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Are psychedelics the next medical marijuana?

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probably....wait until some super rich and famous person gets diagnosed with CHs.... then we'll have a spokesperson! (or do we?)

A lot of us had hoped that when Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was diagnosed with CH, he might become a spokesperson of some sort.  Hasn't happened yet.  From time to time, we think of other possible famous spokespeople, but not much comes of it.  In the non-famous category, some of the greatest folks possible are out there advocating for CH awareness -- Bob Wold, for example, and others who I won't cite by name but who are advocating their butts off every single day, including at Headache on the Hill.  And we do have a matinee idol, Dan "hipshot" Ervin: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/drugs-inc/videos/magic-mushroom-medicine/

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i think radcliffeis still at the stage where they ve gone away so that was that.

see what happens when they come back

Agreed, he will be more help to us when he goes chronic....but by then he wont be Harry Potter anymore...sigh. :P

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