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  1. stealing Dans' line- 'Peace In the Valley'
  2. AAaaaaarrgh!!!! > I was looking forward to the read Jeff. Like you say, it is gone.
  3. CL, I do the alcohol test myself. It will let me know that the cycle is over. The only trigger that I CAN control is beer. So, I understand why you want to try a bottle and feel the results. I have found that if I am having any symptoms it is best to hold off on the beer. If I have been symptom clear for 7-10 days I may drink a beer. It is the only way to tell if I can go anywhere off this mountain and get back home without getting hit from the barometric drop coming home. And no, drinking the beer doesn't throw me back in cycle, it just tells me if it is over or not. To some it may sound like unnecessary torture to some sufferers, but for some it is a valid test. About the only one. Hope this helps. spiny
  4. Brew, I am all for safety. I am not arguing. I am saying the tests, urine tests, are a joke. If you are going to test, use the hair test. Don't use the UA that nails the pothead and passes the crackhead. Then, I might feel a little 'safer'. Otherwise, it is in the same realm as the TSA. Does that help?
  5. Most stuff is gone in 24-48 hours. The heavy stuff. Pot, on the other hand, can show for months after you quit using if you were a heavy user. Makes a whole lot of sense. The crack head will PASS the test and the pot head will fail. Who would you rather work with? > I understand liability issues, but the tests and results are a joke.
  6. Well now. Both of those shows do us a lot of good now don't they? Let's encourage people to give us a 'NEW' cure they saw on TV! > Take ice pick, insert into eye socket and twirl. In short order, they will be babbling like the monkeys they are! I think they should have a Neuro-stimulator installed so their Hypo can be stimulated to mimic a CH. Then, force them to use their own 'cure' on themselves and document the results for posterity!!!
  7. Hi Kenneth Welders O2 just means that you buy it from welding supply company. It is cheaper and I use it. You buy your own mask from out sister site and the Optimask non-rebreather costs about 28.00. Cheap. You can then get an LPM regulator online for about 50.00. Mine is 25LPM to support hyperventilation at the beginning of the hit. As the pain recedes, I drop the flow down to match my respiratory needs. With the O2, I strongly recommend staying on the O2 as long as it took to clear the hit. 5 minutes or however many breaths if you count breaths. This seems to help prevent the return of the dragon. Many Drs will not script for O2, so a lot of us use the welder route. James O2 or Harbor Freight both are located throughout the states. You may have a different company that you would use. You can buy or rent the tanks. If you rent, the company you rent from is the only one who will fill your tank. If you buy, any company will fill it. I have a 90cf and a 60cf tank so that I can always have a full tank. Also, the 60cf fits in my little car and I can carry it easily. To fill both tanks for 150cf of O2 costs $38.52 with tax. I bought both to avoid filling hassles. I would try to get the Dr to prescribe the 25LPM supply. Many find the higher flow necessary at the beginning and end using 10-15LPM. You have more options with a higher flow supply. If he won't go that high, you have options to correct that on your own. Just let us know. I started using O2 and caffeine last fall during a very rough time and they saved my life. 8-) O2 rocks serious relief.
  8. It is really inexpensive and very fast delivery. Just make sure that you have a high enough flow to work!! If you are getting 15LPM, you might want to purchase a regulator for 25LPM. The last thing, use it properly! For me and others, this means breath in and out with force until the pain recedes. You will be hyperventilating. That is where the 25LPM comes in. As the pain leaves, you will be able to breath normally. MOST important: If it took 5 minutes or 120 breaths to kill, stay with the O2 for the same number of minutes or breaths. As you relax, dial the flow down to a level for comfortable breathing. I picture a beach ball in my chest and breath accordingly. Fill your chest with air and then really push it all out. Often it only takes a few of these deep breaths to calm things down and then just breath according to the dictates of the pain. Best of luck! O2 ROCKS
  9. ER is no place to waste your time with CH. I'm with Jeff on this one. They treat you like a crybaby or hysterical woman. Waste of time and money. I even had to fight the Neuro initially and take my hubby with me for the second visit. Somehow, being FEMALE means Migraine and low threshold for pain. >
  10. david, Yepper yepper. :)Any drop in barometric pressure sets the dragon in motion. From weather fronts to higher altitudes. When I got married in 05, my kids told their new 'Dad' to watch out for my sneezes!!! He and his father laughed it off. But, in the past 7 years they have both learned that if I sneeze 4 times evenly spaced it will rain within 24 hours of where I am sneezing! Too funny sometimes, but now I get blamed for the rain! Hey, I'm just the 'weather girl', I just warned you guys!!! ;D My father-in-law will not go far from the house with his tractor when I sneeze now. The worst was two-three winters ago when I sneezed 4 groups of 4. We received 16 inches of SNOW. The previous record was 2 x 4 and 8 inches of snow! : Both times the weather called for flurries to one inch on the ground. Now, I just make a grocery run and keep my sneezes to myself so that I don't get blamed. 8-) Lots of people with CH are very good weathermen and women, no matter what the news is calling for. I just got lucky with the allergies adding to the mix. BTW: Check out last year with members or your Neuro. CH and Migraines were wildly increased with the weird weather.
  11. spiny


    GO Wooli!!!!!!! :D So glad that things are not as bad as they originally sounded. Sounds like your Neuro has a BRAIN!!! Big plus for you. "not to baby it" and "don't lose any sleep over it" Great advice. 8-) Thanks for the update. I was reading your am post and logged in to reply when your second post appeared. That made me very happy to read that one as a follow up. Eat, drink, and be merry. 8-) Hug your wife and enjoy life, right? All the Best to you Both spiny
  12. spiny


    Morning Wooli! Today is Tuesday,so the wait is about over. I will be watching for your update post. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you. spiny
  13. spiny


    Fingers crossed and touch wood! My thoughts are with you. Waiting is really sucky.
  14. Mystina, You are sooo correct about the dehydration. I started to crash in the ER from it. BP thru the floor and heartbeat thru the roof. That would be because they take your WATER away when you go in. > > They got the reading at the station and came flying in with a drip that they then ran at 99.9. Read: wide open. One Qt in under 45 minutes. Blew out the vein. Had to shoot the dye into another location. Without that IV they would not have gotten much further with the CT scan cause everything was collapsing. The tests were done at two separate hospitals. But, I am going to call the one for their previous records from 4 years ago to see what the Dr said then since he read the CT both times. Right now, I look like a very skinny 6 months preggers! ;D And this baby loves Junior Johnsons Hot Pork Skins to the tune of three bags a day!!! Damn funny Come on over!! To date, for this issue, I have four Drs lined up for the KO. 8-) 'Gibbsing' them would be far to easy on em. Down for the count would be good. And, I promise not to let anyone give you Nitro!
  15. Five days goes, I think, Medicine on Monday and again on Saturday. If you are doing well at the 5 day mark, stretch out a few days for the next dose. Gradually you can extend the time if you are doing well. As for the dose, I was saying up it by 10 seeds at a time. As in if 60 didn't work, try 70. I am not sure. Different doses for different people. But I do think that with your good results you might leave the dose the same. Yes, you are WINNING!!!! 8-) 8-)
  16. Hey Jeff, Just put a little packet of desiccate in the box and ship it on out. Thanks for locating the sucker!! Jeebs, ipad would be great! And yeah, I run into more than the average number of idiots in the medical field. Anything outside of the standard problems are totally beyond their intellect or caring!!!! Guys in the gastro field just want to shove in a camera and give out lots of pills for stuff they know you don't have! Point: The anti-diarrhea med one fool gave me was an antibiotic for E-coli - which I don't have per his damn tests! > It damned near killed me too after taking just 2. On the good news side, I have gained 2 lbs. in two weeks! Beats the hell out of loosing 1-2 lbs per week, which is where I was. Thanks guys!
  17. Long story short: No PC time all taken up by potty time. Lost over 10% of my body weight. Hint, I was already the 'Supreme Leader of the WBP Society'. Nothing there to loose. Saw three Dr's, and I use the term VERY loosely. They all had excuses for not prescribing an anti-diahreahal (spelling very suspect there) or Magase to stimulate appetite. PCP said I 'Ate too well. go get a big mack' Anywho, drank the barium, had a tube stuck down my throat, wound up in the ER, again and was shocked to find on my records that my gallbladder had been 'surgically removed'. Notified all the children to tell the aliens that we already gave and to go the hell away. I have never had my gallbladder removed!!! They don't care, just want to stick a camera where it does not belong. Finally got the needed meds. Found out that I have two appointments with idiots I don't know for procedures I won't approve but nobody knows where my gallbladder went????????????? But, they don't think Ch can mess with you this hard either. > > > Nor do most of them know what CH is or believe I suffer from it. I know, the world is full of a.h.'s. But did they have to drop this many on MY head??
  18. Alex, Try to wait the recommended 5 days between dosing. It is recommended for a reason. I do understand pushing it to 4 days. When the head has been tripped into cycle, from whatever, our natural inclination is to stomp on his head!!!!! > Slapbacks are a common phenomenon. The result is that you feel like you raised the beast from a semi-slumber. Wrong. You messed with his foothold. Slapbacks are a good indicator that you ------ with him. They last 2-3 days and then things get better in a very good way. Try to wait 5 and then hit back hard. You will win. We all do. Stay on the board and let us know how you are getting along. 'nother thought. Depending on your comfort level, you could up the dose a bit. Say from 30 to 40. Along those lines. Seeds normally bring blessed sleep, from what I have read here. Spiny
  19. spiny


    Spot on Wooli. We worry about what it will do to those we love. We take it the best we can and dish in out tailored to those we are talking to at the moment. It is a helluva cross for someone of your age to bear. :'( Don't worry about the MRA. It means they are focusing on your arteries. It may be serious, it may not. That is what they are trying to figure out. While you don't yet want to bring this to the attention of your loved ones, when it is still up in the air, know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Hats off 8-) Spiny
  20. Ting, It is a beautiful song. Such a lovely beat and message. Thank you. I love and save the songs you post. You will choose the right path and the right door. :-* Sometimes opening a door is like opening your eyes, you know what I mean? There is a beautiful world just the other side of your eyelids. All the best my friend.
  21. Funny. I understand that organic medicine opens that side up!!!! The only time it clears up!!
  22. Alex, Like weatherman, barometric changes will trigger one for me. Flying means pressure changes, of course. Just like bad weather fronts. I live on a mountain, so when I go down the mountain (higher baro), no problem. Coming back up, I always get one, even when out of cycle. Lower pressure is my trigger. Higher pressure is FINE. Don't know anything about Arthrosis. But, it appears to be similar or same as arthritis of the neck. Clusters can produce severe pain in the neck and often a lump at the base of the skull along with it. For some, the neck pain is constant during high cycle. Muscles tense up and even a good massage won't work the knots out. It sucks. Just finding a comfortable position to sort of lie down becomes a big problem. I do have major neck issues and need a cervical fusion. Not going to happen. My neck kills me during high cycle. Otherwise, all those boney growths and narrowing of the spinal conduit don't bother me. Ortho can't figure out how I even use my right arm! If your neck is an issue when in cycle, I would bet it is the CH, not the age/injury related changes in your neck. :'(Â It hurts a lot and it sucks. Four months of hell last year from my neck. Cycle lasted seven months. Neck pain is not the trigger, it is the result. Bad news, sorry. As always, just my experience and gleaned from a lot of reading. Lots of Cher's get it. Good luck. Keep that Monster drink on hand. Or coffee helps too. Just take it at the beginning. Don't wait!!!!
  23. spiny


    That sucks!!!! > Any idea about a repair for it? Depending on location and such I just wonder what the fix is. Of course, that is why they do a MRI when doing a Neuro work-up. Best of luck and keep us posted Wooli. I still love the shroom you did for class many months ago.
  24. devilhead, He started getting them about two months ago. Ice Picks and shadows so far. Don't last but a few minutes, but several attacks per day, several days a week. He has had migraines for about 15 years now. The CH is new and I am devastated! :'( Just keeping an eye out for him right now. At least he won't have to go for years taking junk that ruins his body. That makes this site even more valuable to me!!! Brew: You just got one out of no where? Did they start slow or hard? Mine got worse over the years, but I see that for some the first ones were as bad as the current ones. Just wondering.
  25. Personally, I have found that Radioactive Iodine for one of their lovely tests will start a cycle too. Don't know why, but after the injection in the am, I went into a 24 hour siege from hell. Then came the months from hell as the tail of that comet!!!!!! Needless to say, that $hit does not get injected into my arm anymore. > That was my ONE trip to the ER. I got a muscle relaxant shot and they refused to call my Neuro! Please keep posting on this thread. I am learning and some others are too most likely.
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