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    If you want to be real, tell them you torch weld and use Acetylene and O2. It's just a hobby. Or, a buddy is teaching you and you will be the 'gofer' for a while. Since you would be a novice, ask THEM questions! Tell them you know enough to turn on the Acetylene first, but the rest is a work in progress. Beyond that, make it up. 8-) You could add that you are having to buy the O2 to get the lessons! You don't tell them it is for you to use to breathe!!!!! On my third re-fill, I told my guy that it was for me and my dr. was an idiot. Seems that a lot of people have dealt with idiot dr's and will tend to get on board. Once, over a holiday, I got stuck and was running out. My guy drove 5 miles and delivered two tanks over the weekend. I consider myself very lucky to have formed a working relationship. Sorry I don't have more to suggest. You could rotate through their outlets if they have more than one nearby so you don't show up every week at the same one. Hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion. Our gas supplier utilizes a tank farm down the hwy. They deliver to the tank farm and I pick up from there. That means I only have to deal with the local welder who stores the tanks for the O2 company. I do know this though: If you send a woman, she can field the questions better and claim ignorance more easily than you can. She can make up a fairly wild story and get away with it. They are not used to dealing with many women and will excuse the lack of knowledge. You should have heard mine! : But, it worked. That is all that matters, right? BTW: If you lease them, no other company will fill them for you. That is the difference. Leasing is a bit cheaper, but it ties you to one supplier.
  2. Arde, Good one! ;D I have one: Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â An Irishman walks past a bar. : spiny who is part Irish 8-)
  3. Ting, You would have passed the test for hyperactive! 8-) 8-) Anyway, that is why Ritalin and such calm and help focus a child who truly have ADD or ADHD. It is a reverse reaction due to their chemical/physical makeup. Now, you are grown and can enjoy that boundless energy! Crossfit??? Besides, it helps you keep up with your beautiful daughter. 8-)
  4. Ting, Back in the 70's benadryl was given as a test for 'hyperactivity'. This is before ADD and ADHD were on the radar for most of us. If you gave benadryl to a child who was Hyperactive, he would bounce off the walls for several hours. A child who the parents 'thought' was hyper, but was not, would go to sleep. Some parents were very disappointed that they had 'normal' kids who just needed better discipline. : This was supposedly due to the imbalances in the hyperactive childs' system. I knew 2 kids who were diagnosed this way when they were given benadryl for allergies. They then stayed up all night! They just reacted the opposite of the norm. Both were put on drugs that were amphetamines. Of course it caused a calming of the child, not a speed reaction of the general population. Funny how those things work. I don't know how they actually test or make sure a child has ADD or ADHD today. Wonder if they have a 'proof positive' test or just a visual inspection method.
  5. Mrsg, Can you use coffee or an energy drink for the shadows? Are you taking Melatonin at night? It helps a lot of folks. Some take 20mg or perhaps more. I take 20mg either at bedtime or when I get up with our least favorite visitor during the night. I hit the O2 and then the Melatonin. All the best, spiny
  6. Keep plugging away Mrsg. 8-) I know it is hard and dis-heartening right now, but brighter days are ahead. It is the waiting that really sucks, I know. > All the best to you! This hell is hell, but it can end well and a good life awaits you. Take care of yourself. spiny
  7. Purple, I am sorry that I offended you. :-[ spiny
  8. 404 I don't think they get less, but perhaps they get fewer 'random' hits. Mine go by the clock normally. But, when I start to get those 'odd' ones, it is a sure sign the weather is changing and barometric dropping. Rising pressure does not cause a problem. When ucky weather is moving in (gonna rain, etc.) the baro goes down and my CH goes into overdrive. I have been watching this for over a year now when I am active with CH. Front came thru yesterday and I paid for it. Hit at 1:00, 4:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 12:30. Baro is up today and I only had one at 4:30 with shadows all day. I think the shadows are leftovers!! > But, it leaves me in a $h.... place for tonight. Shadows turn when I try to sleep. With any luck it will be a single about 9:30. I can safely go down the mountain, to higher pressure with no problem. Coming back up, I will get hit. Weird. :-?
  9. Purple, That's the Auburn. It shows in the sun and under some lights. At other times, you don't see it unless you spend a lot of time outdoors and then it really gets lighter and redder. Other articles I have read in the past say that redheads have higher pain threshold. How a mutant could cause this I don't know. But the study was based on women during labor and delivery. How is it that you need more anesthetic, so that means you have a lower tolerance for pain? Either you are out or you are not. I do know that every time I have been put out for surgery, I wake up immediately after. I have gotten in trouble in recovery because I was too awake and wanting out of there right away. Go figure.
  10. Bob, That's what I have heard from my Neuro. We have had a mild winter, but killer, almost constant barometric changes. I can almost tell someone when the pressure starts to drop, cause CH kicks in. Time has nothing to do with it. I will get a random hit when that little arrow points 'down' on my weather station. So, if the barometer drops, would that mean that the pressure in your noggin is too high relative to the ambient pressure? Does this set the random's into motion? I do think so, as I will get a random when moving to higher altitudes with lower pressure. Evidently I am not the only one either. Now, if we could just figure out how to lower that head pressure!!!!!
  11. Yepper. Add that congestion to the CH and off to hell we go. > Steam helps me. Try a hot shower if ya like showers. Otherwise, a hot, wet washcloth wrapped around rice in a sock nuked for 2 minutes helps loosen it up. Often wake to find a wet rice pack loose in the bed. The dragon will return tho. Benadryl also seems to help.
  12. bejeeber: 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) We don't even need a 'sturdy' table! Does anyone else realize that 'SweetWilliam' is a FLOWER??? :
  13. Auburn here. Guess that means I am an episodic redhead! ;D ;D
  14. I have been in my longest cycle. It peaked at Christmas/New Years. While it is better now, it isn't gone. I have never had such aggravation and pain and lost life for so long. This time a year ago, I was fine. Mostly PF for a year. Then, the Dilitazam stopped working. I had de-tox for two weeks before going back to Verap. That started the hell. Sept 15th, I realized I was in full cycle even though back on the Verap. The bitch hasn't left since. But, she has lost a lot of power. :) For that I am extremely grateful.
  15. Thanks. Personally, if I have to put one more scoop of something into one more glass of something, I will puke. : Other Bean Poles here are likely sucking down all the Whey Powder they can as well. Not mention all the vitamins taken everyday...... Hell, I can't even get the office chair to drop down when I pull the dang lever anymore!!!! :-[
  16. Might want to leave out those four letter words we sometimes use. You could draw a terrified face with a finger poking into one eye and lava shooting out the temple of that side! > Or, instead of the finger, show roach clips on the ends of two wires clipped to the eyeball and sparks flying off the clips. Be sure to keep the lava though. Not a 'fixed' CH, but a CH attack. Then show a calm guy drinking a beer, with the hypo fixed (not lit up from the attack) CH fixed! ;D Make em graphic stick figures, except for the head. Put the details there. 8-) Probably not helpful, but fun to describe to you. Sorry
  17. spiny

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    Groupies or gropes? ;D
  18. Alley, I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg! ;D ;D
  19. Hey Alley, Now you are 'officially' an Old Fart too. 8-) 8-) 8-) Keep on Trucking! :D :D Party Hearty!
  20. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) Definitely, have a marvelous Bday!! And stay around. I like those long and thoughtful posts! Carry on with that 'young at heart' attitude. It works! 8-)
  21. Have the past 12 months been worse or better? I just wondered, because mine has been the worst and I am seeing a lot of new people on here. I'm sure the Nat Geo exposure has done a lot to help, but I am curious to know if there has been an uptick all around or not. Things like: 1 Is your cycle longer? 2 Have you had more cycles? 3 Have you gone from episodic to chronic? 4 Are your hits harder? 5 Are you getting more hits per day? 6 Do you have to bust more frequently now? 7 Have you had to change your busting meds? 8 Are you using more per bust? Add to the list if you can or wish to. spiny curiouser and curiouser
  22. Wooligun, Make your own O2 set-up. Dr's are notoriously stupid. Get a non-rebreather mask, a 25LPM regulator and an O2 tank from a local welding supply company. I use it and it does the trick. Course, my Neuro said O2 was too expensive and to keep taking expensive drugs he prescribed!!!!! > spiny who no longer trusts doc's
  23. FunGuy, That thread says to start with 8-10 RC seeds, I think. Seems like the current rate is 25-30 for starters and up from there if necessary. Am I wrong?
  24. Jeebs, The history of our 'drug laws' points directly to our 'society'. Everything on the 'no,no' list was put there by a special interests group. Get rid of X because the poor or A. American or Hispanics use it and scare us 'good' folks to death!!!!!! : Ever watch 'The History of Drugs'? I think that is the name. William Randolph Hearst got pot on the list so he could sell his new technique for making paper!!!! > Now we can't even make hemp ropes for crying out loud!!! Of course, all of these drugs have made some segment of society 'dangerous' to some other segment. Therefore, they must be banned. Gotta protect all the kids and women folk ya know. No, you didn't violate a 'hot button' in my opinion. I firmly believe the gov should stay out of my business anyway. Protect the kids? Sure. The adults are supposed to be adult, aren't they? spiny who hopes she didn't hit a Hot Button
  25. If the mercury causes CH, I should have gotten them by age 7 or 8. My Aunt had a little bowl of the stuff and let us see how it behaved on several occasions by taking out the bowl, separating the mercury into many drops to watch them re-connect. Good science lesson, bad for humans. Also, I worked as a dental assistant off and on for many years starting at age 15. At that time, amalgam fillings were the norm for all back teeth. I mixed a lot of it. I also had many of them in my mouth from the age of 6. No Fluoride in those days. Now, I am not saying mercury is GOOD for you, I just don't hold with the concept of removing them and putting in a tooth colored restoration just 'because'. Nor do I believe they cause CH. Mine have all been removed due to other procedures. Otherwise, I would have left them in place. I do understand people having them removed for esthetic reasons. We all want out teeth to look whole and healthy. People live, learn, and grow in wisdom (hopefully). We change many things based on 'new knowledge'. This is good. But, I believe our 'new knowledge' must be based in fact. Not an eye catching report that makes the national news. Point in fact. Hormone Replacement Therapy was dis-continued based on a large study of 1,000's of women. The study said it did not improve or protect bone density. It was reported on every main TV station. Most Drs would not renew scripts for it - at all. FIVE YEARS later, the final report showed that 80% of the women withdrew from the multi-year study in the first few months, due to menopause symptoms!!!!!!! That totally invalidated the study. Those findings barely got a mention. And a lot of women went thru HELL, for no reason. > >Â Now, HRT is regularly prescribed again. That comes under the heading of 'false new knowledge'. See what I mean? Proper studies with proper reporting and proper analysis of the results, that should be the 'proper' path. Purple, Yup, it does sound like meditation! So does my method of using O2. I visualize my breathing and control it with concentration. Course, it doesn't work so well if I am already at a high Kip. Â Anything below an 8, I can run with 'in with the good air, out with the bad air'. 'Push it out hard, pull it in deep'. spiny who might already be nuts since this post is sooo long:
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