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  1. Might want to leave out those four letter words we sometimes use. You could draw a terrified face with a finger poking into one eye and lava shooting out the temple of that side! > Or, instead of the finger, show roach clips on the ends of two wires clipped to the eyeball and sparks flying off the clips. Be sure to keep the lava though. Not a 'fixed' CH, but a CH attack. Then show a calm guy drinking a beer, with the hypo fixed (not lit up from the attack) CH fixed! ;D Make em graphic stick figures, except for the head. Put the details there. 8-) Probably not helpful, but fun to d
  2. spiny

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    Groupies or gropes? ;D
  3. Alley, I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg! ;D ;D
  4. Hey Alley, Now you are 'officially' an Old Fart too. 8-) 8-) 8-) Keep on Trucking! :D :D Party Hearty!
  5. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) Definitely, have a marvelous Bday!! And stay around. I like those long and thoughtful posts! Carry on with that 'young at heart' attitude. It works! 8-)
  6. Have the past 12 months been worse or better? I just wondered, because mine has been the worst and I am seeing a lot of new people on here. I'm sure the Nat Geo exposure has done a lot to help, but I am curious to know if there has been an uptick all around or not. Things like: 1 Is your cycle longer? 2 Have you had more cycles? 3 Have you gone from episodic to chronic? 4 Are your hits harder? 5 Are you getting more hits per day? 6 Do you have to bust more frequently now? 7 Have you had to change your busting meds? 8 Are you using more per bust? Add to the list if you can
  7. Wooligun, Make your own O2 set-up. Dr's are notoriously stupid. Get a non-rebreather mask, a 25LPM regulator and an O2 tank from a local welding supply company. I use it and it does the trick. Course, my Neuro said O2 was too expensive and to keep taking expensive drugs he prescribed!!!!! > spiny who no longer trusts doc's
  8. FunGuy, That thread says to start with 8-10 RC seeds, I think. Seems like the current rate is 25-30 for starters and up from there if necessary. Am I wrong?
  9. Jeebs, The history of our 'drug laws' points directly to our 'society'. Everything on the 'no,no' list was put there by a special interests group. Get rid of X because the poor or A. American or Hispanics use it and scare us 'good' folks to death!!!!!! : Ever watch 'The History of Drugs'? I think that is the name. William Randolph Hearst got pot on the list so he could sell his new technique for making paper!!!! > Now we can't even make hemp ropes for crying out loud!!! Of course, all of these drugs have made some segment of society 'dangerous' to some other segment. Therefore, they
  10. If the mercury causes CH, I should have gotten them by age 7 or 8. My Aunt had a little bowl of the stuff and let us see how it behaved on several occasions by taking out the bowl, separating the mercury into many drops to watch them re-connect. Good science lesson, bad for humans. Also, I worked as a dental assistant off and on for many years starting at age 15. At that time, amalgam fillings were the norm for all back teeth. I mixed a lot of it. I also had many of them in my mouth from the age of 6. No Fluoride in those days. Now, I am not saying mercury is GOOD for you, I just don't hol
  11. We've had silver fillings around for longer than you or I have been alive. No, they don't cause CH. Your dentist is right, they are a fine solution for reconstruction. Actually, they are still among the BEST fillings out there, due to thermal changes (expansion and contraction) in your mouth. Their rate of change most closely matches the change in your teeth. Sinus surgery won't get rid of CH, neither will having some teeth pulled. Lots of us have tried. Having your septum straightened won't fix it either. And no, a chiropractor can't kill them with an 'adjustment' either. It is not yo
  12. spiny

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    Positive, healing vibes on the way. May she come thru the surgery with flying colors and the recovery go fast and smooth! I'm with you Tucker. May take time, but ya can't get yesterday back, so start now!!!! 8-)
  13. Absolutely: GOOD LUCK!!!!! :) Keep posting. No cure out there, yet. A decent Neuro is hard to find. Hope you get one of the great ones!!!
  14. spiny

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    Tuckerman48, Just the guy I was suggesting! I'll see about researching the non-profit issue in the next few days. Not an attorney, but I do have some resources. Let's keep plugging to see if it is possible!
  15. Pixie, So glad you are home and your heart is fine. All the rest bites!!!! > If you have to have the nitro your heart, it makes for a tough decision. If anything else will do the trick - scream LOUDLY against it!!!! When you are young, they mistakenly think you are naive or ignorant. Put them in their place on that one. Do you have or have you considered one of those Medical ID bracelets? You might have too many no no's to put on one (I do) but you might consider something like 'Check My Medical Records before ANYTHING'. Glad you are out. Now, get better!
  16. Renee, See problem. Attack problem. Right? Keep on trucking. As you are well aware, things change. spiny who wishes you all the best in the world
  17. Ok, Since I have hounded you worse than most anyone about the O2, I will jump in again. It's been over a week I think, so NAG them. It is just something we do, right? Nagging that is. Or at least I have been told that a lot over the years. ;)
  18. spiny

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    I have referred to it as 'The Dragon'. Mainly because it is mythical and no one has seen a dragon! $hitstorm in my brain really is more realistic, but you get funny questioning looks from folks who really care about you. If you try to explain, they try to follow and offer to help. All of which leads me back to dragon: A firebreathing mythical creature that we have some tools to protect ourselves from, but not enough to keep it locked up safe and sound. I don't hate it, I accept that I must exercise personal power over it. Hardest, I must control my response to it. Without that, he says terri
  19. ipain, Many times Pred. will not work once you begin to taper off. For me, at 3/day, the CH returned. Verap helps many, but it is bad if you have low PB. O2 with a non-rebreather mask at 15 to 25LPM is rocking! In a good way. Ask questions. Read. PM anytime. spiny
  20. Good luck Renee! Yes, going on the pill has set off many a migraine. I don't know that stopping will end them though. When I was first diagnosed, with migraines mind you, they said to stop the pill. I did, but my CH remained. I saw no connection between the two. Once started, the pill made no difference for me. Fingers crossed for you!
  21. spiny

    Say What!?

    Renee, Got space for another traveler? I'm afraid that when I look back at what I learned and conquered in this life, I will have to take on something more stringent the next time around. I believe it is all in how you handle adversity, the decisions you make when faced with it, that determines your spiritual growth.
  22. spiny

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    So, having my head pounded in a previous life did this to me too? Great. > P.S. I did read and enjoy all those dang books! Course, I read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy too. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) Restaurant at the End of the Universe, here I come!
  23. Mrsg, I hope you have a high flow O2 set up. At least 25LPM. Also, the non-rebreather mask. That should get you an adequate flow for aborting. What is your set-up? Less than 15LPM won't work! spiny the grump
  24. spiny

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    I'd get Allen Gura for defense! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
  25. I'm too old to remember. :D :D
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