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Update: cluster free flight: tips and tricks


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Hey everyone. I posted earlier but I don’t think it went through. So I have been posting for years in this chat now about my fear of flying (in our out of cluster season). And I finally flew. It was a short flight, so I cannot comment further on length affecting a cluster. My flight there I had zero shadows or headaches during ascent or descent. I had almost a gallon of water leading up to the flight (the day before and that morning). I upped my verapamil dose by 80 mg and I loaded on the d3 regimen a week prior. I had a Red Bull at the ready, just in case. Also 2 500 mg Tylenol before take off and landing, and a ginger capsule. 

coming home: I went on no sleep the night before because my flight was at 5 am. This was dumb but I didn’t really have a choice. I was SURE this would trigger me, also it was daylight savings time. I drank about the same amount of water the day before and leading up to the flight. I bought a Red Bull, and I also prepped by taking 2 500 mg Tylenol. During ascent I started to feel tight pressure on my cluster side, no pain, just pressure. I chugged my Red Bull, and it went away instantly. I stayed hydrated the rest of the flight, and felt no further pressure during descent. I did not need to use any suma injection or steroid taper. I am not currently IN cycle, but I find with my clusters If I hit one of my triggers I will get an attack regardless. I am very VERY excited over this. My fear of travel has been depressing for the last few years. 

I hope this info helps everyone 

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