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  1. For me if I am going to bust then I am going to bust - minimum for me is 2.5 to 3 grams every 3 months. I also make sure I do it on a semi-empty stomach.
  2. I had a heck of a time busting my first cycle with shrooms - I was in the middle of a cycle - it took 3 weeks of doing them and the final dose was close to 3 grams....it worked finally. hopefully you can find more.
  3. as a sufferer trust him when he says for you to go and enjoy yourself, do not feel guilty - we do understand the need for our caregiver to have a break. out of curiosity yo say if he should get slapbacks - does he currently bust?
  4. You sound an awful lot like my wife did before i started busting. She was like this for years.
  5. I dont mess with facebook and clusters either, one reason is i find i dont like sharing with people i know and i dont go there al that often anyway. To me facebook will be the next myspace, something new will come along and it will end up like they did sooner or later. Not to mention the people that are close to me already know about this damned disease and i dont like to discuss it with my name out there - you know what i mean?
  6. Just curious if the only way you have been busting is with seeds? I dont me to sound like an a$$ but why havent you tried a shroom trip... Maybe you have ? I had the experience you are talking about as well.... One night of shrooms and boom they are gone!!! well i have to do maintenance doses but i dont get them anymore - when i feel them coming on i put a cap under my tongue - if they start to shadow more i just trip that day and they stay away.
  7. Sometimes buying pre made syringes are the best way to go for newbies...They are cheap at around 10 bucks a pop. This helps until you get the hang of it better. The last thing you want is to be caught with your pants down and not have your medicine. But this is what I do - I save old syringes - then I boil water and suck it into the syringe - I do this about 10 times . Then when ready I will take the spores and sterilize a shot glass first then take boiling water and add it to the shot glass and cover it up with sryan wrap. I let it cool for a while , then I take the sryan wrap off and drop spores in it. The I still have a little water in the sryinge and suck the spores in it from the shot glass. This has worked for me a few times. A few times it was also a fail. There are some good teks on it over at mycotopia website. Hope this helps a little....
  8. I hear that 9 months - I couldnt believe it honestly. I thought to myself who is this calling me because I had forgotten they were going to get me in soon. lol.......It always amazed me that after I would finally get in - then the fight with the insurance company would start- the battle of should we approve him for this much trex - or why would we give him stadol etc.... now a days i take zilch and the other day I came across a full bottle of verapamil, a couple of trex shot kits and a full bottle of indomethacine. When I got all of those the last cycle I had had enough and was still in pain, i was lucky enough to acquire some shrooms and came here and read up on it, then took them and had a very wonderful time feeling it drain out of my head and down my neck, after it wore off though I think back to this day and realize I had the worst one ever - the ole mighty snapback... but it wasnt anything red bulls couldnt deal with.
  9. I have been doing PF Tek.... I tried other methods but it wasnt really working for me. I had issues with PF tek at first because of the shotgun terrarium style with all of the holes. I live in a dry climate so i had to not have any holes in my setup at all. then all of a sudden boom.
  10. What strain and how r u trying to grow? what kind of climate do you live in - dry - humid ?
  11. Hey Spiny, The blood type diet kicks butt- i have to say I was leery about it at first. I am B- and after reading the book on it and changing things up - no more reflux or heartburn in a long time. I take zero medication now ! Go to google and type in Dr. D`adamo to see more about him. or go to his website http://www.dadamo.com - really i cant say how much this really helps with everything. I actually have lost weight doing it. the only thing is - you go grocery shopping more often. Everything you eat is fresh and no chemicals in it. Try it out - if you need help let me know.
  12. P.S. .... I wanted to tell you al one more thing. I also started to see a Doctor that is a ND. I started doing the blood type diet about a month ago and also a detox - feel so much better now- the detox feels like it got rid of some of the residual crap left over from years of the RX's I was on....I even exercise now .
  13. Just finished reading the rest of your posts, my bad, it keeps me up all night and as soon as the numbness in my face goes away I can then go to sleep.
  14. You will find it very hard to fall asleep while busting with fungi.... when i start to drift off i get woken up by it, close your eyes throw on some headphones and enjoy the journey .... just dont keep plating the same song over and over again lol...
  15. Hi everyone, I wanted to drop by and say hello and try to not be such a stranger as much.It has been a while and life has been good. Dan - thank you again... Everyone else - thanks for all the information I found here and the strong community support from all of you. I appreciate this place so much! CH Father - your the bomb as well. Anyway - I have been mastering techniques and have a good stash of medicine now. It was difficult at first as where I live it is so darn dry. Now I have everything dialed in. Neuro called and said they can get me in next month - here we are almost 9 months later lol..I told them I no longer needed them and they asked why - I was honest and they said that what I was doing was against the law, I reminded them that technically so is suicide in my state. You all gave me my life back, suffered for 20 years. Had an awesome 40 bday this past october and celebrated in maui, while there wife and i went on some hikes - they have some awesome looking fungi growing there lol. I have been filing out all the surveys coming my way as well. I hope to one day meet all of you!..... I hope to help others as well - and actually I already have - a girl that is 16 with has a very unusual type of migraines that have kept here out of school for more than a year, she is back in school now and hasnt had one migraine in 5 months. I dont want to toot my own horn but like i said i have been mastering the techniques of a garden. If anyone needs good advice please let me know. To all of you - Have pain free days and I think about all of you all of the time....now that I have my life back I get so damn busy at work and the days fly by. Spiny - thats for your advice and being an ear back in my dark days.... PF Days to all Domino!
  16. Hi - I know how painful this can be and how intrusive it can be on your life especially at work. Stay here though you found a good home. I was in his place and came here, I screwed up the first time I tried busting.. I didnt fully detox. Once I detoxed for an entire week I was able to bust really good. The only thing and I mean the only thing I took for them were hot baths followed by freezing cold showers and red bulls like crazy plus tons of water, like 2 gallons a day. The I said screw what do I have to lose and consumed over 3 grams dry and while sitting there I could literally feel it drain out of my head. The next day was hell though as I had a horrific slap-back. I was scared it didnt work so I immediately came here to ask what was going on. (if only I would have read everything first...dummy me), Dan and everyone explained what was going on, 4 days later I busted again with 2.5 grams - I think as long as I see kaleidoscopes on the walls I know it is going to work for me. Here I am over 6 months later and have finally figured out when I need to maintenance dose. I started another cycle last week - well the beginning of one, and as soon as the signs started to appear, I dosed pretty good. No slap-back but you sure do feel hungover the next day. Today to be on the safe side I am busting again with a few grams to be sure the demon is gone as I did have what I thought was a slight shadowing today. Maybe this sounds dumb but I no longer have O2 - but I do have a fungi garden lol. I always keep a few red bulls on hand as well just in case. I pray for you guys.... Please let me know if I can help. Tony....
  17. domino


    been a while since i was last on and have been thinking about you. So glad to hear of your results.
  18. So ... Like Hipshot and the rest . i just wanted to have anormal life again as well and when you are out at dinner or something and you are tired of always being the designated driver it kind of sucks. by no means do i drink - because of ch it is very rare that i do - i am always worried about the beast hitting me .
  19. I personally waited several months before i had my first beer after busting. I wanted to make absolute sure they were gone and i was out of the woods. You willknow if it worked for sure after a sip....
  20. Lol.... I had no clue he was a carpenter. Lol
  21. I have had issue with the drinks - so i have to buy them in the secure area of the airport once i get passed the screeners. If possible the colder the better. Just remember to slam them, I usually will slam 2 big red bulls that are chilled almost to the point where they are icy like. I don't think the trex will be an issue, what do diabetics do? they have to take their stuff with them too. I haven't had an issue with taking them on a flight but i usually pack them in checked luggage and pray for the best lol....but i always make sure i have a few red bulls on hand.
  22. Everything that Jeff Says !!!!!!! Busting by far is the best way in my opinion. It is the fastest and easiest way to live pain free. The getting the busting supplies is where most people have the most difficulty. Read the files on here and watch the grow videos. It is never too late to start a grow and you can have all the meds you will need for a while if you do things right. But better to start off and take your time as there is a lot for you to learn with this technique.
  23. domino


    What Spiny said > fingers are crossed.
  24. Go to the files, read and watch videos, then start your own mushroom grow, simple, cheap, and easy and the medication will be there when you need it the most. There are a lot of places and good advice out there for getting this going for you. You could have fresh medication in a matter of a few months and then stockpile for when you really need it the most. This is what I am now doing for myself. I actually have to dose this week and have just harvested enough for that. You should try it, i never thought i would do something like this ever but here i am at 40 years old telling others to trip and grow shrooms, i guess it is because i know and you know too what real pain can feel like.
  25. Not to be rude or anything of the such, but you did say that they removed all of your previous attempts to explain how to cure cluster headaches? Can you elaborate on how you (or Blake) were finally able to cure them? There are a lot of us on here that would love nothing more than to have a final outcome to put this out of our lives for good. Are you also saying that we are chosen to have this illness by the illumentati? I have always been fascinated with why and how come we have this damn disorder.
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