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The color purple


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American Dad: The best was when he took his pistol for a ride in the car and played gitchi, gitchi, goo and pulled the trigger.

Hey American Dad isn't a very proper show either! I know because I own DVD compilation sets of it.  :D:)

Roger rocks

Roger should certainly be awarded an Emmy.  ;D

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"Hemi-cranial, post-ocular excruciare"?

Love it!

Rotundus Maximus Cranial Implosion Extraordinaire? 

Can we have both?

Or even Hipshots "Cranial Attack!"

PS....this is how the think tank came up with......

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

and some chopsticks and a few cartons of Chinese food!

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So what if you have cluster attacks and migraine? You wear publackuple? There is strenth in numbers. I like pink, it represents breast cancer awareness. I will never call cluster attacks a headache. It's not. Mess them all up and call them trigerminal autonomic cephalgia. :D Brain splitten louden boomer.


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