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Portland Trip Pics

Dallas Denny

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I been told that everyday, once a day, it can be question time. Then i`m free to ask what i want, but not before and not after. And i should not expect that he (my boyfriend) will know how most things are set together or so, chemical reactions and list goes on..... And i`m not allowed to ask why..... And we`re not gonna go try find it out in the evening. and if we do, at decent time a day, we`re not gonna keep trying or searching until i found out, or made it.

Very frustrating.... ;D

Sooooo, it`s a regular problem then. That`s what i always said, good to know ;D

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I'll look into that this evening!!  BTW, I love the new pic in your profile as well as your new post status, "God Member"!!!!!  You GO Girl!!!!

Agreed!!! though shouldn't it be though Goddess or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ;D

We`re not old enough Matty....LOL ;D ;)

well I am quite oldie! like 24 almost :P

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G'mornin Ya'll,

Got some more pics posted to photobucket this morning....

views from the hotel in Portland, the views from Ron and Michaels mountaintop abode, photos of our trip to the beach, a few more of the mini meet n greet, and BTW, the beautiful young lady in the pic with Ron is his lovely daughter!!!


Dallas Denny

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Thanks you guys, I'm glad you like it. Finances and arthritis have seen seen my once beautiful home fall to disrepair. When we bought the property more than 30 years ago it wasn't expensive. The location, with a year-round stream and views to the mountains and ocean, should remain unspoiled as the property is bordered on two sides by national forest. Denny couldn't photograph the aspect of the place which is most appealing to us. At night the quiet is deafening. Aside from frogs and the occasional owl, the loudest things you hear are your breathing and heartbeat.

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Indeed, I myself live in suburbs, but is you know, like 10 houses in a row, it is blessing still compared to when I live in block in center of city with people being loud and all.

But your house Ron, is just sanctuary if I could describe it from pictures :)

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Hey Ron, wanna trade houses for a month? j/k Your place looks wonderful. Like lenny said...peaceful and serene, can't think of better words for it.

Is the weather there tolerable? I ask because it looks just like west Texas off the caprock in some of the canyons here, and the weather here is hotter and drier than a popcorn fart.

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Bonkers wasn't it just wild to meet another one of us!  It's the prevailing sentiment at the conference. 

Denny I'm so glad you got to "spread the love" and got to visit this crew in SD.  Damn the time flew by and we never really got to just visit.

More pix?  Hope so.

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Dr. Halpern's Presentation


Doug discusses 02 masks


Jack, Bob & Dr. Halpern


Gathering for lunch


3/4ths of the Clusterbuster Board of Directors


Dr. Halpern & Dr. Dale Carter


Allen & Daniel


Dan, Denny & Lee Ann


Allen, Sherri, Marsha and Michelle

new Clusterbuster wine glasses in the foreground ;-)


Daniel, Dan, Lee Ann & Doug


Shellie and Cindy


Joseph, Dr. McGeeney, Doug & Darrell


Columbia River Gorge

More to follow

if anyone would rather not have their pictures to appear, let me know and I will remove the pics.  :)

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Wonderful pictures Bob!!!   I saw a lot of familiar faces, along with some new ones. 

I will be in Chicago next year, and Leslie, I hope to see you there!  :)

Were the wine glasses an auction item?  And are there any left for sale?  I would love to have a set of those!  :)

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