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  1. Perhaps you could add a drop of lemon juice to the capsule when it is half full? Then, fill it up and carry on. I hear capsules help prevent nausea too.
  2. Yea, 'drugs'!!!!!!!! > You will make it. I don't see your avatar burying his head in the mud yet! ;D
  3. How are you doing?
  4. Milly, All the best to you and your Mom. I have found that we have to be our own advocate with this mess and take matters and treatment into our own hands. Has she been given O2? Or, is it contraindicated due to her condition? Does she have any relief from the pain so that she can tell when another is starting? That might give her a chance to drink strong coffee or an energy drink to see if it helps. Has the diagnosis of chronic migraines been confirmed? It is awful that they cannot find a medication to relieve that one!!!!!! I too would be afraid to proceed with anything stronger based on the info you have. MJ does not usually help clusters but benefits migraines I think. Busting helps both conditions, but must be handled carefully.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I should note that mine started 3 months exactly after a traumatic injury with knockout punch that put me under for about 20 minutes. Nice concussion. > Seems like many started after a traumatic bodily experience. This matches surveys I have read. But, others started in childhood, when we are not supposed to have headaches!!! My son started getting migraines when in band in high school. He sat right in front of the drum line and always blamed the noise for the migraines. That was 15 years ago. More replies appreciated.
  6. BB Reset that stupid hypothingy.
  7. Ting, Moon Landing!!! It is playing now and bookmarked for the future. Just think how high you could jump on the freaking MOON!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D It takes strength to start down a new path. Even a better path. You will be on solid ground because you are using your own two feet to land on. Love you and your strength girl. 8-) I owe you a note too!!! :-[ Striking out on your own is frightening, but uplifting as well. When the time is right, the right partner will appear. Obviously the ex was not the 'right' one and needed to be cut loose. Besides, it give you more time to work out! 8-) All the best!!! spiny whose 'magic' moment is the first dawn at the beach listening to the crashing surf while watching the sun rise
  8. spiny


    Fishing is cool. 8-) Nice fish BB! Now I can tell my husband I have finally seen a Walleye. I thought braggin was part of fishin!!!! ;D ;D
  9. OK. Dumb question. I am having rather severe intestinal upset since my cycle ended. Loosing weight again, can't stand beef or chicken, or the smell of food cooking. > Sucks, cause I am the cook. So, when I cook, I leave the lid on and leave the room so the family can eat. Talked to another member and found out they had problems at the end of cycle too. Looking for input and suggestions. Making appointment with the gastric Dr. It has been over a month now and SUCKS big time. Imodium and Pepto did nothing to help. Had to give up my BEER again too. Got to get this fixed because the dragon is saying 'hi' and being sick, I can't take any more medicine!!!! thanks
  10. Bradg, Hope you have really great results. Sorry that I offended you in my previous post. It was not my intent to put you in a box regarding age. College students come in all ages. I took Physics at 40 surrounded by teenagers : I was trying to point out that people don't and can't understand CH so it doesn't pay to worry about it. It is something I tell myself not to do on a regular basis. All the best to you. spiny
  11. Kage, Give Pixie my love and I am sending good Faeries to watch over her. 8-) Angels to some, Faeries to me. All the same wonderful beings. Oops, there goes a Bunny!!!!!!! :
  12. Thank you EVERYONE. I am doing everything I can to keep up with the situation. So far, no major Kips yet, staying at the piercing stabs through the temple. Using the Melatonin and Energy drinks is working well for him. He will be home for a few days next week, so I will get a better read on the situation. Going to push for the D3. Here's a note: I quit the D3 because my tongue was raw. Well, found out today that B12 does that!!! So, I am going back on it minus the B12. I had started taking a mega B vit and that is what did it.Course, I did go out of cycle for a few weeks when I quit it, so a bit concerned. He is young and I have resources now. YOU GUYS! You have helped me survive 7 months of hell, so I will be able to help him. [smiley=beer.gif]
  13. Hang in there!!!!! :) Let them think what they will. If they don't have it, they can't understand it. Got it? Plenty to take up brain space without worrying what others think. Physics is demanding. The older you get, the less you worry about what others think. Especially when they can't possibly understand. : Keep in touch and let us know how you are Bradg. We will be pulling for ya! 8-)
  14. Good to hear you Dan! Dummy here. Whatchasaying dude???? Guess I have been living in the 'near North for tooooo long!
  15. Thanks for the post. I eat lots of Tums and the occasional Rolaid. It does not help me. Omeprazole twice a day. Zantac sucks. > BTW: For some, that 'little valve' is faulty. Fairly common in infants, but should go away before adulthood. Not for all of us though. Heartburn bites the big one. >
  16. Duh!!! : Thank you!!!!!! Let's also correct Whooli with this. Not up to par today. :
  17. GOOD FIND Wooli!!!!!!!!!! Just glanced at the home page so far. It is all about CH! I will have a lot of reading to do for a day or three! Thanks you. 8-)
  18. Thank you BB. O2 rocks! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
  19. 10LPM generally doesn't work too well. You can cheat by making a Hillbilly high LPM in the mean time if ya want to. Tape a plastic bag to the regulator output. Use unscented, regular trash bag. Then, poke a hole in the bag for your tubing to go through. Tape that securely in place. Let the big bag fill up and then start. That way you have plenty to draw from in the beginning, when you need it most. Not esthetically pleasing, but I don't think that matters. It works till you get a good regulator.
  20. 8-) 8-) Thanks Bob. Going to read it now.
  21. Ting, OK, 6 broken ribs and you are popping that 30 lbs.+ bar AND doing chin-ups. [smiley=thumbup.gif] [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif] You are, to say the least, AWESOME I am sooo glad to see how well you are doing. I just read an old post of yours yesterday. What a long way you have come on a hard road sweetie. I can't wait to see the competition video. Ah, to be young is a wonderful thing Ting and you are not wasting a minute of it are you??? 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) spiny who has tons of respect for your courage and attitude
  22. Very nice to read this Jeebs. 8-) Perhaps, views of these medicines will take a positive change with the ongoing research. People will begin to request them to deal with a death sentence and someone will listen. Hopefully, I will still be here to see this acceptance for a treatment that we know works. Can it cure a Pop Tart addict? Hmmmmm. :
  23. kymera, I'll take three slices please. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) Fried pickles are gooooodddd.
  24. ;D ;D Glad you had no pain from the LP Pixie! 8-)
  25. You are amazing. I am so happy for you. This is massively cool! 8-) All the best in competing Ting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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