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Blessed Beyond Belief!!!

Dallas Denny

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Thanks for the compliments ya'll!

DM...I dreamed of being able to do this type of carpentry for almost 40 years!!

Fabac..My bride and I hosted several meet n greets in Dallas prior to the move up here....had folks in from abilene, mcallen, lubbock, and the Texarkana area....we need to figure out a location that would be central to everyone.....I know sergical is also from Texas and there are several others at ch.com.....

Razor....those are pearl oysters that I found on a dead oak here on the property.....I took a spore print of the one in my hand and sent it off to CH-HELL....He grew it out on a petre dish, isolated a clean live culture and sent me several syringes of it.....The jar pics are wood dowels that I inoculated with that culture....drilled and inoculated about 40 logs with them last May which should begin fruiting this spring......The okies call em land fish cuz they taste like lobster when sauté d in butter....damn...now I'm hungry!!!  The other mushroom pics are yellow morels which also grow wild here....they retail for $50 a lb!!!

Jeebs...yep, smells like a lumberyard in here!!


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