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  1. You might add that it has been used recently for cancer patients to alleviate some of the fear and dread of death. The article was put up here a month or so ago. I might be able to find it or perhaps that is the Harvard Study already referred to. Not sure. Keep writing hon! spiny who is Southern, no slam intended by the 'hon' 8-)
  2. spiny


    Are these yo-yo's suggesting I buy a treadmill? :o Right Bonkers, this is NUTS! > I read their pages re Ch treatments and symptoms. > Saying O2 is inconvenient, supporting low flow, etc. Amazing the $hit out there. On the MMA site, the trepaning (sp?) mentioned is something I have actually wanted done many a night! LET THE BEAST OUT!!!!!
  3. Jeebs is having a 'need to chat' attack!!!! ;D ;D Hopefully CHF is on vacation before the March to DC trip. 8-)
  4. Yep Pixie, that is what I think as well. Amazing the $hit the Hypo does, isn't it? Yes, there is something wrong with my doctors. They are stoopid! Good thing I take the D3 stuff! 8-) Bottom line, if I cook it, I can't eat it. > McSlime is out of the question. Spoon of peanut butter is a big help. Hope you are recovering well!
  5. spiny

    am I chronic?

    imoorman, Get 25LPM O2. Hyperventilate till the pain lessens and you can breathe normally. Think of your lungs as a beach ball. Blow it up, pulling your diaphragm down and sides out. Exhale ALL of it and go again. Focus on your breathing while bringing the pain level down. Breathe normally. Adjust the flow down as you go. If it took 5 minutes or 60 breathes to get rid of it, then keep breathing for another 5 minutes or 60 breathes. I have found that this method prevents the return of the dragon in 30 minutes. If I try to cheat, I pay big time. > If you don't like energy drinks, a cup of coffee will do the trick too. Maybe not as well for some, but those who can't down the Monster can get significant relief from strong coffee. Put the pot on, hit the O2, suck the coffee and back to the O2 if needed. 8-) Best of luck. This is the best place to be for the CH beast. spiny whose Neuro gave her a list of drugs to run past her 'friends' on the net. ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. Then I am 'styling'! 8-) Back in 'the day' good girls did not wear purple - for any occasion. : But, there is an old poem/story written by a lady who said that 'I am old enough to wear Purple'. Being in that over 50 category now, I wear purple often.Â
  7. Wonderful job! 8-) And a big hug and 'thank you' too. You will do a great job 'On the Hill'.
  8. I was reading yesterday that anorexia (lack of appetite) has some of the same serotonin receptor stuff (receptor 5HT 2A) and hypothalamus issues as CH. I need to double check on the specific receptor, unless one of ya'll already has that info to post here. I saw my PCP and Neuro in the past two weeks. Since I have lost so much weight this last 6 months, I asked both for something to help my lack of appetite. Both said "You are fine. Lets just get you through the pain first." So wrong. They are used to treating very obese people up here, so a TOO skinny patient is always an asset to them! Meanwhile, I feel like an old cow pie. > Stomped on and dried in the sun poop! Totally weirded out that serotonin and the wonderful Hypo are part of the skinny part too. I think I will try some herbs to help if my last hope annual visit next week yields the same stupid results. :-/ spiny Walking Bean Pole
  9. Beautiful! :) Did you add green food color to your Monster? 8-) Do you live in the country? If that is 'your spot' it is gorgeous. If not, it was a beautiful place to say 'I Do". spiny
  10. MrsG, That sucks, but it does happen. Sometimes we have no choice in the female dept. Personally, Progesterone doesn't have an effect on my CH. I stopped it for three months when I started on the D3 supplements. When I started back, I did not get an uptick in CH. They can tailor your replacement therapy, make them! As for birth control pills, I could not take them once the CH started. At the time, they knew certain hormones would kick in migraines and that is what they had diagnosed me as having WRONG!!!! They were CH. All the best of luck. It takes a while to get over that operation and you are going to have your hands full. Especially with a little one to take care of. I really hope you have home help planned and available. Take care of yourself! :-* spiny
  11. Shades, Tucker is dead on about the temporary setup. It works. But, don't expect two hours from that little tank. It will make the 2 hours maybe with flow of 8LPM. Also, to avoid a follow-up hit, stay on the tank after the pain is gone for the same amount of time it took to kill the hit. To conserve O2, this follow-up period will often be at a lower flow since you are not in pain and hyperventilating anymore. You want to exhale with force and inhale VERY deeply at the beginning. This brings your O2 up faster and can (will) abort the hit sooner. Pull your diaphragm down and expand your chest on the inhale and squeeze hard on the exhale. Personally, focusing on proper breathing at the beginning helps me with the pain. I think of a beach ball expanding and contracting. As the pain lessens, my breathing naturally slows and O2 consumption is reduced. All the Best, spiny
  12. Glad it is over and the results are good. Kage was wonderful at keeping us updated. 8-) Amazing what that anesthesia does upstairs, isn't it? You can say the weirdest things. Take good care Pixie and have a speedy recovery!! :-*
  13. Kymera, They will fight you on everything. > If you need more than 'normal' amount of Verap., they will fight you and it is cheap! Getting married?? 8-) Dude, this week would be a headache just because of THAT! Congrats!
  14. Yea Tucker!!!! Glad to hear it. Just remember 'sinkers' not 'floaters'. ;D ;D
  15. It is well laid out and contains a TON of info. 8-) Included is the story of the elephant who died from an overdose of LSD. Evidently going up by over 1000% was too much. Kudus to Chris. :) :) Personally, I like the microscope. BTW: There are two of me now, but my alias will remain secret today.
  16. Don't ya hate those rogue hits? Kinda like 'where the hell did you come from'? > But, still a whole lot better than where you were a few months ago, right? 8-)
  17. tucker, Add an energy drink or coffee to that O2! I have gotten to where I can suck down a cuppa joe in about 10 seconds. You could probably do an energy drink about as fast. Grab it on the way to the tank! The dual approach really helps me with the 'hair rippers'. 8-) And yes, I think we all go for that 'it isn't that bad' thing. : At least a few dozen times in my house! Pretty stubborn I am. Keep posting dude, we will keep talking. Being able to post about something no one else gets is a real life saver. That's why people hang around even when they are PF. PF thoughts for you. Sorry it is going so rough right now. :'(
  18. Mrsg, Glad you are doing so much better!!! It is encouraging to everyone. 8-) 8-) I've been wondering what was up. Lil guy doing better too? I certainly hope so.
  19. I'm sure that if she 'develops' an infection she will tell them off for giving it to her!!!!!!! : Honestly Kage, thanks for the update. I miss her posts and look forward to seeing her back on here soon.
  20. I am so sorry she had to go back. All the best and may she not have any more problems!!!!!
  21. I find cats to be particularly intuitive. Mine knows when I am having a rotten time. He stays with me. When I can finally lie down, he piles up on a spare pillow and purrs. Not his normal demanding self - just purrs. Bet he would want to play 'cat fishing' if I was busting!!!! 8-) 8-)
  22. Yes! I agree, start a new thread. 8-) 8-) Obviously I had a rough night, I just had to correct a typo 'cause it said 'shart' instead of 'start'. :-[
  23. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :) :) :) Determination pays off girl! 8-)
  24. Wonderful news Kagemorou! :) :) I'm sure that she will keep them on their toes. Anyone heading her way with Nitroglycerin better duck! 8-) Give her our love. spiny
  25. Wasn't around for this post. If you still need help, I use Firefox spiny
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