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New to the forum, hello from Sweden!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Darby and I live deep in the forest of Sweden with my family.

I searched the forum for an introduction post but failed to find one. So please forgive me if I had missed it.

People have been recommended for me to join the fourm so I thought I would give it a try.

I only have mobile surf and the rest of the website is not loading on my phone, but I will read around the forum.

I have been diagnosed with three forms of head pain; tension headache, migraines, and CH's  :( which all are chronic and have not found anything that has helped me and am in constant pain from one or the other.

I hope to get advice that might work for me here.

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Hello Darby.

I am new here as well (2-3 weeks).  I am sorry that you are stuggling with these attacks but I do have some good news.  The people on this forum really know what they are talking about.  In just the short amount of time that I have been here they have led me to some really useful tips that have been priceless in fighting the attacks.  I certainly have not tried everything that is talked about here but in my case I have found a lot of success with melatonin (6mg) before bed and an energy drink (redbull) when I feel an attack coming on. 

People here I very adament about getting oxygen treatment as well.  I have not gotten mine in place yet but I will.  Many people here claim that it is the very best thing to help beat these attacks. 

I can say with confidence that everyone here has welcomed me with open arms and have been very friendly in answering my questions so feel free to ask away and good luck researching for yourself. 

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Wow, Darby, well I think you've you've come to the right place!

If living deep in the forest means you're more inclined towards natural treatments, then this is a good era in which to be seeking info, because it's been shown that "busting" is the most effective long term CH preventative bar none, and a HUGE number of us who have tried every prescription drug out there, then tried busting, have found this to be true.

I'm talking about powerful natural substances such as Rivea Corymbosa seeds (which are legal to purchase in most countries), psilocybin mushrooms, and psilocybin truffles (the truffles are legal in the Netherlands - and probably shippable to Sweden..?).

For all I know you may have some psilocybin containing something or other growing right at your feet there (of course extreme caution and expertise would be required to identify it).

This busting thing has actually gone mainstream to an inspiring degree, with some top researchers all over it. Don't take my word for it though! Here are links to prominent articles and videos on the subject of busting for CH, if you can load any of them:

Newsweek (USA) article:


National Geographic episode (the CH feature starts at around 30:50):


A talk on busting and CH by the founder of this site Bob Wold:


Chronic CH is of course the toughest to beat, but we've seen some chronics go into some really long remissions. :) And BTW busting can be extremely effective at knocking out migraines. :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome Trace,

I look forward in learning new ways to beat my pain.

It is ruining my life, I can not leave my house very often for fear of an attack or a migraine, my condition is debilitating. 

I have heard nothing but good things about this fourm. :)

You seem to be another happy person.

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Hi Bejeeber,

Thank you for the welcome, I am just a noob to meeting other CH suffers, it had just been me and my doctor and family who have been going through the motions of my condition. I have not surfed the web or anything to learn other treatments but what my doctors have been doing is not working so I became desperate and made a post on my instagram to reach out to others who might have CH as well. Sure enough a follower of mine suggested I come here and to join the Facebook groups out there and now I am here.

Many have suggested to take mushrooms and I am very open to finding ways to stop the pain, I am at a point I do not care what it is I just want it to stop, but finding them is another chore in itself.

Thank you for the links I will look at them when I get a chance to get to a real computer.

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Hi Darby, and welcome.  I can't really add much to what's already been said.  Try the energy drinks (drink one as soon as you feel a CH attack coming on) and the melatonin.  Be sure to follow up on getting oxygen (which, like busting, can also help migraines, at least  sometimes).  You can read more about oxygen by clicking on the MENU tab on the left side of the page.

There is a very good Facebook page based in Scandanavia (Finland) about CH.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ch.naturals/?fref=ts

Here is the basic information about the methods of busting: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1290127865   In the section where that file is located, you can read a great deal more. It's in the "ClusterBuster Files" section.

You might want to also consider the "vitamin D3" method that has helped a very large number of people: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1314134804   Or licorice root, which also seems to work very well for some people: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1322547210

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Hi Darby, and welcome to the family.

Much of my story is in several posts throughout the forum, but if you have limited access, I'll recap it here as it may be of interest.

Headaches and Migraines run in my family, and I've had them pretty much all my life, although migraines are very much stress triggered and didn't start getting bad till I was in my 20's.

About 6-1/2 years ago I was on a pretty high dose of oestrogen as I was changing my male testosterone based body to a female oestrogen based body. Dec 31, 2006 at about 21:50 I got a headache.

It lasted 7 months.

Non-stop, 24/7 until July when I started getting a few days headache free. I had gender reassignment surgery in Aug that year, which also seemed to help, for some odd reason.

Also, in the first or second week of Jan 2007 I started getting hit with really bad clusters. Thankfully, my GP has a friend with clusters, so she knew just what I had and I saw a neuro very quickly.

Also during that year, my migraines turned pure evil. I was get 3-5 migraines a month, and for me, a nice migraine only lasts 2 or 3 days, most last 5-7.

2007 earned the title 'my year of Hell'.

2008 - 2012, things started to settle into a routine. I would have a 'normal' headache (daily chronic headache) 5-6 days of the week, and if left untreated would turn into a migraine. I was averaging 40-60 migraines a year.

Clusters were also chronic, and about my longest cluster free period in those years was 2 weeks.

2011 was my worst year since 2007.

Nov 2011 I marked a date in my calendar for Nov 2012, and if I hadn't found a solution by then I was going to exit planet Earth.

That same week I found this site and spent the next 3 days reading everything I could find. By mid December I was off of my doctor prescribed meds, that did no good what-so-ever and was taking RC Seeds.

The Seeds and Mushrooms really do NOTHING for my headaches. But in 2012 I had only 3 migraines, and they were quite minor, barely lasting a day or so. I've only experienced the post traumatic stress attack after a cluster 4 or 5 times, whereas I used to get it with every cluster attack.

Also in 2012, my clusters dropped to 169, nearly 100 less clusters, and most of the attacks were less intense. I've even had a few cluster free gaps of 20+ days!

I am still experimenting, finding the right solution (seeds or shrooms) at the right dose and frequency. Breaking a chronic cycle is tough, but I'm still on planet Earth. I wouldn't have been if it was left up to the doctors to treat me.

To say this site, and the people here saved my life, is no exaggeration.

I sincerely hope you find a solution to your pain.

Hugs MG

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Hey Darby .....

Welcome to the best place you hoped to never find.  We all started here in pain, confused and frustrated at the lack of knowledge about what was happening to us (well, at least I did). 

The good advice, experience and camaraderie from the folks in this group, known affectionately as ClusterHeads, will work for you.  Lots of recommendations to try, but remember ..... KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

Ask questions and rant away as needed.  That's what we do.

Best of luck, welcome again and wish you many pain-free days...... ;)


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Welcome to the board Darby, as you see there are plenty of people here that could help. Wish you pain free time.

I'm talking about powerful natural substances such as Rivea Corymbosa seeds (which are legal to purchase in most countries), psilocybin mushrooms, and psilocybin truffles (the truffles are legal in the Netherlands - and probably shippable to Sweden..?).

Sorry to say so, Truffles are only send to these countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

However, they ship Seeds to Sweden, there is a good suplier here in Holland: http://www.sjamaan.com/en/index.html

Also this suplier ships grow kits to Sweden, many European countries. They sell good quality grow kits.

Good luck!

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