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Excellent Price on RC Seeds!


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Great price!

I was doing some seed shopping and found that Tranceplants is selling 500 RC seeds for $20.00 or 1000 for $37.00. (most other sites are around $50.00 for 500 RC seeds)

I've ordered from Tranceplants before and was very pleased with how fresh the seeds were.   

Shipping was $3.00 for standard U.S. mail.


Select Quantity


100 Seeds (2,5g) ;+$5.00

250 Seeds (6,3g) ;+$11.00

500 Seeds (12,5g) ;+$20.00

1000 Seeds (25g) ; +$37.50

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a caution (small one, perhaps, given your good experience):  at least two people here have been disappointed with seeds they got from tranceplants.  the first one was ting; that was some time ago.  more recently (within the last 6 weeks), purple404 found a whole lot of duds when he tested them using the "floater" method.  (also, kika was not confident that her seeds from tranceplants were as good as they should have been. that was some time last year.)

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Hi...new here...we are soooooooo in need of some advice! We wanna try the seeds before moving on to the other options we have seen on the boards.  WE are getting desperate.  I say "WE" as in my husband and myself.  He can't take the pain and I can't take watching it anymore!!!!

What to buy...how many do you take...how often..etc..???????

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Hi devilhead, I understand your urge, I had the same 10 days ago. I ordered 500 Rivea Corymbosa seeds at trance-plants, the link kaboom pasted earlier. It was very quick for me (35 hours) 'cause they happen to operate in my state (my province), in Canada. Xpress post COD discreet order. Their prices are very good, but 40% of the seeds are not good in the batch I got, well so far anyways, because they float in water.

I'm newbie here therefore I'm not an expert for the links to shops, but I know this other one:


Their prices are a bit higher but I spose quality is better.

It's fairly easy and only the act of ingesting the LSA contained in the seeds is bit out of the law, otherwise, they are garden flower seeds.

I suggest you order the seeds as soon as possible, and as for preparation, I'm sure many will chip in their help, but what I can tell you for now is you need as much as possible to be clean from all meds for 5 days before ingesting the seeds. I took 60 good seeds the 1st time, 90 the second time, but most people here will tell you that was a big start up dose. I was ready to face psychedelic consequences but didn't feel much of anything at all, except nausea (don't use the floating ones, it helps for that

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d'head, maybe you could start a new thread, so we're not answering you all over the place. (to do that, go to the home page of this message board, click on "general category," then click on one of the categories ("share your busting stories" is maybe a bit more private, if that matters to you), then scroll to the bottom and create your message in the blank template there.)

very good info from purp here, but if you get a lot of "advice," which you probably will, it'll be good to have it all in the same place. (there's a small additional suggestion, and a question, from me over at your post in the "natgeo mushrooms" thread).

your husband will get better, and you will suffer less, too.  people here will make sure of that (many of us are supporters of loved ones with CH; in my case, it's my daughter).

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Oh he's nobler'n a mofo.   :)

I concur with CHf's advice regarding the efficiency of consolidating the questions/answers into a dedicated thread.

And D'heads, your sense of urgency is 110% understood - good on y'all for coming here, diving right in, asking the questions, and your determination to deal with this absolutely ASAP.

Tip: CHf's advice is always golden. Well at least 99.9% of the time. :) 8-)

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I emailed TrancePlants about high ratio of floating RC seeds and they answered swiftly. They intend to re-evaluate their new incoming batch of RC and report by posting here. They didn't know about the water glass test, they find it makes good sense, and assure they do all is possible to ensure best quality of their products.

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Hi all!

Adam here from TrancePlants!

I hope you are all doing great great great!

Since 2011 we have been supplying RC seeds and HBWR to many people on this forum, and many used our 15% coupon code we offered for the forum. :-)

Thanks so much to you all, and i must say that most of our customer were very pleased by the seeds and service we offer. We are genuine passionates of shamanic herbs and incenses and we love to offer the highest quality of service and plants! :-)

That said, we heard a few customers on this forum were not 100% satisfied of our RC seeds, and so we decided to test them again. We read about the floating technique, which we weren't aware of, and we think this technique makes much sense; When we think about it, what depletes the potency and quality of all dried herbs are light, air and heat. That said, we always keep our products in the fresh, dark and airtight. However, we noticed that due to the nature of RC seeds, some seeds have small holes in it. This is normal, and it's near to impossible to get batches of Rivea Corymbosa seeds with no holes in it; this is due to the nature of the seeds. So if there is a hole in a seed, there is necessarily air in it, oxidizing and depleting potency of this seed. These seeds are the seeds floating, since there is air into it.

That said, we tested our seeds again many times during the last week, and they have proven to be very effective without a doubt.

We also did the floating technique, and at our surprise, there were about 25% of floating seeds! We would have expected a lower ratio, since when we tested the seeds and the potency was very good.  So we removed the 25% floating seeds and the quality of the seeds was even better!!  Thanks for sharing this floating technique with us. :-)

That said, even though our current batch has about 25% floating seeds, even when not removing the seeds, they proved to be of a high quality, and when removing the floating seeds, they proved to be of a very high quality! We are presently inquiring with another harvester to compare his seeds to ours and see if we can offer seeds with a lower floating ratio.  :)

For now, we are offering a 25% rebate on our RC Seeds, HBWR Seeds and Morning Glory Seeds for users of this forum!!  This amazing rebate will compensate for the 25% floating seeds found in our RC seeds.  We will test every new batch of RC seeds coming in our stock, and we'll change the rebate according to the ratio of floating seeds found.  ;D

To get the rebate, please write me a private message and i'll add you to the Cluster Buster group on our website and you'll automatically get the rebate when buying the seeds on tranceplants.net.

Thanks for your great support

Don't hesitate to give feedback !

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For now, we are offering a 25% rebate on our RC Seeds, HBWR Seeds and Morning Glory Seeds for users of this forum!! 

That's great news; thanks for what seems to be a genuine rational analyze of your inventory; we'll spread the word for sure, and thanks for supporting us clusterheads  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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  • 2 months later...


NEWS APRIL 17th 2012


We are excited to announce that we just received a super fresh and high quality Ololiuqui seeds batch!

- Rivea Corymbosa; Ololiuqui

We were quite amazed to find only 5% of floaters in this outstanding new batch!

We are still offering the 25% rebate for users of this forum! ENJOY  :D

We are deeply happy to now offer these two new great herbs!

- Leonotis Leonurus; Wild Dagga Flowers powder

- Leonotis Leonurus; Wild Dagga Foliage powder

Enjoy the spring!


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Yes indeed we realize the floating test only is an indicator, and not something to really rely on!

Moreoever the way of doing the test can mislead someone, as you say 1EYEcries and Salander.

Another very good indicator to test the seeds is to actually crush them. If they are empty, it means they are probabaly not very good. If they do have pulp inside, it means they are probably good. This is why the floaters test is nice, because if the seeds are empty, they will float!

However, the best way to test these seeds is to actually use them!

And we do test all our seeds that comes on stock to make sure they are of great quality.  :-)

That said, our last batch which was of nice quality had about 25% floaters in it. We checked the floaters after browsing this forum.

And we were quite happy to find only 5% floaters in the batch we just received, which is indeed of great great quality! :-)  So we are very happy to share this information and seeds with you guys! :-)

Enjoy !


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