything. I decided today that I will write a complete history of all the "facts" as it needs to be done. Especially since I've already had two heart attacks and, well......truth does need to be documented. Bob
  23. No secrecy. This was hashed out years ago. Seems to be being brought up again for some personal agendas. Agendas that certainly do not include helping cluster sufferers or helping move forward on better treatments. Bobb is correct in that Doblin has no horse in this race and has dedicated most of his life to researching compounds to help people. bob
  24. About 10% of people with clusters have nausea and/or light sensitivity. Its one of those things that complicates diagnosis and why many of those 10% get a migraine diagnosis early on in the process. When she sees the Neuro on Monday, I would get out the other symptoms before the nausea and light sensitivity so the doc doesn't immediately zero in on migraines and not even hear the cluster symptoms. Bob
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