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Personality Changes with Psychedelic Use


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Ok, so I've read that some people have had a general personality 'uplift' since starting Psychedelic treatment:  I thought I'd share my experience and solicit others to share theirs.

March 2010 - Well into a bad cycle I found the clusterbusters website.  After weeks of research I decide to try HBWR as a treatment.  After my first treatment, most of my hits are eliminated.  After a second dose my cycle is completely terminated.

Re-Dose - I take my medicine on average about every 2 to 3 months as a preventative.  Everything is good :)

Oct 2010 to Feb 2011 - I completely miss my regular cluster cycle.

Mar 2011 - I notice differences in my personality: how I see myself, others and things around me.  Changes of note:

1)  I 'feel' better on a daily basis

2)  I'm less opinionated, and seem to enjoy experiencing differences around me.  Different points of view etc.

3)  I have more sex drive

4)  I'm more open minded (but not so open my mind falls out :)

5)  I have a general very good outlook on life and things around me.

6)  I seem to be more patient.  I'm not as apt to cut people off that I dissagree with.  Dissagrements I now have seem to be more pleasant and less confrontational.

7)  I now have an eagerness to experience things I've never experienced before.

With the above changes I also want to note that I've not become a person with a stoner attitude like many you see that are habitual Marijuana users.  (nothing derogatory meant, it's just a fact that if you're a regular marijuana, user everyone around you knows it).  I'm a professional software / design engineer and the new attitude hasn't impacted my work or professional interactions (other than in a positive way, due to being more patient).

I wonder if these are changes from the Psychedelics?  or changes because I'm no longer drug down to experience Hell with CH attacks for a few months a year?  Either way they're definitely changes for the better, and am thankful for the opportunity to enrich and improve my life.  I look forward to EVERYTHING!


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I've never tried psychedelic treatment nor do I use prescription meds to treat my CHs (minus an imitrex shot here and there). My approach is a combination of caffeine, vitamins, and exercise plus any other "new" method that has arisen since my last cycle (i.e. D3, licorice, etc.) I've had CHs for 11 years now, episodic, chronic, and now back to episodic with my longest remission being 1 1/2 years. During that long remission, and usually any remission that puts distance between me and the pain of CH, I notice personality changes like you have. I'm much more "chipper', optimistic, and patient, especially with my wife. I'm surprised she hasn't killed me during this cycle considering how impatient I can be sometimes! IMO, anytime the Beast isn't around is a time to be excited, even if it's for a few hours. No reason to let CHs bring me down any longer then the pain is actually there.

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I didn't realize that everyone around me knew I was stoned 8-)

You may have to just change your forum name from hipshot to STONER.  :D

Hey I just noticed that above your name it says you are a "God member". And now I'm seeing the same for a couple other choice veterans like Bonkers and Alley oop.

God, not gold? ;D Didn't realize that y'all are some kind of saints. Well except for Ron - I knew for sure Ron's a saint.  :)

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Thread hijack alert gentlemen!! >:(  The site wouldn't be the same without a little jibber-jabber. ;)

Yes, Jeff, I concur with all of your new feelings.  I am a fairly positive person anyhow, but I have more characteristics that you describe now after 3 years of Psilocybe busting.  I think it is why Leary and Keesey and the rest were trying to turn everyone on and change the world (just finished the book "Acid Dreams".) 

I might add that I have mellowed a bit too, but this is where I was consciously heading anyways, so maybe the fungus just sped it up.

--The Shaggy :)

ps, sorry to interrupt you two Dan and bejeeber, you can now go back to your kibbutzing. :P

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I generally try to be positive, but, since the busting, I've been a LOT moreso.

I think it's partly because my life has gotten SO much better, and partly because the shrooms make me really perky. I feel great for days after a dose.

I've also gone from being a recluse who felt like doing very little, to going out, enjoying life, and laughing.

I think for me it's a combination of finally feeling somewhat like a human being again, and the feel good effects of the shrooms.


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Back to your point ThatHurts.

I didn't mean to hijack your thread.

I was a dead man walking. I was totally suicidal and just wished it would end. I went from that outlook to one of jubilation virtually overnight. (several weeks actually).

The result of mushrooms perhaps but I think it is just the fact that death isn't in the forefront of my mind anymore. I am no longer fearful and hopeless...that is probably the bottom line for me.

One has to be in the depths of despair I suppose to realize how good just being normal is. I am a positive thinking kind of guy, or I always used to be. Going from that to suicidal was a bummer for sure.

I have been to the mountain top now...and I much prefer the view from here :)


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I've resolved the God status, there is only one deity in CB'ville and he lives in Chicago.  :-)

Dan, your work on the National Geographic special makes you close, really close.  Thank you.

Now, lets get back to un-hijacking this thread please.


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Not enough evidence for this guy to conclude that the improved outlook is a direct result of busting. Not saying it isn't so - just not enough evidence.

Indirect, yes. Amazing what consistent deep, restful sleep-filled nights will do for one's outlook.

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My opinion: unless you experienced some seriously mindbending trips, the positive changes in personality are more likely due to the remission from clusters rather than an effect of the psychedelics.

I am becoming convinced that depression is one of the symptoms of clusters, and not just because the cluster attacks really suck and will bum you out, but because depression is part of the cluster disease itself. No scientific evidence for this, just my impression from posts I have read and from my own experience. Make of it what you will.

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Guest theraginasian

You are actually correct, if you do a search on PubMed there is actually an article about how Cluster patients should be considered for depression, not just that they have the condition. If you don't have PubMed access, let me know and I'll pull it up for you when I have time.

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umm yea.  I took a little too much a time or two...  Actually by accident.  It's hard to hit the exact dose where you 'feel' that it's working (over 1mg).  I learned once that after two hours if you don't feel anything, DON'T double up on the dose, thinking it's weak seeds (bad idea).  This is where legalization would help.  Doses could be properly compounded by a Chemist / Pharmacist.  I praise the seeds as definitely being effective but the potency varies drastically. 

I'm also convinced that just like the LSA research poster by Dr. Sewell clearly shows, you have to hit 1mg LSA or better for it to be effective.  I've read so many postings of those that try seeds and

1) Don't feel anything

2) It has no effect on their CH and

3) Don't try it again. 

Clearly by Dr Sewell's research you have to hit 1mg or better for it to be effective (and at that point it's 100% effective per the research paper).  I think so many people have given up due to seed potency issues, w/o even knowing the reason it didn't help them.

As discussed by a few above:  Maybe a combination of the following are contributors to my attitude changes.

1)  Consistent good sleep

2)  Long term chemical effects due to the Psychedelics

3)  Elimination of CH pain long term

4)  Elimination of the depression that accompanies CH cycles

Ting,  Yes I read your similar post and am glad you've also had similar changes.  It's nothing short of miracle to feel the way I do now!!! 

I told someone a little while back that one day I woke up and said to myself "WOW...  So this is what normal people feel like!!!!  WOW!!"


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I wonder if these are changes from the Psychedelics?or changes because I'm no longer drug down to experience Hell with CH attacks for a few months a year?Either way they're definitely changes for the better, and am thankful for the opportunity to enrich and improve my life.I look forward to EVERYTHING!

I would think that the changes come from both, the psychedelics and relief from the hell of ch.  How could such organoleptic substances not have an effect on the psyche?

Good observation Jeff!

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French insanity blamed on LSD... :D

It is a sub-story in the link you posted for us Ally.

I guess too much of a good thing ...

After reading this thread I think that Brew nailed it. We have all accumulated sleep debt over the weeks and months and years. I remember learning back when that one has to make up for lost sleep at some point in time.

We are all still hours and hours behind but catching up rather than adding to our debt.

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