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  1. Kyle: As the 'beer judge', I don't know how this escaped you!
  2. Evo, For some of us, beer is a BIG trigger. Two sips gave me my first K9-10 about 8-9 years ago. A beer will still signal a new cycle for me. Passing the Beer Test, for me, means drinking a beer about 5-7 days after I think the current cycle has ended. If the dragon stays put, I PASSED the BEER TEST! If the cycle is not over, I will get hit before the bottle is half empty. > I use the 'Beer Test' because beer, one of my favorite beverages, is a sure fire determination of the cycle end. Hope this helps!! spiny who passed the Beer Test today :D :D Of course she was cautio
  3. I don't know if this would work where you reside, but many over here use welders O2. You can get a proper non-rebreather mask at the sister site for about $25.00 plus shipping. Someone will post more on that most likely. The other 'nicety' is a regulator so you can dial 15LPM or more as needed. However, you can still run without the LPM regulator or mask. For quite a while, I used my regular welding set-up. Just turned on the O2 and added a wet washcloth over the welding tip. It helped to reduce the dryness of the O2 and I felt safer blocking off the tip and any residue left on it. My h
  4. Morning Evo, Good for you and the O2 It will be your best friend sometimes. I just went through a whole days mess with eyes two weeks ago. : Ptosis and miosis occur during an attack and usually disappear when the hit is over. But, ptosis can become permanent. It means that your eyelid droops as I am sure that you know by now. The miosis is a failure of the pupil to dilate and contract at the same rate as the un-affected eye. You would probably still be able to see this in low light after an attack is over. Use low light and a mirror. Cover your eyes loosely without touching the lids wh
  5. Evo, "He awakens like thunder....." I love that verse. Sooooo true! Pixie is right. I have stopped calling them headaches because that puts a verbal limit on someones understanding the condition. Course, you could take two wires, attach a clip on the end of each. Strip a bit off the other end of each, stick one into each hole of an outlet in the kitchen, then clip the other end of each to her eye. Just for a split second. That AC current would give a short jolt and describe part of the pain nicely. Then, she might get the picture, just a little. Know where you are in trying to exp
  6. Alley, ALERT!! Form Spoofing Detected coming from IP address and then my IP addy I think. Never saw it before, but searching Google on here brought up a thread where it happened to someone in 09 I think. Anyway, one email acct. that was open starting going nuts when the notice came up. Nuts: flashing constantly that it was sending notices to somewhere! That was not MY account either, which makes it worse. When I Googled the info later, it showed several places selling such programs. > I am not too informed on this nonsense. My AVG says all is clear and up to date. Any help is
  7. Also, the icon for the site on the tab bar is now missing! Just a dotted box where it should be. Anyone out there that can help?????? >
  8. Hey, I looked up the link, tried to post, and got a form spoofing notice instead of a preview as asked. Never saw that before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH? spiny
  9. What the ???? > > > > > > > > > I just got this notice when I tried to Prewiew a post. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP! > spiny Edit to add: I checked my firewall and all is supposedly well!
  10. Evo, Some of what you describe I am familiar with. So, perhaps a word might help. The shakes: Yep. Doing a 'bit block' at the dentist. "Just hold your teeth tight together and don't move." Meanwhile, the jaw is on its' own mission and trembling uncontrollably. Sometimes it is like being cold, but I am not cold, just shaking. Almost vibrating all over. Typing: I am terribly dyslexic lately with a keyboard. IE: trreilby, teh, and so on. I spend as much time correcting as writing. The Knot: Some of us get a knot at the base of the skull or similar location. Neck and shoulders mostly. For
  11. Dang > That was supposed to be a secret! Now everyone knows, Dan.
  12. It definitely works to take that wonderful swelling of the eyelid and and change it into the welling and then spilling of copious amounts of saline solution. This method provides instant pain relief for pressure in your eyelid or eye. Length of effectiveness is yet to be determined. :
  13. I have a grinder, that got used to grind my Tabasco peppers a while back. So, I wash it, dry it and immediately put my finger into the corner of my CH eye. :o :o :o :o Oh Yeah. Way to go, stupid!
  14. From what happened to Google, I doubt it. They allowed the set up and advertising for Canadian and Mexican 'pharmacies'. Real or not, it can't be done or at least not advertised. Feds set up a sting and Google recently paid out a cool 500 million for knowing and allowing it. I don't think our docs can do it either. Oh well.
  15. Thanks Pixie! I did a lot more reading here last night and picked up some of that. But, they do keep changing the definition lately. I'm just really not happy that he has hung around so long this time. But, I have stopped all the medical junk too. In my heart I know that is a REALLY GREAT THING!!!! Gaining weight and wanting to eat would be the truly ideal change, since the meds did not stop the dragon. I know, I am supposed to call him the beast. Too long as MY personal dragon to change I guess. Later spiny
  16. spiny


    Bejeeber, Hehehe! Nothing like a really good telling the dragon to take a hike! 8-) Currently, he is stuck back in his hole. My ears are ringing like crazy. Melatonin failed, so I will be up a LOT tonight. Three hits, but the tentacles have been put back inside, so I am not currently loosing my little pea mind. Damn shame I can't take my 'mouse gun' to him and blow him off the face of the earth for all of us! 8-) I really appreciate the response. Just having a post on my thread is a BIG mental boost. Still, I'm confident you'll be able to tell him "hey MO this you futher mucke
  17. Buzz, Yeah, it really sucks. We all know. But there are a lot of caring and kind people here to help you. If nothing else, the number of responses that you have received should boost your spirits. You are not alone. Remember that, you are NOT alone. Stay safe and stay in touch. spiny
  18. spiny


    Bonkers, Accidit In Puncto Quod Non Contingit In Anno spiny who will be up tonight and thanks you very much.
  19. spiny


    the beer test. > Went down the mountain Monday of last week to see the eye doc. No problem. Drank 2 beers, so he could see the pupil disparity. Got a shadow. Lasted most of the day. Not an issue, considering what they did to my eyes!!!! > Scratched the snot out of both of them. Came back up the mountain. Lower barometric pressure, normally a big issue for me, no big deal. My eyes just hurt from being scratched. Small issues last week. No biggie. O2 and good to go. Sunday, got two moderate hits. O2 worked. One occurred when I got out of bed to hit the ladies. That was a bit of a s
  20. Just failed the Beer Test. > This sucks, big time. Beer is the Jesuits gift to mankind. Or the Benedictines, don't remember at this point. Just ticked that one told me this helluva long cycle is NOT over. Lets see, Sept thru Jan, does that make me chronic or just a wimp? Gonna be pissed for a while, and not in the British sense either. > > spiny who ain't happy this pm
  21. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! My son also has a Bday today!!!!!!! Be Happy, Stay Safe, Enjoy!! :D :D spiny who remembers this day, 30 years ago VERY WELL 8-)
  22. Hi Renee, So glad you are continuing to improve. Continue to count those GOOD days, ok? Also, remember your tag line (I think it's that or motto?) "That which doesn't kill me, had better run pretty damn fast!"Â All PF to you, spiny
  23. Dan, I found the GABA, taken when I normally would get hit, to be a huge help. It gave me many PF days. I took a multi B Complex with it too. I stopped when I realized it was giving me very creepy, tingly, skin for 30-60 minutes after a dose. Also, I was detoxing for the eye doc. Since I have gotten that little fiasco behind me for now, I may start back on the GABA. I took 1 in the afternoon and 2 at 8:00pm - a normal BAD time of day for me. It was most effective when timed to my CH clock. All the best! spiny who thinks Dab is pretty dang 8-)
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